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Best Betting Sites 

It’s hard to navigate all the options and marketing clutter

when searching for the best Australian betting sites.

KRUZEY has done the heavy lifting for you and created a

list of the top betting websites available to us Aussies.

Check out the features and benefits of these online

betting sites and see which is right for you!

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Last updated January 2022.

Neds Betting Site Neds Betting Site

Punters Toolbox

Great App

Huge Odds


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Neds is 18+ only. T&C's apply. You can find out more information by visiting the Neds website. Please gamble responsibly.
Sportsbet free bets and promo codes Sportsbet Betting Site

Great Promos

Trusted Bookie

Sky Racing


Referral Code

Sportsbet is 18+ only. T&C's apply. You can find out more information by visiting the Sportsbet website. Please gamble responsibly.
Unibet Betting Site Unibet betting site

Great Odds

Betting App

Unibet TV


Referral Code

Unibet is 18+ only. T&C's apply. You can find out more information by visiting the Unibet website. Please gamble responsibly.
Ladbrokes Betting Site Ladbrokes Betting Site


Great Odds

Trusted Bookie


Referral Code

Ladbrokes is 18+ only. T&C's apply. You can find out more information by visiting the Ladbrokes website. Please gamble responsibly.
Playup Betting Site Playup Betting Site

Aussie Owned


Great Fixed Odds


Referral Code

PlayUp is 18+ only. T&C's apply. You can find out more information by visiting the PlayUp website. Please gamble responsibly.
Bookmaker Betting Site Bookmaker Betting Site


Eftpos Card

Trusted Bookie


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Bookmaker is 18+ only. T&C's apply. You can find out more information by visiting the Bookmaker website. Please gamble responsibly.
Palmerbet Betting Site Palmerbet Betting Site

Betting App

Aussie Owned

Daily Promotions


Referral Code

Palmerbet is 18+ only. T&C's apply. You can find out more information by visiting the Palmerbet website. Please gamble responsibly.
Betstar Betting Site Betstar Betting Site


Fixed Odds

Betting App


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Betstar is 18+ only. T&C's apply. You can find out more information by visiting the Neds website. Please gamble responsibly.
Bet365 free bets and promo codes Bet365 Betting Site

Live Streaming

Top Tote +

Trusted Bookie


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Bet365 is 18+ only. T&C's apply. You can find out more information by visiting the Bet365 website. Please gamble responsibly.
BetDeluxe 2021 BetDeluxe Betting Site


Betting App

New Betting Site


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BetDeluxe is 18+ only. T&C's apply. You can find out more information by visiting the BetDeluxe website. Please gamble responsibly.

List Of Betting Sites In Australia

1. Neds


  • Almost a dozen deposit options 
  • Great for racing enthusiasts 
  • Smooth smartphone apps 
  • Free Neds MasterCard 


  • Limited live streaming options 
  • Betting restrictions after constant wins 

*Neds currently have given us exclusive access available to the KRUZEY family. Simply get access to the website,  Click Here.

2. PlayUp


  • Decent user interface 
  • Convenient payment methods 
  • Good odds on sports other than racing 
  • Support fantasy sports as well 


  • Lack of any live streaming option 
  • E-wallets aren’t available 

*PlayUp has given our readers exclusive access to the new website and we certainly believe it is worth checking out. Click here.

3. Unibet


  • Intuitive and easy to understand UI 
  • Convenient payment options 
  • Unibet TV covers dozens of different sports 
  • Amazing smartphone applications 
  • In-depth sports statistics arranged neatly 


  • Unibet is one of the best betting sites in Australia, but it’s not Australian-owned 
  • Unibet TV could use some upgrades 

*Unibet betting site is a beauty. Click here if you want to get instant access. Unibet site.

4. SportsBet


  • A large number of available sports 
  • Regular promotions to reward users 
  • Fast deposits 
  • Easy to use mobile and website platform 


  • Lacks customer support on the phone 
  • May limit your bets if you’re constantly winning 

*Sportsbet is one of our favourites in the online betting space. You can check them out by clicking here.

5. Ladbrokes


  • Most experienced bookmaker in the world 
  • It supports a ton of esports as well 
  • Hundreds of matches and races covered each day 
  • Great odds 


  • Clustered interface 
  • Not for beginners 

*Ladbrokes sign up offer? Negative. But they have is a ripping website to which you can get exclusive access simply by clicking here.

