Best Betting Apps

Best Betting Apps


Aussies have many options available when it comes to the best betting apps for sports and racing events.

The majority of the corporate bookies provide outstanding downloadable apps for smartphones and tablets, including most major bookmakers.

Click the links provided below to download betting apps for the best betting sites in Australia:

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Bet Right

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Rob Waterhouse

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Best Betting Apps in Australia


If you’re into sports betting, then you already know that Australia is one of the best places to be.

Whether it’s AFL, rugby, cricket or soccer, there are always thousands of matches taking place and competitions going on all year round globally.

As you would expect for such a popular pastime in Australia, plenty of apps are available to help you make your bets. We’ve rounded up the best of the bunch for you here so that you can get right into the thick of the betting action.


Bet365 App:

Bet365 Android app

Bet365 is one of the most well-known betting sites on the planet, and it has an excellent Android and iOS app available to Australian customers.

Although the applications may not be as gorgeous as other Australian betting app choices, they do everything you could want from a betting app.

Check out our Bet365 review, or you can download the Android app here and the iOS app here.


BetDeluxe App:

BetDeluxe Android App

An Australian-owned betting site hailing from down south in Melbourne.

BetDeluxe is a smaller bookie and has set the bar pretty high with their excellent app and some pretty decent promotions to go with it!

BetDeluxe has apps for both Android and iOS systems.

Alternatively, you can look at our honest review of BetDeluxe right here.


Betfair App:

Betfair App

Betfair is the only betting site on here that is not technically a betting site; Betfair is a betting exchange that allows you to bet against the other punters, which can give you increased odds.

While it does take a little bit of getting used to using the betting exchange, it is a decent little app to have in your arsenal.

Take a look at our Betfair review here for more information on how the site works, or you can jump straight into downloading the app for Android or iOS.


Bet Right App:

Bet Right Betting App

Bet Right is the newest betting site on the Australian market and is bright, vibrant, and a fresh take on the standard betting site layout.

They have an app for both Android and iOS devices and come with a range of features and incentives available.

Read our Bet Right Review to see if they’re right for you.


BetStar App:

Betstar Android App

Betstar has been around for quite some time and is starting to make some headway in the industry.

Betstar app is available for Android and iOS phones available directly from their site.

If you want to know more about Betstar and the features they have on offer, read our Betstar review.


Bluebet App:

Bluebet Android App

Blue is one of the newer bookies available in Australia with an Android and iOS app.

Bluebet has weekly and daily promotions available for horse racing and sporting events.

Take a look at our Bluebet review to know if this is the right betting site for you.


Bookmaker App:

Bookmaker App

Bookmaker has been around the bush and back again, leaving no stone unturned throughout their travels.

Bookmaker is a highly professional and well laid out site with some great promotions and odds to use.

Bookmaker has an app for both Apple and Android phones which you can download simply by clicking on the links.

You can also read more on Bookmaker in our honest Bookmaker review.


Ladbrokes App:

Ladbrokes Phone App

Ladbrokes is one of the most well-known betting sites in the entire world. Hence, it is no surprise that they have an app for both iOS and Android phones.

They have a massive range of promotions available daily. They have highly competitive odds and excellent features to get the most out of your betting experience.

Please take a peek at our Ladbrokes review for more information.


Neds App:

Neds Phone App

One of the newest betting sites on the Australian market, Since coming onto the Australian gambling scene, Neds has made quite a scene. The Neds Toolbox is a fantastic tool that comes with the Android and iOS apps, and they have a bunch of other features worth checking out.

Download the Neds apps here, Android or iOS, or you can just read our in-depth Neds review.


Palmerbet App:

Palmerbet Dual Phone banner

Palmerbet, well known throughout the racing industry as a good betting site with many promotions and fantastic odds. The app for Apple and Android is essentially the same layout and is highly user-friendly.

If the Palmerbet app sounds enticing to you, it is worthwhile checking out our Palmerbet review first to see what they have on offer.


PlayUp App:

PlayUp Phone Banner

PlayUp is one of the few Australian bookmakers on this list entirely Australian-owned; they feature a range of betting odds and features including eSports, and fantasy sports betting.

In addition, PlayUp has apps available for both Apple and Android devices, You can also read our PlayUp review here.


Rob Waterhouse App:

Rob Waterhouse Android App

It goes without saying that the Waterhouse name is known throughout Australian racing; Rob Waterhouse has set out on his own, creating an app filled with features and odds that some of the major betting sites don’t even have yet!

Most significantly is Rob Waterhouse TV, which is live streaming that can be viewed on both the website and the app.

In addition, Rob Waterhouse is available on both Android and iOS phones and tablets making it incredibly easy to watch a race on the go wherever you are. Read more about Rob Waterhouse here.


