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Best Betting Sites In Australia

Are you searching for the best betting sites in Australia? It can be tricky trying to figure out which one is actually right for you with the sports betting sites jumping up and down with their marketing clutter. Take our quiz below to find the right one for you. It takes under 60 seconds to complete.

Australian Betting Sites Quiz

Would you bet more on horse racing or sports?

All betting agencies offer both, but some are better than others.

Would you be likely to bet live “in play”?

This is when you place a bet on a game or race that has already started. This requires you to usually make a telephone call and can not be made online.

Do you bet more often on your mobile or on your desktop/laptop?

Some betting agencies have really good and easy to use desktop layouts and some have really good mobile apps.

Would you bet more often on early fixed odd markets closer to the start of play (less than 10 minutes)

Some bookmakers have better early odds than others. 

Is streaming of live sport important to you?

Betting agencies have different live streaming for sport, especially for overseas games

Is streaming of horse races important to you?

Betting agencies offer different live streaming of Australian and international horse racing.

Thank you for taking our survey.

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There is a vast array of differences that each betting website possess. These can include various promotions on sports & horse racing markets from money back specials if your horse/team finish second.

Fixed odds – these can differ, but for the most part, they’re very similar across all betting sites. Some Australian bookmakers do offer a live steaming service of certain sports and some offer live streaming of horse racing.

We at KRUZEY, have taken the liberty of dissecting all the nitty gritty information on hand and compiled into what we believe to be the most important and crucial aspects when considering an Australian betting site.

Take our quiz below and see what betting site is right for you… Alternatively, you can check out our in-depth reviews here. We also have exclusive access to betting sites found here, Top 10 Betting sites.

List Of Best Online Betting Sites Australia

  • BetStar Betting Site
  • Madbookie Betting Site
  • Neds Betting Site
  • Ladbrokes Betting Site
  • Bet365 Betting Site
  • BetEasy Betting Site
  • Unibet Betting Site
  • TopBetta Betting Site
  • Palmerbet Betting Site
  • Bookmaker Betting Site
  • ClassicBet Betting Site
  • Draftstarts Betting Site
  • Betfair Betting Site
  • Sportsbet Betting Site
  • Bluebet Betting Site
  • Playup Betting Site


To be honest BetEasy is one of our personal favourites. What was once BetEzy, then CrownBet, Then after the purchase of William Hill they become the powerhouse that is BetEasy.

Their promotions are some of the best in the caper, and what really set’s them apart from a lot of other betting sites is that they offer live streaming on sports and all Australian horse racing.

BetEasy Betting Site

*BetEasy have been ever so kind to give our loyal followers access to special features which you can obtain here.


The Neds betting site is one of the newer bookmakers in Australia and my word have they hit the ground full of running. Big bright and orange its hard to miss.

They are always on the forefront of the latest promotions. Their “toolbox” promotion is some of the best in business. Offering you the chance to boost the odds of a fixed runner, jump off a “losing” bet once it starts just to name a couple.

Neds betting site

*Neds currently have given us exclusive access available to the KRUZEY family. Simply get access to the website here, Click here.


The newest bookmaker to hit the Australian market is PlayUp, which is a merger of all the existing betting sites like Classicbet and Madbookie to name a couple.

Bringing a fresh feel to the Australian market they will be sure to make an impact this spring with a wide range of betting promotions.

PlayUp betting site*PlayUp have given our readers exclusive access to the new website and we certainly believe it is worth checking out. Click here.


Unibet are really large over in Europe focusing on all things sport and horse racing. They even play around in the casino world so you can be sure they know what they are doing.

There features of streaming sport are good and we really recommend there betting app for ease of use. You really should check these guy’s out for your good self.

Unibet Betting Site

*Unibet betting site is a beauty. Click here if you want to get instant access. Unibet site. 


One of the pioneers of the online betting world, they are always coming up with quirky and fun betting markets. There interface would have to be one of the most user friendly.