6. Betstar


  • Decent range of sports 
  • Compatible with Ladbrokes and BetStar visa card 
  • Tons of payment options available 
  • Convenient smartphone app 


  • Subpar odds 
  • No Livestream option

*Betstar currently have some of the best promotions available to you simply click here to get instant access.

7. Bookmaker


  • Tons of sports available 
  • Decent desktop site UI 
  • Various deposit options are available 


  • No live streaming service 
  • Bad UI on the mobile app 

*Bookmaker.com.au currently have an exclusive multi maker which you can get access here.

8. BlueBet


  • Owned and operated by Aussies 
  • Fantastic odds 
  • Convenient for horse racing bets 
  • Fully certified and functioning as per Australian regulations 


  • No live streaming option 
  • Lack of payment facilities 

*BlueBet have exclusive odds when you first sign up to this agency. Click here to get access.

9. Bet365


  • Excellent user interface 
  • 35+ sports are available 
  • Live streaming feature that covers 70,000+ matches annually  
  • Convenient deposit and withdrawal options 
  • Designated Bet356 MasterCard to make transactions easier 
  • Compatible with desktop devices as well as Android and iOS smartphones 


  • Live streaming lacks some convenience-based features 
  • The registration form is unnecessarily detailed 

*Bet365 currently don’t offer a signup bonus or promo code due to the powers above. This is not an issue and most states have banned the bonuses anyway. View Bet365 Website.

10. Betfair


  • Only betting exchange in the country 
  • Tons of available races 
  • Only live betting platform that allows bets to be placed on the internet 
  • Live streaming options are available 
  • iOS and Android apps available 


  • No e-wallets 
  • The live streaming option could use an upgrade 

*Betfair Aus currently don’t offer a signup bonus or promotion to join but what they do have is a unique betting experience like no other. View Betfair Australia Website.

Palmerbet Betting Site:

*Palmerbet are giving great fixed odds when you sign up through KRUZEY which you can find here.

PointsBet Betting Site:

Would you bet more on horse racing or sports?

All betting agencies offer both, but some are better than others.

Would you be likely to bet live “in play”?

This is when you place a bet on a game or race that has already started. This requires you to usually make a telephone call and can not be made online.

Do you bet more often on your mobile or on your desktop/laptop?

Some betting agencies have really good and easy to use desktop layouts and some have really good mobile apps.

Would you bet more often on early fixed odd markets or closer to the start of play (less than 10 minutes)

Some bookmakers have better early odds than others. 

Is streaming of live sport important to you?

Betting agencies have different live streaming for sport, especially for overseas games

Is streaming of horse races important to you?

Betting agencies offer different live streaming of Australian and international horse racing.

Thank you for taking our survey.

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Top 10 Best Betting Sites

  • Sportsbet
  • Neds
  • Ladbrokes
  • Bet365
  • Unibet
  • Bookmaker
  • BetFair
  • BetStar
  • BlueBet
  • PlayUp

What is the Best Online Horse Racing Betting Site?

The Internet is filled with numerous options and choices of online sports and betting, which makes it a huge task to decide the most suitable site.

Irrespective of the vast information and choices regarding betting websites, we have put together our top best sites to guide you on the best site to use.

These were recommendations by our experienced reviewers with these sites.

We tend to believe the best betting site for online horse racing wagers are ones with promotions.

Most bookmakers have had very similar odds.

We then turn our attention to promotions.

Promotions like money back if your horse runs 2nd or 3rd in any given race is a great way to extract some value from your betting site.

The top online horse racing betting promotion sites are,

  • Neds
  • Unibet
  • Sportsbet
  • Betfair

Betting Market Range

In Australia, the most renowned sports people prefer to bet on include Rugby, AFL, Cricket, NRL, and Horse Racing and these are the major focus of the majority of the online betting sites.

Although sports like Australian and European Soccer, MMA, NFL, UFC, eSports, Golf, and NBA are other sports people prefer to place their bet.

Consider these major questions before deciding on a Bookmaker:

  • Do you prefer to bet just once? For instance, at a special sports event or many more times.
  • Do you like different sports or are committed to just one?
  • How popular are these sports in the betting markets?

Since all sports are not available on every site, you can check various sites from KRUZEY for more sports, especially Ladbrokes and BetEasy, to see different sports.

Analyse Odds and Prices of Different Betting Websites and Compare

There are various specialties for different sites.

For instance, on PlayUp, the range may not be wide but will have higher odds for large sports events.

