NRL Betting Tips Round 19 Preview:


Thursday night starts off with the bulldogs and the Rabbits. This is a game that could be very one-sided the Bulldogs are lacking so much in the forwards while the Bunnies have been playing great rugby.  they have been attacking and playing flowing rugby Campbell Graham & Alex Johnson have been great and scoring tries at will. They have been running the ball hard and strong & with Adam Reynolds controlling the ball with his kicking game, they should be able to in this by a couple of tries.

Suggested Bets: RABBITOHS -6.5  $1.60


A long season for the Cowboys is coming to an end but first, they have to take on the top of the table panthers. The Cowboys have so much talent & in stages against the storm last week they looked like a very good side. The Hammer on the wing & Kyle Felt Valentine holmes they have a side that could score 30 points each week. What they don’t have is a controlling half’s player like that panthers have in Nathan Cleary. He has been amazing for the panthers and with the supporting cast around him like Too & the always improving Luke Martin they will keep the Panthers on top of the ladder until finals

Suggested Bets: PANTHERS – 6.5 $1.55


What an interesting game this will be. The eels lost to the Panthers last week & are looking half as good as the team they were at the start of the year. while the broncos I thought had every chance against the titans, they dropped the ball over the try line 4 times last week and only lost by 12 points. This has to be the game the Eels get a little bit of their mojo back or they might be wondering what happens to their season once they make finals and struggle against the top 3 sides.

Suggested Bets: EELS 1-12  $1.80


Manly & Gold Coast are both sitting on the same points & unable to make finals so this game is all about pride & getting on a roll for 2021. They Seaeagle will be on a high after scoring 6 tries. The Titans defence was good the last couple of weeks they may be able to beat Sea eagles with fast outside backs, Corey Thompson & Aj Brimson they will need a big game from both of them to beat DCE at Lotto land a groud where the sea eagles always play their best rugby

Suggested Bets SeaEagles  $1.40


The Battle of the best Hookers in the game. Well, maybe not but it could be and they all play for the storm. The West Tigers best player this year has been Harry Grant a Storm loan player. He is on loan thanks to the goat Cam Smith playing in his position & he is playing some of the best rugby he has ever played. He could be looking at another premiership with this Storm side. The Storm are looking the complete team at the moment with Munster and Hughes in the halves playing great big forwards & fast high flying back there isn’t much weakness in this storm side and they should win against the Tigers today

Suggested Bets: STORM -6.5  $1.65


Super Saturday ends with the great game between the Sharks and the Roosters. The Sharks are a team that can be it’s own worst enemy getting players sent off the last couple of weeks. If they do this against the Roosters they will be beaten easily thanks to the morris twins & they team full of stars they have. Tedesco is having a rest before finals in this game which means we will look at them moving the ball more to the wings this week so watch for B Morris or Daniel Toupu to have a big game.

Suggested Bets: ROOSTERS – 6.5 B morris to score a try   $3.00


Sunday starts off with Raiders up against the Brave Warriors. The Raiders will be hoping the Eels slip up so they can get into 4th position and the double chance. They can be a very inconsistent side but they are a side that the top 3 sides won’t want to have the double chance or face in the finals. Crocker Bateman & Wighton will keep them moving forward towards the finals while the warriors will keep on fighting but will find the raiders a little bit too tough

Suggested Bets:  Raiders  -4.5  $1.40


The Last game of the Round is between the knights and the Dragons. Both sides had disappointing losses last week but the knight did it to themself taking out their best player Ponga before the game against the Roosters. With him back and the Knights still in the finals they will need to keep up the great defensive performance they have all year & start to show some smart quick short passes or a better kicking game if they are going to go far in the finals. The Dragons are looking for Lomax and Duffy to do all attacking for their side. they are trying out some young wingers & a little bit of planning for the future so I expect the knight to get over the line especially if they want to go deep in the finals

Suggested Bets: KNIGHTS   $1.45


Betting Buddha’s Multi Bet (rub his belly for good luck)

RABBITS -6.5                        $ 1.35

STORM -6.5                           $ 1.45

ROOSTERS 13 +                   $1.50

PANTHERS -6.5                    $1.40

RAIDERS -6.5                        $ 1.40

Total $ 5.72


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NRL Betting Tips Round 18 Preview:


Thursday night starts off with the Tigers and the Rabbits. With the Tigers coming from the clouds to score 3 tries in the last 10 mins to win against Manly while the Bunnies went down to the Storm in a game that was played like a mini Final. The Bunnies need to keep winning to stay in a good position for finals while the Tigers are playing for pride as I don’t see them winning all their games & the sides above them losing theirs. In what will be a tight game the Bunnies should just get over the line.

Suggested Bets: RABBITOHS 1-12 $3.00


A nothing game to start Friday night the Sea Eagle will still be wondering how they lost a game after being 12 points up with 10 mins to go last week. The Bulldogs have made a lot of changes, some thinking towards next year other to see if they want to keep the player for another season. You don’t know how this is going to work with the bulldogs. It could spike them and make them play well or it could make it easy for manly to get over the line as they aren’t used to playing together defensively

Suggested Bets: MANLY $1.45


What a game this could be. A battle between 2 rivals that are currently sitting 1st & 3rd but I think we can find a good winner in this. I think the Parramatta side have been struggling the last couple of weeks they cant put sides away. They were up by 16 points early against Warriors but the fighting warriors almost caused an upset. The Panthers on the other hand just keep on winning, keep on controlling the game thanks to getting half play & a good kicking game. With a back like To’o and Naden to finish off the play, they will be hard to beat here again

Suggested Bets: PANTHERS 1-12  $2.80


Win stadium host the Raiders and the dragons on Saturday afternoon & its funny to think that the grand finalist from last year has had such an up and down season. They have had patches of the year where the middle of the park has been fantastic while the back has been lacking then in some parts of the year the Back have been on top of their game. with Jack Wighton being amazing all year. The Dragons have been average, not winning games they should have won & looking great against a couple of good teams. Duffy & Lomax have been the bright sparks for them but the Raiders should win this one

Suggested Bets: RAIDERS $1.40


The Battle of Queensland is on between the Titans & Broncos. I have to say the broncos are getting better & I think they can cause an upset here. The way Staggs has been playing you have to think he will score again for the Broncos in this one. The Titans will be looking for Don to cause the damage for them. Both sides are terrible defensively all year but I think the broncos are looking a little better the last couple of weeks & I fell they may be too strong for the Titans on Saturday afternoon

Suggested Bets: BRONCOS  $2.15


Super Saturday ends with the great game between 2 finals sides here in the Roosters & Knights. After the world / NSW went crazy for the return of SBW last week for him to only play 10 mins and look underdone. yes, he was a fantastic player but the hype was overkill. What do you expect from the NRL they did the same thing with Jarrad Hayne & he was just sitting on the bench for 60 mins but he had his own channel on fox sports. The Knights are playing good football but the injuries and the change in the playmakers will take its toll against the good sides. With Tedesco and the morris twins starting to fire up for finals we have to pick the roosters here

Suggested Bets: ROOSTERS – 2.5 $1.50


Sunday starts off with what could be a danger game for the Storm. They are playing against a Cowboys team that is starting to get quality players back like Valentine holmes. The Storm is sitting 2nd on the ladder every week looking good playing great hard rugby thanks to the GOAT Cam Smith & Jerome Hughes. Cam Munster has been quiet the last couple of weeks but Addo Carr & Hughes have really stepped up and taken their game to another level. The Storm pack is full of hard running and tackle hungry forwards. They look set to be heading to another Grand Final & they will get a good hit-out before finals against the Cowboys.

