AFL Betting Tips Round 16

Ben H / 20 June 2023

Last Updated on 26 July 2023

AFL Expert Tips Round 16

16Brisbane Lions Image Team Predicted Score Win Chance Actual Score
16Sydney Brisbane Lions Icon Brisbane Lions 84 71.42%
16Adelaide Melbourne Demons Icon Melbourne 65 27.56%
16Western Bulldogs
16Gold Coast Image Team Predicted Score Win Chance Actual Score
16Essendon Sydney Swans Icon Sydney 92 79.05%
16Hawthorn Fremantle Dockers Icon Fremantle 64 20.21%
16West Coast Image Team Predicted Score Win Chance Actual Score
Adelaide Crows Icon Adelaide 88 57.30%
GWS Giants Icon GW Sydney 81 41.32%
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after pasting Image Team Predicted Score Win Chance Actual Score
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Image Team Predicted Score Win Chance Actual Score
Gold Coast Suns Icon Gold Coast 86 57.03%
Collingwood Magpies Icon Collingwood 80 41.89%
Image Team Predicted Score Win Chance Actual Score
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Brisbane vs Richmond

Thursday, June 29, 2023

7:20 PM @ The Gabba

A highly anticipated clash is on the horizon, Brisbane Lions vs Richmond. The Lions are entering this game riding a wave of momentum, with back-to-back wins under their belt. Their latest triumph was against St. Kilda, giving them a boost of confidence. On the other hand, Richmond has been on a winning streak, with three wins in a row, including a victory over the Saints.

Despite Richmond’s impressive head-to-head record, Brisbane Lions have proven their mettle at home this season, winning all their home games. Considering these factors, it’s reasonable to expect that the Lions will continue their home ground dominance, taking down Richmond.

While it’s bound to be a fierce battle, our prediction leans towards a Lions victory, with a final score of 99-73​.

Betting Tip: Brisbane Lions

Suggested Bet: Lions WINNING MARGIN 1-39


Sydney vs Geelong

Friday, June 30, 2023

7:50 PM @ SCG

It’s a contest that has sparked debate and the opinions are divided, but the scales tip in favour of the Swans. The latest stats suggest a 62% probability of the Swans outplaying the Cats in this encounter​​.
The scoreline? Picture this: a nail-biting finish with the Swans edging out the Cats 95-84. This might deviate slightly from the score prediction for the Swans​​, but considering the Swans’ recent form and the home-ground advantage, they are likely to put on an electrifying performance, racking up a few extra points to secure a victory.

So, it’s time to rally behind the Swans. They’ve got the edge, they’ve got the drive, and come Friday night, they could very well have the win. One thing’s for sure, this game is going to be a spectacle!

Betting Tip: Sydney Swans

Suggested Bet: Swans WINNING MARGIN 1-39


Adelaide vs North Melbourne

Saturday, July 1, 2023

1:45 PM @ Adelaide Oval

The Crows are gearing up to take on the Kangaroos in the Saturday clash at Adelaide Oval. Despite a tough away game streak, the Crows are entering this match as favourites. Their winning record on their home turf, including a victory over Port, stands them in good stead​.

The Kangaroos, on the other hand, have not been able to maintain the winning momentum after the first two games of the season. Their recent performances, losing by a margin of 1-39, suggest they might struggle against the spirited Crows on their home ground​.

The Crows should claim victory over the Roos with a score of 117-69.

Betting Tip: Adelaide Crows

Suggested Bet: Crows WINNING MARGIN 40+


Bulldogs vs Fremantle

Saturday, July 1, 2023

1:45  PM @ Marvel Stadium

The upcoming AFL game between the Western Bulldogs and Fremantle Dockers is shaping up to be an awesome game. Both teams have a lot to prove, and there’s a palpable sense of anticipation. The Dockers have shown their mettle, clawing their way to victory against the Suns, despite having been off-track at the start of the season. They’re sure to put up a fight.

In contrast, the Bulldogs are a conundrum. At times, they look poised to dominate, only to fumble when it matters most. Their inconsistent performance is a concern, particularly their recent dry spell against Port. However, the Dogs have a history of success against Freo, with three wins in their last five encounters.

This game is no easy call. The Bulldogs’ journey from Adelaide to Perth is daunting, adding another layer of complexity. But the Bulldogs have shown resilience before. Let’s not forget their struggles to score at times, but against the Dockers, they have an opportunity to turn it around.

The Western Bulldogs will clinch this game with an 85-68 victory. They’ve got the drive, they’ve got the history, and they’ve got what it takes to beat the Dockers.