Some sites are specific for certain sports, especially as regards odds and betting options.

Additionally, if you intend to maximize your winning options, join different sites to enjoy the chance of winning big.

In-Play and Tipping Services

Staying up-to-date is very helpful to win more every time.

You can get tipping information for free on any online racing site but the best information is here 😉

However, some sites information may not be accurate.

We scrutinise the information and provide you with the most accurate information and suggestions with the most suitable selections you can access as well as offer you different tips weekly.

The more experience you gain will help you get higher chances of winning through in-play, similar to using a tipster.

Although the Australian law does not permit Internet live betting, we recommend the best bigger sports betting sites that provide automated telephone betting service for live bets,

Bet365 is a perfect example.

The advantage of in-play is the privilege to get out of a losing bet to reduce your losses and ensure your bankroll is secured.

Quality Betting App

No betting site is credible without a quality betting app, this helps access all the functions and features of the betting site faster, easily, and seamlessly.

So depending on the device you use to access the Internet, either your phone or computer, the choice is yours.

But using your mobile helps you bet directly irrespective of your location.

The “mobile-first” HTML technology is now widely used to design most online betting sites, which implies that the sites are made to provide additional functionality on mobile or smartphones compared to computers.

We will always advise you to stay away from betting sites that are not properly built.

Check for Quality Betting Site Reviews on Independent Sites for Greater User Experience

An expert is experienced and knowledgeable on the best and unbiased reviews to give you a better idea of your decision.

You can take advice from sites like KRUZEY, which only lists the top sites that have satisfied all the conditions, and is trusted to give you an amazing online betting experience.

Our Review Process

KRUZEY is a unique Betting Site Reviewer.

Our panel of independent experts takes ample time to research all the reviews on our website to make sure you choose the most suitable Aussie online bookmaker following the specifications below:

  • The Australian Betting Site Must be Regulated, Licensed and Trusted

Since the Internet allows for almost everything, including working, shopping business transactions, placing bets without leaving the comfort of your home has become very easy.

To be safe online, it is advisable to place your bet with a regulated, licensed and trusted Australian betting site.

But how would you differentiate between a bad and a good site?

KRUZEY provides recommendations for only licensed and reliable online betting sites that are compliant with the 2001 Federally-registered Interactive Gambling Act, which offers customers top-notch customer service in Australia.

To be sure you are in safe hands, get:

  • A site based in Australia
  • A site that is protected from illegal offshore sites
  • A site that participates in investigating complains
  • A site that offers customers betting advice when needed
  • Security Protection

Never underestimate the power of security for any betting website. At KRUZEY, only SSL-encrypted websites are recommended to ensure your personal information is secured online. Additionally, we carefully scrutinize their payment procedures and methods and ensure they do not share data with any third party. We will also let you know if the digital encryption used is 128-bit or 256-bit (similar to the ones used on Amazon, Airbnb, Uber, and even banks) to give you rest of mind and protection of data.

  • Support

We assess online sports betting sites based on how helpful and reliable their customer support can be. The majority of sports betting operators online offer optimal customer support. In fact, most of them offer phone support and live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If any of them does not offer this, we will inform you in any of our reviews. There are other sports betting sites that offer extra customer support channels, through their FAQs’ page, Skype support, and pre-filled contact forms.

If there’s any site with poor or unresponsive support especially with payouts, you will be informed through our reviews. We will also specify sites with the most responsive and efficient support.

  • Competitive Odds and Betting Market

Every betting site has different odds and betting markets. Some betting sites have higher odds, especially for AFL and not too impressive odds for NRL. Others can even have bigger betting options but bear in mind that some odds are poor on some other sites. Meanwhile, some betting sites prefer to offer better markets for their specialized sports. You will find such information from our reviews.

We always recommend signing up with various betting sites to get different ideas of their odds to give you a better betting experience, which covers the best in global and local sports, including NRL, AFL, Crickets, MMA, Golf, eSports, boxing, and UFC.

  • General User Experience

Our years of experience in this industry have exposed us to the tricks to decide on your first and best sports betting site online. We understand you just want to place that bet, enjoy the experience and get the extra cash. We are with you on this journey and our bookmaker reviews are prepared to take care of the stress about security and deposit options.

We are confident in our reviews and we are sure that when you choose any of them, you will definitely have a similar experience with our recommendations. With our thoroughly researched sports betting site reviews, you will not only make a few bucks more but also have an amazing experience.