Suggested Bets:  STORM -2.5 $1.30


The Last game of the Round is between the Sharks & the Warriors, the warriors are all heart they have had the most testing season of any NRL side ever and they keep getting up and putting on a performance every week that is all heart & a reflection of their club and country. The Sharks are sitting in 8th looking to cement their place in the finals but with Townsend & wade Graham out this week I think an upset may happen so I’m on the Warriors to win thanks to heart determination & RTS

Suggested Bets: WARRIORS $2.45


Betting Buddha’s Multi Bet (rub his belly for good luck)

RABBITS                               $ 1.35

STORM -2.5                           $ 1.25

BRONCOS                             $2.15

PANTHERS                            $1.40

WARRIORS                          $ 2.40

Total $ 10.72


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NRL Betting Tips Round 17 Preview:


Thursday night starts off with the top of the table Panthers taking on the Broncos who are just looking to finish this season with one glimmer of hope for next year. The Panthers will be looking to open up their for & against to keep a space on top of the ladder from the Storm and the Roosters. The broncos only bright spark for me is Staggs he has been great and will be looking to have a great 2021 next year

Suggested Bets: PANTHERS OVER 12.5  $1.60


A cracking game to start Friday night with the 7th placed knight up against the 8th placed Sharks. This is a real 4 point gaming going into the finals & I like the Knights in this one in a very close game they have Ponga and Pearce who have been working well with Kurt Mann all year. Defensively they have been tough normally keeping the opposition to a low score so I’m expecting this to be low scoring. It will take a big effort to stop the outside back s of the sharks but I feel the Knights will be able to do it

Suggested Bets: KNIGHTS $1.75


Friday night ends with The game of the Round the rabbits take on the storm. The Rabbits have been amazing the last couple of weeks but so have the storm. They always seem to find a great player when one gets injured & Iassac Lumaluma looks to be a good player out wide for the storm. Alex Johnston is back for the Rabbits but the will be missing Latrell Mitchell & this could be the difference between the 2 sides at the end of the day

Suggested Bets STORM $1.50


In a nothing game between 2 sides that will be looking towards the future, you have the Titans & the Bulldogs. The Bulldogs have been better the last couple of weeks but still, the lack of discipline is killing them. they give away so many repeat sets and penalty it ends up hurting them & makes them defend for most of the game. The Titans are getting better each week and they are playing rugby that is very attractive to watch. The back is very good at finishings & AJ Brimson is going to be a player if he can stay fit

Suggested Bets: TITANS $1.80


The sea eagles take on the Tigers in a 50/50 game but I feel there is one team I would like to be on here & that’s the Manly side . it all comes down to the game control DCE has with his side. He is a great kick and will always try to use up all there tackles to make sure the tigers have to run the ball 90 to score. With Manly defence that is hard to do. they are down a few players but in all honesty, the Tigers will need a big effort from Norfaluma & Benji if they going to win this game.

Suggested Bets: MANLY $1.65


Super Saturday ends with the great game and the return of a man that every rugby player fears in Sonny Bill Williams. SBW will play for the roosters who already have a star line up with James Tedesco the Morris twins & now SBW  you have to worry about how they all fit under the Cap. The Raiders will be hoping to be steered around the park by Wighton who is in fantastic form and is really showing his class the last couple of weeks. The Roosters look to be too strong in this game & may move into a real contender because of SBW

Suggested Bets: ROOSTERS – 2.5   $1.70


Sunday starts off with the warriors taking on the Eels. The Warriors are still giving there all in what has been a long hard season for them but the Eels are starting to also feel the pinch. Blake Ferguson still hasn’t scored a try and its the middle and left side that is doing all the damage for them. It really is an amazing stat that the Australian winger hasn’t scored a try. Gutho & Moses have been great for the Eels and they are both looking for a team of the year prospects after putting together fantastic seasons

Suggested Bets:  EELS $1.20


The Last game of the Round is between the Cowboys & Dragons. in a game between two sides that wanted so much out of this season & have given so little for different reasons, you have to think this could be a big scoring game with the sides having firepower all over the field. Dufty, Lomax, Fedlt & The Hammer all could score a bag full of tries in this one as they are playing with no fear. The cowboys have the weaker defence but the dragons have let in a lot of points in games this year as well so the overs looks great here.

Suggested Bets: COWBOYS OVER 38.5    $3.65


Betting Buddha’s Multi Bet (rub his belly for good luck)

EELS                                      $ 1.25

STORM                                   $ 1.55

KNIGHTS                              $1.75

PANTHERS -6.5                    $1.30

ROOSTERS                           $ 1.40

Total $ 7.20


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NRL Betting Tips Round 16 Preview & Tips:


Thursday night starts off with the Eels taking on the Bunnies in what is a battle of 2 sides that should be playing in the finals this year. The bunnies are coming off a demolition job of the Broncos. While the eels keep the Storm to the scoreless which is no easy feat. The Eels have that spark in the half that means anything can happen from any part of the field. it is an amazing thing to watch when it is on fire but the last few weeks yes they have been winning it’s not quite there The bunnies looked unstoppable last week & can cause an upset here if they get the ball out wide to Alex Johnston

Suggested Bets: EELS -2.5  $1.60


Bit of a nothing game to start Friday night with the dragons & the titans. There is a lot of skill on show but both sides aren’t really playing for finals at the moment Lomax & Duffty have been great for the dragons while AJ had been great at full back for the titans who will be looking forward to next year when they get all their big signings in. that’s great and all but the game is Friday night & I have to back the dragons this week

Suggested Bets: DRAGONS $1.30


Friday night ends with The Broncos & Roosters. This game could be nasty The Roosters looked like they were getting back to the side they were a couple of months ago & with morris back SBW waiting in the winds, this could be a major warning for all the teams they will play in the finals. Look for a massive win here for the Roosters & Morris to score a try or 2

Suggested Bets ROOSTERS 13+ Morris Anytime Try $1.70


You have to take your hat off to the warriors for everything they have done this year to keep this site going as they take on the Knights who have also been cursed by the injury bug with another playmaker going down with a season-long injury. They were looking great with blake green in the side it was really freeing up Ponga but with Green gone ponga has to play more like a playmaking full back now. This being the case they still should win but it will hurt them in the finals not having green

Suggested Bets: KNIGHTS $1.40


The Sharks take on the Cowboys who are struggling for a win in the latter part of the season. The sharks on the other hand are putting on the points having scored over 30 points 3 times in the last 6 the other games they went close to good sides like Paramatta. The Cowboys lost there way without there star players and will find this game too tough for them but you can still guarantee Kyle Feldt will get a chance to score a try.

Suggested Bets: SHARKS $1.30


Super Saturday ends with the Top of the table Panthers taking on the Tigers. The Panthers are flying with great ball control a strong defence & try-scoring wingers the panthers look like the team to beat @ the moment. The Tigers on the other are still struggling after a bad month where they lost 2 key playmakers and the heart and soul of the side. they are struggling to finish offsets and run the same meters.

Suggested Bets: PANTHERS – 8.5   $1.60


Sunday starts off with the storm and the sea eagles. the Storm has had a tough month with an injury now with Brandon Smith missing. but they get back the 2 Cams which is massive for the storm. This will be a big test of the player fitness as they take on DCE and a manly side that has never liked the Storm. This will be a great game & to see how the storm play as they played with a lot of freedom without cam smith & they were scoring a lot more while still maintaining a great defence

Suggested Bets:  STORM+ Addo Carr Try $2.20


The Last game of the Round is between the Raiders & Bulldogs. In another one-sided game, I expect the bulldogs to be struggling for possession all game. The raiders have been average & will be looking for a conference boost from this game. This can be done by a good kicking game which has been missing the last few weeks. The Bulldogs will need to be better in the middle of the field out wide they will have to stop nick Cotric who is still in good try-scoring form

Suggested Bets: RAIDERS – 6.5 Nick Cotric 2 Tries  $3.95


Betting Buddha’s Multi Bet (rub his belly for good luck)

EELS                                      $ 1.45

STORM -4.5                           $ 1.35

KNIGHTS                              $1.40

PANTHERS -6.5                    $1.60

RAIDERS -6.5                        $ 1.40

Total $ 6.20


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NRL Betting Tips  Round 15 Preview & Tips:


Thursday night starts off with the Eels taking on the injury-depleted Melbourne Storm. Last week the Storm was fantastic against the roosters even without Munster & Cam Smith unfortunately they lost a couple of key players and the star of the game Hughes is in doubt for the game. The Eels are starting to look tired they still only move the ball to one side of the field & this game will be who wins in the middle of the Park. The storm is big and tough but Iunfortunetly think the Eels may just have it.