Sportsbet App:

Sportsbet Dual Phone Banner

All bets aside, Sportsbet’s is a worldwide market leader when it comes to the best betting apps. The Sportsbet Android and iOS apps have an abundance of fantastic features, most notably is live streaming and Bet with Mates.

Adding to this is the constant updates and improvements they add to their betting apps to ensure you are getting the best user experience possible. We’ve written an in-depth Sportsbet review, or you can download the Android app here or the iOS app here.


TexBet App:

TexBet Android App

TexBet is self-proclaimed as ‘Australia’s favourite local bookmaker’. This is because they are 100% Australian-owned and have a long history of on-track bookmaking.

However, they recently turned their eyes to the online betting site market and have become one of the movers and shakers in the sector. Apps for both Android and iOS can be downloaded here, and you can also read our real play TexBet review here.


Unibet App:

Unibet Phone App

Unibet, a multinational firm headquartered in Malta with hundreds of offices worldwide, offers iOS and Android apps. Its primary focus usually is horse racing and European and English football.

The Unibet Android and iOS apps can be obtained straight from the bookmaker by using your phone; however, it is always advisable to sign up first. For more information, check out our Unibet Review.


Types of betting apps available to Australians

Given the present and future of mobile communication and browsing, Australian sports betting businesses are pouring a lot of money into upgrading their apps. Android and Apple apps are available for most of Australia’s biggest online betting companies, and their clients can access them both through mobile. However, there are two distinct sorts of applications that Australians may access via their devices:

Android Apps

Since the dawn of the smartphone, Android users have had access to betting apps; the Android operating system is used by various manufacturers, including some of the most prominent phone brands globally, such as Google, Samsung, and Sony. While you can download directly from the Google Play Store, fake apps have been known to sneak into the Play Store; thus, it is highly advisable to download directly from the source straight from the betting site. 

iOS Apps

The operating system that runs on Apple cell phones is iOS, and while imitation phones have appeared on the market, we’re only talking about Apple. The main difference between Apple and Android betting apps is that the apps are coded differently. 

Web apps

Whilst not a betting app, web apps are essentially the mobile version of an online betting site which allows you to add a bookmark of the site to the home screen of your phone; it will not have the same look and feel as the betting apps, however, typically the end result is the same in that you can check the markets, place your odds, and also deposit and withdraw money as you need, while Android and iOS apps are more user friendly, web apps are a handy little option if you are looking to save space on your phone. 


Live Streaming Australian Betting Apps

One of the best betting app features is live streaming without a shadow of a doubt. Apps that have the live streaming feature make it so incredibly easy for you to watch events online no matter where you are, so long as you have a signal, you can live stream from anywhere in the world.


Australian Betting App Payment Options

Australian bookmakers provide a wide range of payment choices, and their corresponding apps usually include the same deposit alternatives. In addition, credit and debit cards and payment processors like POLi are common ways to fund your betting accounts.

Some of the more common payment options for Online bookies in Australia are:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • POLi
  • Bank Transfer
  • BPAY
  • Neteller


Betting Apps in Australia FAQs


Are Betting Apps Legal in Australia?

  • Yes, it is. Australia has a fully controlled sports betting and racing sector. You may wager on your mobile devices using Android and iOS apps. Additionally, new betting sites pop up occasionally, so it is always best to come here to check out all the new betting sites for when apps become available.

Which Australian Betting App is Best?

  • Several betting apps in Australia offer many features that other betting sites are missing. All betting apps vary in their features, odds and promotions. There is no actual ‘best betting app in Australia’; it comes down to what sport you like to place a wager on, what promotions are currently on offer and what you seek to get out of your time spent in the app. 

What’s the Best Horse Racing App in Australia?

  • The best horse racing apps in Australia offer the best features specifically targeted towards horse racing; while some of these offer live streaming of the horse races, others provide excellent odds, bonus bets and sensational cash backs if your horse runs 2nd or 3rd. These sites include Rob Waterhouse, Sportsbet, Ladbrokes, Neds, TexBet. 

Which Betting Apps Have Live Streaming?

  • Bet365, BetDeluxe, Rob Waterhouse, Sportsbet, TexBet, and Unibet offer live streaming to their customers. However, some only have live streaming of racing, and others live streaming certain sports. It is worth clicking on the link above to read the review and see which live streaming is available for each betting site.

Is it Legal to use Australian Betting Apps Outside of Australia?

  • In general, Australian betting applications do not allow you to use them outside Australia. However, there are ways around this, such as using a VPN app, which enables you to artificially make the app believe you’re in Australia, allowing you to place a wager from anywhere in the world.

What Betting Apps let you use Odds Boosts?

  • Many bookies allow you to use odds boosts to increase your potential profits; while there are too many to name, you should check out our bookie review pages to get all the detailed information to find which betting site is the best for you.


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