Betting Sites FAQs:

  • How do I know the Australian’s best betting sites?

The best betting sites in Australia are licensed, regulated and fully trusted. Some of them are Ladbrokes, Unibet, Palmerbet, Playup, and BetEasy. Others include Neds, Betfair, and Sportsbet.

  • Can I bet online in Australia legally?

Yes, many of them are licensed in Australia. However, there are different laws for different states. The major and popular law is the legal age limit of 18+ to bet and the operator must get sensible proof of identity from those who operate their sites. At KRUZEY, we only vouch for betting sites that are licensed and adherent to the 2001 federally-registered Interactive Gambling Act.

  • Can I use PayPal as a payment method on betting sites?

Yes, most top betting sites allow operators to make withdrawals and deposits through PayPal, including Neds, Sportsbet, and Unibet.

  • Do betting sites make profits from us?

Betting sites set odds for any sporting events and make use of mathematical betting margins to get some profit on every market. This is regarded as “overground” in some cases, the inherent percentage provides the bookie with a higher chance whenever they price up. Of course, every market does not favour them, but their mode of operation helps them keep winning.

  • How do I get paid on these betting sites?

Most betting sites pay you through the same process you deposited. A simple example is when you use your debit card to fund your betting account, you will also be credited to the same card when you want to withdraw. In most cases, withdrawal takes 3-5 working days, although it is a faster experience for e-Wallet transactions.

  • How secure and safe are these betting sites?

The best bookmakers to use are those who have SSL encrypted technology in their system. This helps secure your personal data. It is better to use fully licensed sites and sites that encourage responsible betting using reputable organizations like Gambling Help Online.


Different Types of Sports Betting

  • NRL
  • AFL
  • NBA
  • Rugby Union
  • Horse Racing
  • Cricket

Some Essential Features of Bookmakers

There are various promotions offered by different betting sites; although this can be quite exhausting. But we have carefully reviewed some of these promotional offers and advised on the best amongst them.

These promotions can be a standalone horse race or a special specific NRL, AFL match or even a long-standing seasonal promotion.

Simple Steps to Placing a Bet

The process may be different for different sites, however, below are the general steps you will be able to walk through, irrespective of the betting site;

Step 1: Create/Register an account

Step 2: Choose the race or match you intend to bet on

Step 3: Bear in mind the different betting options and ascertain the bet you would prefer

Step 4: If you prefer to bet on beyond a loser or a winner, you can select more options for the available markets offered by the bookmaker on that match

Step 5: After making your selection, you should confirm your bet

Step 6: Track your bet from your Bet Slip. This can be found around the right side of your screen.

How to Deposit Money on Betting Sites in Australia

To start betting, you have to deposit money into your betting account.

This is simple.

Different bookmakers in Australia accept various payment methods.

These can include the combination of the following or just one: MasterCard, Visa and PayPal accounts.

With these methods, your transfers can happen instantly, although with little limits on transfer.

For larger transactions, you may use bank transfers, but bear in mind this takes more business days for the transfer to complete.

So regardless of the match, season, or race events, you should have a fun-filled and entertaining sports gambling experience, withdrawal and depositing should also be done without stress.

We ensure that at KRUZEY, you are able to get Australia’s best online betting sites that will ease your betting process and give you your winnings in a short time.

But always gamble responsibly.

In as much as we always advocate for responsible and fair betting, when you encounter issues, there are different gambling support services to save you, these include Gambling Help Online and Lifeline.

Best Betting Sites

Here is a list of the best betting sites in Australia
  • Neds
  • Sportsbet
  • Ladbrokes
  • Betfair
  • Bet365
  • Unibet
  • Betstar
  • Bookmaker
  • Playup
  • Palmerbet
  • Bluebet
  • Betdeluxe
  • Bet Right
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Currently, no betting site offers free Foxtel.
Here is a list of betting sites that offer live vision of sports
  • Sportsbet
  • Unibet
  • Bet365
View all betting sites here.
We believe the best online betting sites are,
  • Sportsbet
  • Neds
  • Ladbrokes
You can view all betting sites here
Here is a list of betting sites that accept PayPal.
  • Sportsbet
  • Neds
  • Ladbrokes
  • Bookmaker
  • Betstar
  • Betdeluxe
  • Playup
  • Palmerbet
  • Betfair
Betting sites make money by taking bets on a range of sports and racing events. When you lose money, they win it.