Suggested Bets: MELBOURNE +6.5 $1.90


The Panthers take on the Sharks on Friday night & the way the Panthers are playing they will be hard to beat in this game. Sitting top of the table half a game. The Sharks are a very consistent side they gave the Eels a scare a couple of weeks ago & may the titans crumble in the last quarter of the game last week. the Panthers will still be going towards Naden side & expect him to score more tries & the Panthers to get this done quite easily in the end

Suggested Bets: PANTHERS -4.5 NADEN ANYTIME TRY $2.30


Friday night ends with The Broncos taking on the Dragons. The Dragons are playing ok at the moment Duffty & Lomax are really showing that the future is bright for the dragons The Broncos are still struggling with everything that is going on with the Broncos one of the only bright sparks is Katoni Staggs. The Broncos also have a lot of injuries & I find it hard for them to overcome this to beat the Dragons. This has to be the last nail in the coffin for their Coach

Suggested Bets: DRAGONS $1.30


The Raiders take on the Titans in a game that I think will be closer than a lot of people think. The Titans are the best team in QLD at the moment and they are playing great rugby. if they didn’t have a player sent off last week I’m sure they would have finished closer than the end result. The Raiders had a confident win against the Broncos but it still wants as good as I feel it would be against the worst side in the league. The Titans at the line Or Canberra over 12.5 is the play here

Suggested Bets: TITANS +11.5 $1.90


The Tigers take on the Roosters, who will be looking to bounce back after a loss to the Storm Last week. The Tigers just got over the line against the Bulldogs in a high scoring game but they are still struggling to move the ball around without their main playmakers. The Roosters defence will be a lot better than what they faced last week but with Keary missing it could be a danger game. The Roosters just but the Tigers at the line might be a good bet as well

Suggested Bets: ROOSTERS $1.40


Super Saturday ends with the Bunnies taking on the sea eagles this will be a very close game with the Seaeagles being lead by DCE. he is one of the best game managers in the NRL but what the sea eagles need is some speed in the back. this is what the rabbits have a lot of especially with Alex Johnson. he has been in great form scoring 2 tries. They lest it very late last week and if they try to do this against the sea eagles I don’t think they will be given the same chances.

Suggested Bets: SEA EAGLES + 8.5   $1.70


Sunday starts off a bottom of the table match between the bulldogs and the warriors. In a game that you don’t know what team will show up I have to think that the bulldogs can come out of this game with a win Meaney Smith & Hopoate get there best chance to run strong meters. The Warriors have been good in defence in stages but will need to get the ball wide to herbert & Hiku if they are to win this one .who ever takes on the game will Win this.

Suggested Bets: BULLDOGS $2.20


The Last game of the Round is between the Knights &Cowboys. The Knights are playing so good with the adding of Blake Green Kyle Ponga has gone up a step & with young talent out wide like Starford Toa & Hymel hunt The knights are looking well placed for a finals place. The Cowboys have has so many injuries but have found some talent like the Hammer, Hamiso Tabuai Fidow who recorded the fastest running speed of any NRL player ever. but they will have to let him get to the outside to use this speed. I think he might get one chance but that won’t be enough to win this game.

Suggested Bets: KNIGHTS   $1.45


Betting Buddha’s Multi Bet (rub his belly for good luck)

DRAGONS                             $ 1.40

STORM +6.5                          $ 1.90

KNIGHTS                              $1.40


ROOSTERS                           $ 1.40

Total $ 9.70


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NRL Betting Tips Round 14 Preview:


Thursday night starts off with what could be the game of the year The Storm & the Roosters. This could again be the Grand final in a couple of months but hopefully, the Storm & Roosters will have some of their starts back. Smith Munster Morris are still missing but with talent all over the field, this will still be a cracker. The Storm looked fantastic without Cam Smith, the Cheese & Munster moved the team around with a lot more wide play while Munster is out The Storm forward pack is still big and strong and will keep them in the game a long way. These games have been very close for the last few years so we are taking Melbourne at the line.

Suggested Bets: MELBOURNE +6.5 $1.90


The Panthers take on the Warriors on Friday night & it looks to be a very one-sided game. The Control Cleary is having on games is unstoppable at times. The Warriors are playing better football since sacking their coach but they still are missing the spark that makes the warriors deadly. the Panthers on the other hand don’t have that problem especially the right-side attack which is close to the best in the league no matter who you put out there. Look for Naden to score more tries & the Panthers to get this done quite easily in the end

Suggested Bets: PANTHERS -4.5 NADEN ANYTIME TRY $2.10


Friday night ends with The Eels taking on the Dragons. The Dragons are playing ok at the moment Duffty & Lomax are really showing that the future is bright for the dragons. but they are up against the Eels who still struggle to score on the right side of the field but when you have a great middle & Left in Sivo you don’t have to worry. Parra is looking tired at the moment like a couple of players are a little sore after a long season and no breaks But I still find it hard for the Dragons to win this one

Suggested Bets EELS – 2.5 SIVO Anytime $2.10


The Sharks take on the titans who are starting to put together a couple of good games. The Sharks are moving along nicely with Ronaldo & Koatoa out wide they have a couple of serious threats but with the Titans getting the W last week AJ crimson & Don will do everything they can to get the Titans a second W.

Suggested Bets: SHARKS Ronaldo try any time $1.90


The Cowboys are back in Townsville & they are looking to beat the Rabbits in this Saturday afternoon game. Feldt & Johnson are the keys for their side with both of them serious try-scorers if they can get the ball wide. Both teams are making a lot of mistakes & Missing easy tackles, the side that settles first will need to take advantage of their time in front as both sides can put on a lot of points. Rabbits should Win this game but it could be close or a lopsided win, either way, it wouldn’t surprise.

Suggested Bets: RABBITS WIN JOHNSON TRY   $2.30


Super Saturday ends the laughing stock of the NRL broncos playing the Green Machine. The Broncos are having COVID problems sacking players the coach is massive trouble on and off the field & they are playing rugby that wouldn’t win a little league game. The Raiders should win this game they have the better side & are playing top 8 style rugby but they need to fix up the problem with Curtis Scott his area is costing them a lot of tries

Suggested Bets: RAIDERS -6.5   $1.60


Sunday starts off &  we have 2 very tough sides against each other in the Knights & Sea Eagles. as i said last week the inclusion of Blake Green will be amazing for the Knight and it was proven last week when the Knights played there best game ever. This move could make them a real contender for the top 4. Ponga was great and with Blake, in the side, he was able to free him up and score more tries. DCE will have to control the ball to stop the Knights but they are still lacking with Turbo.

Suggested Bets: KNIGHTS Under 42.5 $2.60


The Last game of the Round is Between the Tigers & Bulldogs. Its been a bad couple of weeks for the Tigers Losing the shining lights of their season in Walter & Grant. This has made the side lack the spark they had a month ago. The Bulldogs if the can play smart Football they can cause a massive upset here, The Bulldogs have the great firepower and lewis needs to find his kicking game again. This could be a game with a lot of repeat sets & if that is the case one side could be here for a long day.

Suggested Bets: TIGERS – TALAU to score a try   $2.45


Betting Buddha’s Multi Bet (rub his belly for good luck)

SHARKS U44.5                     $ 2.40

RAIDERS -6.5                        $ 1.40

KNIGHTS                              $1.40


TIGERS                                 $ 1.50

Total $ 14.20


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NRL Round 13 Preview & Tips:


Thursday night starts off with the Dragons taking on the Roosters. The Dragons are playing some good rugby but are being let down by the size of the forward pack in the middle of the park & the way they are finishing sets. Dufty & Lomax are the real shining lights for the Dragons but this week taking on an undermanned Roosters outfit they will still have to be at their best to get through the Roosters. Without Morris & dropping Flanagan I think this game will be a lot closer than the line suggest but I still think the Rooster will come out on top

Suggested Bets: ROOSTERS / under 44.5  $2.6


The Sea Eagles play the Warriors in the first game of Friday night rugby & it could end up being a one-sided game. The Sea eagles are a very strong side even with a couple of players still out. while the warriors who have also been struggling with filling players taking up some spots now & the release of Blake green to the knight who was playing really well for them. Manly should win this game rather easy & watch for the warriors to be in the game for a while then just lose interest

Suggested Bets: MANLY -6.5 $1.70


Friday night ends with The Broncos the side everyone is talking about. Will this be the last game for their coach? is he really to blame for a poor side that isn’t playing well together? Are Darius Boyd & Milford done as Nrl players? well if they lose to the Rabbitohs all the answers here could be yes. The Rabbits will be a lot better now Latrell has a game under his belt Johnson on the wing is hard to stop & the forwards are starting to gel together. The Middle of the field for the Broncos needs to fire up & with Milford out & croft back the Broncos need to move the ball around clean to try and get the Rabbitohs off guard.