Betting Tip: Western Bulldogs

Suggested Bet: Bulldogs WINNING MARGIN 1-39


Gold Coast vs Collingwood

Sunday, July 1, 2023

4:35 PM @ Heritage Bank Stadium

Now this one might come as a surprise, but we’re not jumping on the Magpies bandwagon this week! Here’s why the Gold Coast Suns will edge out the Collingwood Magpies, 84-78, in their upcoming clash. The Suns lost by a mere five points in their recent encounter. Yet, this time around, they are ready for a victorious comeback. Their midfield duo, Touk Miller and Noah Anderson are a formidable force who were tireless in the last game, and they’re poised to shine again.

Meanwhile, Collingwood is in a tough spot, as Darcy Moore suffered a knee injury in their last win. The Suns are set to capitalise on this, turning the tide in their favour. Despite the Magpies’ impressive six-game winning streak, the Suns have learned from their past mistakes and are ready to strike back.

Therefore, expect a nail-biting AFL clash with the Suns beating the Magpies 84-78​.

Betting Tip: Gold Coast Suns

Suggested Bet: Suns WINNING MARGIN 1-39


Essendon vs Port Adelaide

Sunday, July 1, 2023

7:25 PM @ MCG

Riding high on a winning streak, Port Adelaide is set to face Essendon in a thrilling AFL clash. Despite the Bombers’ tenacity, they’ve stumbled in closing the gap in key contests. Now, they’re up against the Power, who boast a formidable 5-game winning record against them.

With both teams navigating key injuries, this match is set to be a nail-biter. Yet, given their recent form and history, the Power have the edge.

Expect Port Adelaide to clinch this one, with a likely scoreline of 95-83 in a tough contest.

Betting Tip: Port Adelaide

Suggested Bet: Essendon LINE (+10.5)


Hawthorn vs Carlton

Sunday, July 2, 2023

1:10 PM @ MCG

The Melbourne Cricket Ground will be buzzing with excitement this Sunday as Carlton and Hawthorn go head-to-head in what’s shaping up to be a fascinating AFL Round 16 clash. The Blues, favoured in the lead-up to this game, are expected to put on a stellar show against the Hawks​.

While the Hawks are a formidable opponent, the Blues’ recent form and the fact that they’re coming into this game with the wind in their sails make them the team to watch. Expect a hard-fought game, with the Blues ultimately coming out on top​​.

With the final siren, we anticipate seeing the scoreboard reading 89-68 in favour of the Blues, reflecting their domination throughout the match. This scoreline, an estimation based on careful evaluation of past performances, paints a good picture for Carlton supporters.​

Betting Tip: Carlton Blues

Suggested Bet: Blues WINNING MARGIN 1-39


Melbourne vs GWS Giants

Sunday, July 2, 2023

3:20 PM @ TIO Traeger Park

The upcoming Melbourne vs GWS Round 16 AFL game is stirring up quite a bit of anticipation. For a while now, Melbourne’s performance has been on a rollercoaster. Their offensive prowess at the start of the season was commendable, but there’s been a noticeable dip recently. Some may attribute this to fluctuating weather and timing conditions, but that doesn’t tell the whole story.
An undeniable factor is the absence of Clayton Oliver from the field. It’s put a lot of pressure on Christian Petracca, who’s had to step into the midfield almost full-time. This has had a knock-on effect on his creative prowess in the attack, which is sorely missed by the Dees.

Meanwhile, GWS Giants are emerging as a force to be reckoned with. Their recent smashing of the Dockers by a whopping 70 points is a testament to their growing strength. Moreover, their midfield depth, spearheaded by the likes of emerging star ruckman Keiren Briggs and the dynamic trio – Tom Green, Josh Kelly, and Stephen Coniglio – puts them in a strong position to pressure the Demons, especially considering Oliver’s continued absence.

The Giants have also demonstrated impressive competitiveness this season, with just a single defeat by a margin bigger than 21 points. This means that if the Demons are to win this round, they’ll have to slog it out.

Given the recent trends, I’d say the Demons are set for a victory against the Giants, but it won’t be an easy fight. The final score? Melbourne 93, GWS 73, cementing the Demons’ determination and resilience on the AFL stage.

Betting Tip: Melbourne Demons

Suggested Bet: Demons WINNING MARGIN 1-39


West Coast vs St Kilda

Sunday, July 2, 2023

4:40 PM @ Optus Stadium

When the St Kilda Saints and the West Coast Eagles take to the field for their Round 16 AFL showdown, my money’s on the Saints. Their man up front, J. Battle, has been showing some top-notch footy, getting his hands on the ball 14 times a game and booting it 10 times on average​​.

On the other side, O. Allen from the Eagles, despite being a handy goal kicker, just isn’t getting as much of the ball with only 10 disposals a game​.

The footy fans seem to agree with me too. A recent poll showed nearly 70% are backing the Saints to get the win​​.

So, I reckon we’re in for a cracker of a game where the Saints show the Eagles how it’s done, and take home the win with a score of 107-59.

Betting Tip: St Kilda Saints

Suggested Bet: Saints WINNING MARGIN 40+


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  • Crows
  • Blues
  • Demons
  • Saints

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