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We love horse racing. The fillies and form get us fired up EVERY day.

Every week we dive into the form, do the analysis, check in with some inside sources then rub our genie lamp for good luck.

We also publish our tips for all to see, nothing to hide.

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Ready to try and win a few bucks? Take advantage of some of the best free horse racing tips and get some great suggestions for horses that just may come romping home. No matter what the going or line-up may be, our top tipsters will be studying the form and coming up with their own knowledgeable suggestions for where to look for a potential winner. Here we take a look at everything you need to know about horse racing tips. From discovering how tipsters come up with their suggestions through to where to find racing tips that may make all the difference, read on to discover everything, you need to know about the best tips and where to find them.

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We certainly don’t guarantee our tips. No one can. That is why they call them tips. What we can say is our expert in house tipsters look for the best value possible to try and help you get every advantage you can.

As always, guys, please gamble responsibly and keep your budget in check. If you are looking to join a new betting agency be sure to check out our Free Bets page too.

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At Kruzey, we give the very best free horse racing tips, but did you know we also give some of the best AFL tips, NRL tips and Same Game Multi tips on the internet? Each week our expert tipsters study the stats, news and betting sites to give you the best opportunities when it comes to placing a bet.

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What do our tipsters base their tips on?

Our team of tipsters all have a passion for the races. Having studied form for many years, they have acquired a wealth of information about anything and everything connected with the track. From which horses are having a good season, through to the those that thrive when the going is hard (or soft), or horses that seem to always do well in a particular race or track, our team know exactly what to look out for. Armed with this information, they study the upcoming race line-ups, identifying those horses that, in their view, are most likely to run a good race. It’s that information, the distillation of decades of racing expertise, that forms the basis of our free horse racing tips.

Who is the best free horse racing tipster?

Want to know who is Australia’s best horse racing tipster? Of course, we’re going to say we are! Although we have our runs of bad luck, we’ve also managed to predict more than a few winners as well. Obviously, we can’t guarantee a win, but we like to think that punters who follow our free horse racing tips may end up walking away from the races a few bucks richer.

If you’re wondering who gives the best horse racing tips, the experts here at Kruzey are here to help. Not only do we have some of the best racing tips you’ll find anywhere online, but we’ve also drawn up a helpful list of promotional betting offers. Click through on the relevant links to discover FREE bets that give you a great opportunity to use your tips to your advantage! Particularly if you’re betting on a budget, and want a way to get more bets for less, promotions can be a great way to enjoy betting on the cheap.

Can you get rich off horse racing?

We all live in hopes of that 100-1 romping home and making us all rich! Whilst there has been some amazing horse racing bet wins over the years (like the man who won more than a million dollars from a $28 bet on the Melbourne Cup last year), unfortunately, these are occasional occurrences, rather than an everyday event. Whilst it’s unlikely (but not impossible) that you’ll hit the big time. Why not register via email or Telegram and receive our horse racing tips to get you started?

How often do horse racing tips pay off?

There isn’t a hard-and-fast answer to this question, as it’s dependent on so many factors. Sometimes tipsters have a good run and come up with a series of winners; on other occasions, another horse will pull it together at the last minute and race away to victory. Ultimately, it’s up to horse racing enthusiasts to use their judgement, alongside the tips, to decide which horse is going to be the one to bring home the bacon.

Here at Kruzey, our experienced racing enthusiasts do their best to give racing tips that may help to tip the odds in your favour. Our tips are entirely free and available to all. Just sign up and register to receive our tips, via email or Telegram.

How should I use horse racing tips?

Horse racing tips are usually the best guesses of people with enthusiasm for, and experience of, horse racing. Familiar with the performance of many horses, as well as with extensive knowledge of the various races and tracks, they have plenty of background knowledge. In addition, tipsters usually have extensive networks of contacts within the world of horse racing. If there’s a horse that’s been doing well in training, for example, or a newcomer that there are positive whispers about, a good tipster will be aware of it. Whilst nobody knows for certain what the outcome of a race is going to be, tipsters do use all the information they have at their disposal to try and predict the most likely outcome.

When it comes to how best to use horse racing tips, that ultimately comes down to your style of betting. Some people follow racing tips, others prefer to use their own judgement. Many of our regulars will place a bet or two using our tips, as they value the knowledge and experience of the tipsters we use. Remember that we offer some of the best FREE racing tips out there. Completely free to whoever needs them, just register with our site and we’ll send you fresh tips via Telegram or email as they come up.

We are the home of free horse racing tips in Australia. All our racing tips are guaranteed free and available to all. Register with us now to start receiving your free racing tips, generated by racing experts who have their ear to the ground for the racing information that could make all the difference. To get your betting off to a great start, don’t forget to click on the promotions we have available. With plenty of free bets to take advantage of, at Kreuzey we’re always trying to give you more for your money.

Why not try one of our free tips and see what happens? Good luck!


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