Suggested Bets RABBITOHS 1-12  $3.10


This will be a great game the Knights & Tigers are two very good sides they both are sides that will be making up the bottom half of the Eight. which make this a game that is worth 4 points. The knight has just signed Blake Green to move into the Hooker role for them & he will make the knights playmakers better he is a great player & very consistent day in and day out. The Tigers lose Harry Grant who was their star player for the season so far. the main question is how will they play without him. to me, it’s easy back the side that has added to a great tough side of the one that has lost its key player

Suggested Bets: KNIGHTS $1.60


The Storm is flying the only thing that could stop them is an injury to the Best Player ever Cam Smith. Well, guess what happened early last week the Storm champion went down with a shoulder injury. But who steps up the Storm cult hero Brandon Smith (the Cheese ) who is a great replacement for Cam Smith. The cheese is the NZ dummy half so he is up to this grade he has actually stared for the Kiwi in international Rugby so the storm with Smith Munster should be able to take out the bulldogs in this game & keep on marching to the top of the ladder.

Suggested Bets: STORM -6.5  $1.50


Super Saturday ends with the top of the table Panthers playing the Raiders. What can you say about the panthers besides wow they are playing amazing Rugby at the moment scoring tries at will? Cleary has to be close to the best player in the comp at the moment. This week they take on the Raiders that are coming off a win against the lowly-ranked cowboys a game I think they should have won by more. They are getting wins but they aren’t impressing anyone with their play. they need to find their mojo this week if they are going to press the panthers,  But I feel it may be a little too much for them

Suggested Bets: PANTHERS $1.60


Sunday starts off with the battle of Queensland with the titans taking on the cowboys. this game is a battle of 2 sides at the wrong end of the ladder but will be a very entertaining game the Cowboys are a high scoring team Kyle Fealt always gets a chance to score a try or 2 . the same can be said about Anthony Don for the titans. both teams are a little dodgy in defence so we are thinking this game could be a very high scoring game around the 32-24 scoreline to the Cowboys.

Suggested Bets: COWBOYS OVER 42.5 $2.88


The Last game of the Round is Between the Sharks & Eels. The sharks got out of jail last week scoring 2 late tries to sink half of Queensland and the hapless Broncos. While the Eels were pushed hard by the Bulldogs in a game that really should have been an easy win. Parramatta looks to be a side that is starting to tire and needs a break they look like they may drop a game soon & this could be the week, They have a state of origin winner that still hasn’t scored a try all year & last week they kept going to his side & kept making mistakes. Some times you just have to keep doing what is getting the results Find Sivo the Big winger cant be stopped close to the line & that’s the way you will beat the bulldogs.

Suggested Bets: Eels & Sivo Try  $2.15


Betting Buddha’s Multi Bet (rub his belly for good luck)

ROOSTERS -6.5        $ 1.70

STORM -6.5               $ 1.50

KNIGHTS                  $1.60

PANTHERS                $ 1.50

EELS  SIVO  TRY     $ 2.10

Total $ 11.95


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The Betting Buddha’s Round 12 Preview & Tips:


Thursday night starts off with the dragons and the bunnies. This is a game that I think can go either way. The dragons are starting to play really well with Lomax Dufty scoring tries the forwards making runs & Hunt finishing offsets a lot better than earlier in the year. Latrell Mitchell is back for the bunnies which move Johnston to the wing where he will cause a lot of damage & hopefully finish off the Bunnies wide moves with a try. The bunnies have really missed a finisher out wide & laterals try assist work.

Suggested Bets: SOUTH SYDNEY  1-12  $2.85


The Tigers play the Warriors in the first game of Friday night rugby & it could end up being a one-sided game. The Tigers are very creative with the Football in hand Harry Grant is really controlling the game for them from dummy half and you couldn’t be more impressed with how the young star is playing. The Warriors look tired they are making some more mistakes and slowly getting back to how they are playing the last couple of years. They can still score points but I see the tigers winning this in an easy game.

Suggested Bets: TIGERS -6.5  $1.50


Friday night ends with The Broncos the side everyone is talking about. They are playing terrible football & everyone knows it after getting smashed again by the Storm on the weekend They have to show some heart against the sharks, a side that won’t go away & will play hard for all 80 mins. The good thing is the sharks are not a high scoring side like the Storm so this game can be a lot tighter & Brisbane have a chance to be in this game for longer if they can limit their mistakes. They will need to stop Koata out wide if they are going to keep this one close.

Suggested Bets: SHARKS 1-12  $3.10


The Roosters take on the Titans in a game that should be one way the Roosters will be missing Brett Morris out wide, he has been amazing out wide both defensively & offensively a real try-scoring machine. In comes Ryan Hall who was a try-scoring machine as well in the UK but is still waiting for his first try in Australia. This is his chance this week against the titans. The Titans will be looking forward to next year they have signed some great young forwards and that is really what they are playing for right now. If AJ Brimson plays this week watch for a very exciting young player.

Suggested Bets: ROOSTERS 13+ $1.30


Cowboys Raiders won’t be a massive game in the round, actually, it could end up being a forgotten game if not for the in of the raiders new signing Corey Harawira-Naera the big forward will help the raiders be a lot better in the middle of the park & help them get a lot of meters that they have been looking forward from the forwards. The Cowboys have had injuries all year but the shining light has been watching some of the young players getting a go and The Hammer is definitely up to NRL level

Suggested Bets: RAIDERS +6.5  $1.75


Super Saturday ends with the top of the table Panthers playing the Sea eagles who are just in the 8. The Panthers welcome back some big players to their squad with Apisai Koroisau, Charlie Staines who score 5 tries the last time he played & Viliame Kikau who has been one of there best all year. The Sea Eagles are still missing Turbo and they will always be a little venerable. Clearly will steer around the Panthers to a win against the Sea Eagles

Suggested Bets: PANTHERS $1.60


Sunday starts off with a game with the inform eels and the close to the bottom of the ladder Bulldogs. The Dogs are a side that can’t do anything right they leak a lot of points they struggle to score points & this game won’t is anything different Watch for Sivo to have a field day.  Parra is looking fantastic at the moment they are playing great football and with Moses back they can only get better.

Suggested Bets: PARRA 13+ SIVO A TRY  $2.00


The Last game of the Round is the Best in my eyes the Storm take on the improving Both sides are great defensively but the way the storm have been playing since Munster came back has been very impressive. The only thing I don’t get about this game is the line compared to the head to head market. Head to head the Storm are $1.25 to $4.10 while the line is only 10 points in other games around that mark the line would be around 11.5 -12.5 so one of these markets is wrong you just have to figure out if you like the storms attacking play to get on to of the hard Knights defence or the fact the knights will struggle without a dummy half as they are now on to their 5 dummy half for the season due to injuries

Suggested Bets: STORM -10.0 $1.90


Betting Buddha’s Multi Bet (rub his belly for good luck)

ROOSTERS 13+        $ 1.30

STORM -6.5               $ 1.65

RAIDERS 1-12           $2.88

PANTHERS                $ 1.60


Total $ 9.80


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The Betting Buddha’s Round 11 Preview & Tips:


Thursday night starts off with a game I think will be closer than the bookies have it with the Eels at $ 1.30 & tigers $ 3.25. I feel this game will be closed as the tigers are building a good side they play good hard rugby every week Harry Grant is the new star of the west with the faithful cheering his name as he left the field last week. For a young player only playing his first year of the game to control aside like he is it’s very impressive. The Eels lost to the under-strength Seaeagle in a massive surprise maybe it was the loss they needed. As they looked tired and just going through the motions.  the line looks to be a great bet in this Tigers +8.5 they are great defensively & look to stop Parras massive forward pack. I think Parra will bounce back from last week 1-12 @ $3.00 may be the best for you

Suggested Bets: TIGERS +8.5  $1.85


The Battle between 2 sides missing star players starts off Friday night. The Cowboys have sacked there coach during the week, a man that only a few years ago took them to the premiership. They are a very high scoring team on their day the cowboys but the problems in defence have caused the sacking of green also the problem with the in the half as they have lost all the key position players. Manly, on the other hand, surprised me last week beating the Eels DEC was great and they are playing some great Rugby without Tommy Turbo. This game should be tight but DCE will control this ball better than the error-filled Cowboys & Fonua blake being back is a massive tick.

Suggested Bets: MANLY $1.65


Friday night ends with The Broncos taking on the Storms & with the way the Broncos are playing at the moment this game could be the final nail in the Bronco Coffin. The Broncos lost 48-0 last week. While the storm just keeps on winning & moving up the ladder. The Storm has an amazing record at Suncorp & I expect that to continue with the Storm being way too good for the Broncos. Look for the storms forwards to bound the middle of the park as the big boys scored a fair few tries last week and will be looking for some more meat this week.