They always seem to have some of the higher fixed odds that are available on horse racing markets which is big bonus.

Sportsbet Betting Site


*Sportsbet are offering our readers exclusive access when they sign up though KRUZEY click here.


Better dead than red right? Wrong. Ladbrokes are one of the biggest betting websites that operate in Australia. They are owned back in the United Kingdom though….

The red layout of the website is certainly eye-catching but it’s not just a pretty its actually quite easy to navigate through this website. Great markets.

Ladbrokes site

*Ladbrokes sign up offer? Negative. But they have is a ripping website which you can get exclusive access simply by clicking here.


Australian owned and operated. They certainly understand what the punters are after in an Australia betting site.

Palmerbet have some really good promotions on offer throughout the website, these include horse racing offers, Australia rules football offers, Big Bash cricket offers.

Palmerbet site

*Palmerbet are giving great fixed odds when you sign up through KRUZEY which you can find here.


Betstar are more on the smaller scale in size compared other bookmakers but that’s not too say they aren’t a quality prospect.

They are currently owned by Ladbrokes. They have very similar features and layout to Ladbrokes just a different colour.

Betstar site

*Betstar currently have some of the best promotions available to you simply click here to get instant access.


Bookmaker is very similar to Betstar and Ladbrokes. They also, are owned by the big Ladbrokes. The run a black and yellow layout design.

Very similar promotions to Betstar in what they offer. they have been around for a quite a while so there certainly a betting agency your can trust.

Bookmaker site

* currently have an exclusive multi maker which you can get access here.


PointsBet are one of the new kids on the block in the online betting world. They have a strong focus on spread betting but offer all markets including horse racing.

Their website is quite plain and blacked with little to no distractions which can be a good thing. their a good all rounder for those that like a nibble on anything that moves.

* PointsBet have wide range of sporting products click the following link through KRUZEY, you can get access here.


A relatively new betting agency on the block but its in safe hands. The man in charge used to run Sportingbet. It certainly is a fair dinkum Australian betting site.

They always have new and fresh weekly promotions which can be found with ease and they seem to have quite the competitive odds.

bluebet site

*BlueBet have an exclusive odds when you first sign up to this agency. Click here to get access.


Just how mad? don’t mind this mob. There certainly is a lot to like about them. The layout is simple but effective making it really easy to get a bet on.

Their odds are really competitive and there promotions are handy. Gives you a little bit of extra value when having a flutter.

Madbookie site

*MadBookie are giving us exclusive access when you go through this link here.

Bet365 Australia

Good old faithful Bet365. They have been around since before time (well, almost) we really like the layout on the Bet365 website. They keep it almost plain and simple and straight to point… Which is nice if that’s what you’re after.

They are one of the first agencies each week to put up there fixed odds market and usually have quite the lucrative odds if you can capture these early.

Bet365 betting site

*Bet365 currently don’t offer a sign up bonus or promo code due to the powers above. This is not an issue and most states have banned the bonuses anyway. View Bet365 Website.

Betfair Australia

Last but the first betting exchange that is available to us Australians.

The game within the game.

You can back and lay horses on Betfair Australia, think of it a bit like the stock market.

The layout is fantastic although it can take a little time to get used too. The Betfair Hub is a great asset to this site with loads of information.

the BetFair SP (starting price) will offer you some of the best odds in the business.

Betfair Australia promo code

*BetFair Aus currently don’t offer a sign up bonus or promotion to join but what they do have is a unique betting experience like no other. View Betfair Australia Website.


What is the best online horse racing betting sites?

We tend to believe the best betting site for online horse racing wagers are ones with promotions.

As most bookmaker have have very similar odds.

We then turn our attention to promotions.

Promotions like money back if your horse runs 2nd or 3rd in any given race is a great way to extract some value from your betting site.

The top online horse racing betting promotion sites are,

  • Neds
  • BetEasy
  • Unibet
  • Sportsbet
  • Betfair

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