Suggested Bets STORM 13+ $1.60


Just like the Storm broncos game, This game looks to be very one-sided the Roosters are coming off a loss last week to the Raiders that got a lot of people surprised as they were outplayed & poor defensively which is unlike the Roosters. The Warriors are looking tired they look like a side that has had enough of being in Australia & who could blame them they have tried their hearts out in most games but have fallen short against the big sides & when they play the big boys they lose by a lot. I don’t think this game will be any different

Suggested Bets: ROOSTERS 13+ $1.30


Toss of the coin game here in a lot of peoples eyes but when I look at the last couple of weeks & my KPI for picking a winner one time stands out to me & that the Dragons. They Beat the Sharks only a month ago they have better kick & run meters fewer errors & missed tackles. I like the move of Hunt to dummy-half it helps him get involved more in the game & Norman can be a lot more creative. The sharks are a very good side I love the backline they have with Katoa, Ramien & big Ronaldo but I feel the forward pack isn’t as good as the Dragons & the kicking game of Johnson and Townsend hasn’t been on in the last couple of games

Suggested Bets: DRAGONS 1-12 $3.40


Super Saturday ends with a great game in the making between the Raiders and Rabbits. The Raiders were great to get the points against the Rosters in the Grand final replay. The Rabbits again missing Mitchell will have to get a lot more out of the forward’s Burgess is missing his brothers in the Forward pack and Murry can only do so much. Gagai & Johnson will need big games for them to win but on what will be a cold wet night in the nation’s capital how can you go past the Raiders. I feel this game will be low scoring thanks to the conditions so at a great value we have found a double bet that I’m sure the Raiders can cover

Suggested Bets: RAIDERS -3.5 Under 42.5 $2.80


Sunday starts off with the knights taking on the Bulldogs. The Dogs are struggling they are letting in on average 27 points again. you cant win rugby games while letting in that many tries. while the Knights have built this site on defence but have the offensive greatness of Ponga Bradman & Pearce to make them a threat at both ends of the field. They need to get a little better in attack only averaging 3 tries a game but this is an area that will start to come to them once they geat Lee back & start to work better together. With a good crowd in attendance, I’m sure, the Knights will get the job done & give the Newcastle crowd plenty to cheer about.

Suggested Bets: KNIGHTS 13+  Under  45.5  $3.30


The Last game of the Round is the Panthers taking on the Titans in another one-sided game like most of this round we have a side that is a Premiership contender against a wooden Spoon contender. The Titans are playing for the new year right now they have a lot of great young talent they have signed or looking to sign while the time is now for the Panthers Clearly is playing fantastic football at the moment & the game getting quicker has really been the making of him this year. They love to attack to Naden & side. but with him moving to the centres he may not be the multiple try-scorer he normally is so we will back Crichton in this week.

Suggested Bets: PANTHERS 13+ CRICHTON TO SCORE A TRY    $2.80


Betting Buddha’s Multi Bet (rub his belly for good luck)

ROOSTERS 13+        $ 1.25

STORM 13+               $ 1.55

RAIDERS 1-12           $2.88

PANTHERS 13+        $ 1.60

KNIGHTS 13+           $ 1.65

Total $ 12.50


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The Betting Buddha’s Round 10 Preview & Tips:


This is the one game everyone was looking for once the draw came out, the grand final replay between the Roosters & Raiders. The Roosters have been fantastic since coming back from isolation & with a couple of star second rowers going down with season-long injuries they have been able to cover the lost & still be defensively sound & high scoring. The Raiders, on the other hand, have been brave as always but have lost key players like Josh Hodgson & with the competition being so close with the top 4 sides it could be the difference between them making the Grand final again or just missing out. They need to find a way to play & finish offsets so they control the ball & create more back to back sets. If they can do this they may be a chance in a low scoring tough game against the Roosters if not the Roosters may open op the raiders defence & run away with an easy win

Suggested Bets: ROOSTERS -6.5 $1.55


The Storm opens up their new home thanks to Iso in the Sunshine Coast with a Friday night game against the Titans. The one thing you know about the storm is that they are the best-coached side in the League. This is proven yet again with the Boys from Melbourne sitting 3rd on the ladder after playing both grand finalists from last year. Defensively they have been really good like normal but in the attack, they can find another couple of gears. Hopefully, with Cam Munster coming back from injury they can get into some attacking form against the Titans who have been a lot better the last couple of weeks even defeating the Warriors last round. They still shouldn’t be much trouble for this Melbourne storm side.

Suggested Bets: STORM  +13 $1.50


Friday night ends with what I expect to be a tight game between the West Tigers & Broncos. The Broncos came back to a little form with a win over the Bulldogs while the Tigers went down to the Rabbits @ Bankwest. The Tigers put up a good fight they made a lot of tackles & didn’t really have the ball in their hand when it counted. When they did at the end of the game they started to close the gap. The Broncos finally got a win that was very much needed but they travel to NSW this week and that is a whole different kettle of fish as the Broncos have struggled to win in NSW in recent memory. Xman Xavier Coates is flying for the Broncos at the moment & will need to win his battle on the Wing for the Broncos to go back to back this week. This could be a very tight game and for the line to be set at 6.5 I will have to take the Broncos +6.5 or West Tigers 1-1.

Suggested Bets BRONCOS +6.5  $1.90


6 Weeks ago these 2 sides played against each other, I tipped the Dragons thinking they would be the better side with the fine print saying the loser would be close to the worst side in the NRL. That game was won by the Bulldogs 22-2 & what has happened since is a totally different thing to what everyone expected. The Bulldogs have been terrible since that is their only win for the entire year. While the Dragons took the lost as a kick in the bum they needed & have now won 3 of their last 5 games. Which proves that I was right to think that the Dragons will be the better side but it took the Dragons to play Dufty & open up space on the outside for the young centres and winners to take the game by the horns. Hopefully, the Dragons can get the chocolates this time or maybe they are just the bulldog’s Bunnies

Suggested Bets: DRAGONS  -2.5 $1.50


I know this game is rather close in the market Rabbits 1.80 Knights 1.95 but I feel by the time of kick-off on Saturday afternoon the odds would of changes & the knights start favourites. The Bunnies have listed Cambell Graham & Latrell Mitchell as out on this weeks team list. While the Knights seem to be bruised and batted every week yet every week the get back up & put in a great showing the next week all over again. Kalyn Ponga has been fantastic for the night while Mitchell Pearce & Kurt Mann have given the Knight one of the best all-round 6-7-1 combos in the league in my opinion. adding Andrew Mccullough has taken them to another level. The Bunnies are making a little to many errors for my liking & seem to not make as many meters as you would like by with a good kicking game they have been able to stay in games & Johnson at fullback will add a lot of strength to the side but may hurt them on offence.

Suggested Bets: KNIGHTS 1-12 $3.10


Super Saturday ends with the Eels taking on the Sea Eagles who just can’t take a break. Yes, some of the problems they are having are from their own stupidity. Others like the injuries to Tommy Turbo have just made Manly look like a shell of them selfs. Things don’t get easier for the boys from the beach, the Eels are on top of the ladder flying Sivo is scoring tries Brown is looking great at 5/8 Matterson & Lane in the forwards are causing teams a lot of trouble. it just a great all-round effort from the Eels & I think it continues this week against the Sea Eagles.

Suggested Bets: EELS -6.5 $1.65


Sunday starts off with the Warriors taking on the Sharks. Both sides have been very patchy in stages & in a game that looks to have a lot of firepower & little defence you have to think that tires will be coming thick & fast in this one if both sides can complete their sets. When you look at the Names in the back lines of both sides & the recent scores you will see that the Sharks will put on a lot of points with all there games going over the line & score lines like 24-56, 40-10, 22-40 in the last 3 games while the Warriors Avg 45 points in games they play in this year. Look for Koata Goodwin, Fusitu’a & Maumalo to all be close to scoring tries in this one

Suggested Bets: SHARKS -3,5 OVER 43.5 $2.70


The Last game of the Round is the Panthers taking on the Cowboys who will be without 2 of their major pickups this offseason in Valentine Holmes & Scott Drinkwater. Drinkwater played 30 mins with a torn MCL which is an amazing effort but he will be missing for a long time now & the Cowboys will have to regroup & hopefully young players like Ben Hampton or the Hammer can step up to a side that everything is going peachy in the Panthers. The Boys from the hills are a real top 4 & Premiership side this year if they can keep everyone on the park & whenever someone goes down a new star arrives. This is proven with Charlie Staines scoring 4 tries last week in front of his mates but this week he will be watching from the sidelines. Either way, the Panthers will still be coming to his side & watch for Naden to have a day out this week

 Suggested Bets: PANTHERS -6.5   $1.40


Betting Buddha’s Multi Bet (rub his belly for good luck)

ROOSTERS -6.5        $ 1.55

STORM 13+               $ 1.50

EELS  -6.5                  $1.65

PANTHERS -6.5        $ 1.65

KNIGHTS 1-12          $ 3.10

Total $ 15.33


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The Betting Buddha’s Round 9 Preview & Tips:


What a game the roosters played last week just going down to the Storm in Golden point. This week they take on the Cowboys who are one of the best-attacking sides in the NRL. They have no problem getting over the Try line but they struggle stopping sides from scoring against them Moving Valentine Holmes to the wing will help them become more well rounded attacking side & a little bit better in defence. I still see the Roosters winning this game their defence is amazing & even with a couple of key injuries they are still one of the teams to beat this year

Suggested Bets: ROOSTERS -6.5  $1.51


This is a battle between two sides that are at the bottom of the ladder but in stages are playing good rugby. The Warriors came from behind to beat the Broncos last week while the Titans lost by 30 against the Sharks but they looked good in stages. RTS is back for the Warriors & this is a massive in for the boys from NZ & may just be the difference between the 2 sides at the end of the day. both sides have some good scoring power in the back but the way Blake green is playing for the warriors controlling the ball and a good kicking game will see the warriors win this won but it will be a high scoring close game

Suggested Bets: WARRIORS  $1.80


I feel this game between the Tigers and the Rabbits is going to be a lot closer than the Bookies have it. Right now the Bunnies are $1.50 to win this game & they may run out winners at the end of the game but the West Tigers are playing good team football at the moment & it wouldn’t surprise me if the caused an upset in this game. Harry Grant Luke Brooks & Josh Reynolds are the most well-rounded halves in the league. They are a team that limits the error count Runs hard and finishes offsets well in the red zone. The bunnies have more talent & star power but they are also messing up some of the fundamental things which are never a good thing.

Suggested Bets TIGERS +6.5 OVER 35  $3.10


I don’t really know how this happens but after a couple of good weeks the Sharks are back in the top 8 and playing some good football Goodwin has really added some fire power to this side & not getting Ronaldo back on the wing the Sharks have the firepower to be a very high scoring side. This week they take on the Panther who are sitting 2nd on the ladder & taking on the world. Cleary is playing great football but last week they will be missing To’o who has been close to there best Back the last year or so. This will be another close game as both sides are strong defensively but the Panther should win as they limit their errors better than the sharks

Suggested Bets: PANTHERS  $ 1.50


I know we are in the middle of COVID in Australia at the moment but I think the world may end for Queenslander if the Broncos keep playing like they are at the moment. The Broncos have been very poor they keep dropping the ball missing simple passes and not running hard enough inset. But the worst thing has to be the way Milford & croft are finishing the sets with kicks they aren’t going anywhere near the talented youngsters they have. The Bulldogs aren’t much better they average a try every 20 sets which are terrible & they let in 4 tries a game which is hard to win games with stats like this. so I’m sticking with the Broncos one last time but if they lose this week their coach may also lose his job

Suggested Bets: BRONCOS 1-12 $2.88


Super Saturday ends with the game of the round & what a match it should be between the Raiders & the Storm. The Raiders have had the wool over the Storm in the last few meetings Ricky Stuart seems to know how to stop the storm slowing up the play the ball & getting through their defence. The Storm will be on a high after winning against the Roosters in a close game last week. the fought for the whole 80 mins & it showed that they are still a major contender for the premiership this year. Cam Smith proved that he is the GOAT playing 5/8 for most of the game & allowing Brandon Smith to play hooker which worked well & we will see Brandon improve the more he plays that position.

Suggested Bets: EITHER TEAM TO WIN BY UNDER 10.5 $1.80


Sunday starts off with 1st Vs 4th in what will be a tough low scoring game The Eels are sitting pretty at the top of the table still playing good football without Mitchell Moses thanks to Gutherson & Sivo teaming up so well on the left-wing. The knights need to stop this combo if they are going to be a chance in this game. They are the big improvers in defence & they have had a lot of practice as well averaging 420 tackles a game for a side that is in the top 4 is crazy. You expect a side that is in the top 4 to have a lot more ball than that not spend so much time without the ball & defending. They are going to miss Lee on the wing after just getting Bradman Best back. I feel the Eels will still find a way to get through the Knight line & win this in a close one.

Suggested Bets: EELS $1.60


Things aren’t going right for the sea eagles in the final moments of games The Sea eagles could be sitting at 6-2 if they got the rub of the green yet they are currently mid table at 4-4 & a real possibility to finish this round with a losing record. The Dragons took on a couple of very good teams in the Roosters & Raider and put in a good showing they will be looking to get back on the winners list like the Sea Eagles. Duffty has been fantastic for the Dragons & is finally getting a show at playing full back fulltime & is showing the world what he can do offensively but in defence, he is still a little small & can let in points which are never a good thing. The sea eagle will fight for the full 80 mins you know this every time they play & maybe will just outlast the Dragons this week.

Suggested Bets: SEA EAGLES  $1.50


Betting Buddha’s Multi Bet (rub his belly for good luck)

ROOSTERS -6.5        $ 1.50

TIGERS +6.5               $ 1.50

EELS                          $1.60

PANTHERS                $ 1.50

BRONCOS                $ 1.60

Total $ 9.20


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The Betting Buddha’s Round 8 Preview & Tips:


Thursday night we have a game that could be the semi-final preview, The Storm takes on the Roosters with some big changes to each side. The storm loses Cam Munster for a couple of weeks with a sore knee, While the Roosters have lost Sam Verrills & Victor Radley for the year as both players did their ACL in the last game. With Josh Morris & Tedesco back after missing last week the roosters will be a much-improved side. The Storm was much improved last week but with Munster missing, they have to change up the Halves but this may give the ball more to Brandan Smith which could be the making of a young star. The Line of 6.5 points is massive for 2 sides that are very tough to score against but I found a bet that gives us the extra points to work with for the same price.

Suggested Bets: Either side to win -10.5  $1.91


The Raiders finally get to play at home in Canberra & it will be this home come that will help the Green machine get over the line against the Dragons. The Dragons are getting better but last week they proved they still struggle to be competitive against the better sides in the league. The Raiders are a better side, they were favourites for the premiership only a few weeks ago & they should get back on track after a narrow defeat to the Eels last week.

Suggested Bets: RAIDERS -2.5  $1.50


The top of the table Eels takes on the Cowboys after winning a nail-biting golden point game last week. With a new half pairing after the injury to Mitchell Moses. King Gutho will have to help out Brown & Field move the side around the park but with all the firepower in the backline & the Strong Forward pack, the should get the chocolates against the Cowboys. The Cowboys welcome back Valentine Holmes but I just don’t see it being enough to stop the Eels

Suggested Bets: EELS -6.5  $ 1.75


Not a lot of people would have been thinking that this game between the Sharks & Titans will be much of a game. Both teams are struggling but I have to say the titans are starting to show a lot more on the field than they did early in the season. After the game the put in last week they could go back to back here against the sharks. The Sharks have a better Half Pairing, forwards and points for & against then the Titans & coming off a win against the Sea Eagles they will be full of confidence. This could be a very high scoring game but I feel the Line is very high the Sharks defence & control of the ball will keep this low score

Suggested Bets: SHARKS /UNDER 44.5   $ 3.00


In a game where you have the tired-looking Warriors sitting in 14th place on the ladder. While you have the 15th placed Broncos who are coping it in the newspapers for their lack of intensity in defence & flair in attack. Milford & Croft need to find a way to bring in the key players for the Bronco if they are going to win this one. They dropped their leading try scorers for the last 3 years in Corey Oates to try to bring a spark to a side that is lacking a lot. The Warriors have a real chance in this one if they can tighten up in defence & let RTS be creative.

Suggested Bets: BRONCOS 1-12 $2.88


Super Saturday ends with the game of the day with the Tigers and the Panthers. The panthers are flying Too, Kikau & Nathan Cleary are playing the best they ever played. If they can keep this up they will become a major final contender. The West Tigers are playing great rugby behind Harry Grant. They have some of the best young players in the game. I like the way Talau played on the wing he finished off a very fast and powerful backline which included the very consistent Nofoluma & Leila But with the panthers getting Josh Mansour back they will be hard to stop.

Suggested Bets: PANTHERS $  1.50


In what could be a very interesting game the sea eagles take on the Knights with Bradman Best back in the lineup. The Seaeagle will be without Tommy Turbo again & last week proved how much of a hole a star talent like turbo leaves in this Manly side. The Knights put in the worst performance of the year last week against the Cowboys. It was a performance that a defensive side cant put together 2 games in a row. Ponga & Mitchell Pearce won’t let this happen 2 weeks in a row so I will be backing the knights in this one.

Suggested Bets: KNIGHTS $1.75


The Rabbits play the Bulldogs in the last game of the round. The bulldogs are Struggling to score at the moment. They have a low possession rate & a very low run meters stats, they just don’t make the meters a good side should make. They will find it hard to make meters against this Rabbits side. the Rabbits need to win this game & start moving up the ladder if they are going to be the finals contender we believe they can be Johnson & Mitchell will be looking to score against the this Bulldogs side that is leaking points

Suggested Bets: RABBITOHS – 4.5  $1.50


Betting Buddha’s Multi Bet (rub his belly for good luck)

KNIGHTS                  $ 1.75

RABBITOHS              $ 1.50

EELS                          $1.60

PANTHERS                $ 1.50

RAIDERS -4.5            $ 1.50

Total $ 8.70


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The Betting Buddha’s Round 7 Preview & Tips:


Thursday night we have a very interesting game between the Panthers & the Bunnies. The Panthers have been a little bit of a surprise to me & this was proven last week when they got the better of the Melbourne Storm. The Bunnies got a major confidence’ boost by smashing the Warriors. Their start players are starting to get back into the swing of things after a slow start to the season, but the way the panthers are controlling the ball thanks to Nathan Cleary & the run meters Kikau, Too & Crichton are making early in the tackle count are allowing them to play the game in the oppositions half. In a tight game, I have to go with the Panthers

Suggested Bets: PANTHERS $1.60


One of the oldest sayings in sports is always back the team that just sacked their coach, but the Warriors take on the Melbourne Storm this week & it’s hard for me to find a way the Warriors win this game. The Storm hasn’t been playing well so far this year. Their defence is still top class but Offensive they have been very disappointing. A couple of key players seem to be playing for themself and not bringing their teammates into the game. A couple of extra passes & the storm could have won a lot more games. They should get a confidence boost this week but if they don’t beat the Warriors, they may be in a little bit of trouble.

Suggested Bets: STORM +12 $1.60


In what could be a very lopsided game the Roosters take on the Dragons. The Roosters are the best side in the league at the moment. The Dragons just won against the Titans but the Roosters are 20 times better than the Titans. The Morris Twins, Tupou & Tedesco are playing amazing. Teddy may be rested after taking a massive hit last week against the Eels. That shouldn’t stop the Roosters from winning this game by over 2 tries.

Suggested Bets: ROOSTERS +12   $1.55


Super Saturday starts off with the Cowboys & the Knights. The Cowboys have a lot of injuries at the moment with Valentine Holmes still missing & a couple of players nursing injuries they are really struggling to play there best rugby. The Knights are flying, they sit second on the ladder, defensively they have been fantastic & in the attack, they have been scoring tries from all parts of the field. They are missing Bradman Best who is their leading try scorer to a COVID breach but Edwick Lee should be able to cover the whole Best leaves.

Suggested Bets: KNIGHTS – 4.5 $ 1.70


Not a lot of people would have been thinking that this game between the Broncos & Titans would have been a battle between 14th & 16th at the start of the year but both sides have been that disappointing. The broncos have been very inconstant Croft & Milford need to work together, improve the kicking game & get some help from the forwards that aren’t running the ball like we know they can. The Titans have almost let in 200 points they average 30 points scored against them each week but only scoring 10 themself, you can’t win games like that & I don’t see it changing against the Broncos

Suggested Bets: BRONCOS -6.5 /UNDER 43.5   $ 3.40


The Raiders have looked a lot like premiership favourites a month ago after beating the storm. Now after a couple of below-par games, they take on the Eels that put in a massive effort against the Roosters in a game that ended up a bigger loss than what they deserved. The Eels are at Bank West again a ground they play so well while it another trip for Canberra, who will be looking forward to playing in the capital in the next couple of weeks. What will the game last week will take out of the Eels? Will the Green machine fire up again against a great finals bound team. top me this is a close one & could come down to a drop goal or a penalty

Suggested Bets: Either team to win under 8.5 $1.91


A Couple of injuries has made this a very interesting game. Any side that loses players like Tommy Turbo & Dylan walker is going to have a tough time to score points. DCE is going to have to control the game a little different & find a different way to get over the white stripe without Turbo. The sharks are coming off a win and normally have a great defensive side so they won’t be allowing may hole for DCE to run through. they do however continue to make mistakes and can give the opposition a lot of time with the ball. This game has the makings of being very low scoring but i have to stick with the sea eagles again in a close one

Suggested Bets: SEA EAGLES 1-12 $2.80


In the last game of round 7 puts The Tigers are up against the Bulldogs. Dogs are still struggling they can’t buy a win at the moment. they are slowing building some potency with DWZ, Crichton & Hopoate but they can all go missing at times. Lewis is great defensively but he needs to change up a few plays in attack to see if they can score more points. The Tigers put on a show early last week Brooks, Mbye & Harry Grant are all playing great roles with Grant making the most of his Loan spell with the Tigers by being high up in the Dalley M votes in only his first few games of NRL ever

Suggested Bets: TIGERS to Win $1.50


Betting Buddha’s Multi Bet (rub his belly for good luck)

KNIGHTS                  $ 1.40

ROOSTERS -12          $ 1.55

STORM -12.5             $1.60

PANTHERS                $ 1.75

TIGERS                       $ 1.50

Total $ 8.70


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The Betting Buddha’s Round 6 Preview & Tips:

The NRL season is starting to take shape but Round 5 showed that it can still throw up a couple of surprises especially if you control the ball & field position. This round has a lot of finals bound sides playing against each other so it should be very interesting.


The Knights have built a very good side & with a new coach, they have become a side that should play finals later in the year. Defensively over the last few games, they have been superb averaging over 400 made tackles each game. in attack Ponga & Bradman Best lead finish off their sets very well. The Broncos on the other made some changes last week and they seemed to work for the first half of the game but once they lost control of the ball they went on to lose the game. Got to go with the Knights here but the Bronco will put in a better show than what they would of 2-3 weeks ago

Suggested Bets: Knights -2.5 $1.60


Bunnies vs Warriors is the first game on Friday night & it will be a very interesting game. With the Bunnies getting the win against the Titans last week, while the Warriors took advantage of the Cowboys having some injuries & running over the top of them in an impressive performance. Each week the Bunnies are improving their gameplay with all these stars finding their role in the team. Reynolds is still great at controlling the game & their forward pack lead by Cam Murray is getting better each week. The warriors are still very patchy but once Nikorima came on the ground that side completely changes but with a couple of offensive players still out I think the bunnies win just

Suggested Bets: Bunnies 1-12 $2.90


Last week the Panthers were really good against one of the benchmark sides of the NRL in the Eels only just going down 16-10. They take on another top 4 sides here in the Storm who haven’t been playing anywhere near their best rugby but are still 4-1 sitting 3rd on the ladder and winning games while making a lot of mistakes. The Panthers & Storm are very similar in the way they play rugby they both have a good defence Run hard up the middle & try to allow some skilful halves & talented backs wear you down over the 80 mins. Who does it better? you will have to say the Storm you know what you are getting with them, with Cam Smith, Munster & a bigger forward pack they should be able to get the win over the Panthers.

Suggested Bets: STORM 1-12  $2.70


When I look at this game I have to think its a battle for the wooden spoon, I’m not a big fan of either side & I think that the side that can hold on to the ball and not make stupid mistakes will win this one. The Dragons will be riding high after their first win of the year they played well & look a good side in stages of that game. I really like Duffty as a player but he always seems to be the whipping boy when they lose. The Titans, on the other hand, have picked up a very good player in Cory Thompson who should slip into the fullback spot very easily & could make the be a stronger side in both attack & defence, but that may take a couple of weeks for the side to get used to a new voice in a very key position.

Suggested Bets: DRAGONS $1.60


In what looks to be a very close game on paper the Tigers take on the Cowboys. The Tiger were good against the Raiders last week just going down to the Green machine in a tough game while the Cowboys didnt have anything go right for them losing key players and just running out of gas in the last 10 mins or so. I the young players for the Cowboys. The Hammer will be taking over from Valentine Holmes at full back & he looks like a very smart Fast player that could get involved behind a bigger forward pack and open up the Tigers. But how fit is that forward Pack JT looked tired while others were making to many mistakes. I feel this will be a high scoring game as both sides can score trys but also a little questionable in defence.

Suggested Bets: COWBOYS +3.5 /Over 38.5   $ 3.10


Welcome to the game of the Round between the 2 inform sides of the league. The Eels are 5-0 they look amazing but take on the champs here who have been the best side in the league after Isolation. The Roosters played on Monday night after a COVID scare & look like it was more a training drill against the Bulldogs. The Eels won again on the weekend in a good game but didn’t win like we all thought they would & due to this we see the top of the table side @ $2.70 to win the game. both sides have great for & against, the Eels have only let in 40 points this year & the Roosters have only allowed 46 with both sides scoring over 130 points as well. Something has to give & after watching the Eels game last week their Defense was better than their Offense so you have to think they will keep this game rather low scoring. So why not take the Eels in a double while getting a very healthy start

Suggested Bets: EELS +8.5 UNDER 39.5 $2.80



Again another great game in this great round of rugby. The Raiders made hard work of the Tigers last week while the Sea eagle didn’t show up in the first half against the Broncos but still found a way to win. The raiders are close to full strength while Manly have a couple of heavy hitters out that will make them a little weaker in defence. Both teams have great playmakers & they will be wanting to set up their sides with extra sets and line dropouts. This game looks to be a real struggle between 2 great teams that should both be in the thick of things come finals time. I have to go with the raiders to win this game but it won’t be by much at all.

Suggested Bets: RAIDERS 1-12 $2.80


In the last game of round 6 puts The Sharks up against the Bulldogs. The Dogs had a really funny week, they had a COVID Scare & a game on Monday night that they would rather forget losing 42-6 to the Roosters while the Sharks put in a terrible performance against the Dragons who were winless before their game. Both sides are struggling in a lot of areas. Missed tackles are up Run meters are down and both sides are struggling to get close to 75% let along 80% completion rate. The Sharks are looking a little better than the Bulldogs but this really is a flip of the coin game & if one of these sides can go back to basics they can win this game. The Sharks are more likely to do this so I will go with them.

Suggested Bets: Sharks to Win $1.50


Betting Buddha’s Multi Bet (rub his belly for good luck)

KNIGHTS                  $ 1.45

RAIDERS  1-12           $ 2.75

BUNNIES – 2.5          $1.50

SHARKS                     $ 1.50

Total $ 9.10


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The Betting Buddha’s Round 5 Preview & Tips:

Looking back at Round 4 just proved how even the competition is with the flag favourites Canberra raiders losing & the previously winless Bulldogs & Titans getting their first win of the year


There is only 2 places difference on the ladder between the Broncos & Sea eagle but the difference in form since isolation is a totally different story. Brisbane have let in 90 points in the last 2 games against 2 very good teams, last week the roosters scored over 50 points against them & there defence will take a while to improve. They have moved a couple of players around to hopefully improve but they still miss the big strong forward pack that has been the Broncos side for years. The Sea eagles are moving the ball around well DCE has been great with his kicking game & they are getting a great even spread from all their players.

Suggested Bets: Sea eagles -6.5 $1.55


The Warriors play the Cowboys in the first game on Friday night. I have to say I was a little disappointed in both these sides last week, The Warriors couldn’t put any points on the board against the Panthers & they really have struggled to score tries this year with only 24 points scored all year. Cowboys on the other hand can score points at will, they have scored 97 points this year. Their defence needs to improve if they want to become a finals team. If Jason Taumalolo plays this will be an easy win for the Cowboys … if he doesn’t then it will be a lot closer.

Suggested Bets: Cowboys -4.5 $1.80


The Eels are playing fantastic at the moment & are taking on a good Panthers side in what will be a great Friday night game. With a strong forward pack Great halves that control the game and kick the ball really well & strong fast outside backs you can see why the Eels are in a lot of peoples top 4 they are the complete side & will take a lot of beating from a Panthers side that is starting to put in a good showing week to week. If the Panthers can get their wingers to improve & run good meters early in the set they may have a chance, I feel like the Eels forward pack is too big and strong & they should run out winners rather easy

Suggested Bets: EELS  HT/FT double $1.70


When you look at the sides on paper this game should be a landslide win to the Bunnies & it may well be but the Titans now have a little bit of hope. Ash Taylor was a lot better last week, players like Don, Tonumaipea & Kelly looked to give them a spark as well. I really hope this will grow & the Titans will become more competitive but I just don’t see them winning against a side like the Bunnies, a side with origin stars & international players shouldn’t be sitting in 13th on the ladder with only 1 win. they will win this game but I feel the safest option is to only give away a small start instead of the current line of 12.5

Suggested Bets: BUNNIES -6.5 $1.50


This is the game of the round in my eyes The Knights were fantastic last week against the Raiders a side that just beat the Storm in an impressive performance 7 days earlier Bradman Best has been fantastic for them on the edge with Mitchell Pearce & Ponga the Knights have a couple of leaders that are major offensive threats. The Storm on the other hand haven’t been like the Storm of old but they keep winning. Once they figure out their game & sort out how to finish off a set in the last 10 m the NRL will have to take notice. This will be a hard low scoring game & as much as I’m sitting on the fence Sportsbet has options for either team to win under 10.5 points at $1.85 & that looks great for this game

Suggested Bets: Under 40.5 points Total Points $1.90  – Either team to win under 10.5 points at $1.85


How good are the Raiders? Do they deserve to be flag favourites? in one word YES!!! but a week is a long time in sport with one average performance some people have jumped off the Raiders but I’m not one of them.  They are a very good side & got beaten by a good side that controlled the ball & didn’t make mistakes. The raiders are a team that doesn’t make mistakes often & against the Tigers this week they will be a totally different side. Watch for Williams & Wighton to control the game more than last week. Harry Grant, Brooks & Reynolds will be trying to stop but they couldn’t stop the Titans. That’s why I have to stick with the side that will be playing finals in the Raiders

Suggested Bets: Raiders -4.5   $1.65


The Bulldogs take on the Roosters after their first win of the year. The roosters were very impressive against the Broncos & the way they have looked the last 2 weeks they should be too strong for the Bulldogs. The Morris twins are playing amazing & after losing last years Dalley M player of the year in James Tedesco the side look just as good if not better. The Bulldogs changed players around & it worked they look a lot better controlled the game & played better in the attack. They will struggle against the Roosters this week but they look to be a side that can win a lot more games

Suggested Bets: ROOSTERS TO WIN


In the last game of round 5, we have the Dragons taking on the Sharks. I said last week that if the Dragons don’t win this game it will take a lot for me to tip them again & guess it right. The club is in major trouble they struggle to hold the ball, struggle to make good meters in the middle of the field. It will take a massive turn around for the Dragons to win this game. The Sharks  forwards pack will be too big and strong in this one

Suggested Bets: Sharks to – 6 $1.90


Betting Buddha’s Multi Bet (rub his belly for good luck)


RAIDERS  -4.5            $ 1.60

BUNNIES -6.5             $ 1.40

SHARKS -6                $ 1.90

EELS -2.5                     $1.60

Total $ 9.30


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The Betting Buddha’s Round 4 Preview & Tips:

How good was it to have the NRL back?

Round 3 through up a couple of surprises like the Warriors almost having a perfect game, but it also showed what sides have the class to be able to adapt to the new rule changes & still play exciting attacking rugby.


Thursday night we have the disappoint Broncos taking on the Roosters, who were back to playing fast controlled rugby. The Roosters controlled the ball really well last week & with a rock-solid defence, I can’t see the roosters losing this game. Daniel Tupou, Tedesco & the Morris twins give you the perfect mix of offensive power & rock-solid defence. The middle of the field is also going to be hard to stop the Broncos are missing a couple of their best forwards & I expect the Roosters to just run the ball all night for a solid win. You don’t get any value with the roosters @1.25

Suggested Bets: Roosters -4.5 $1.50


Friday nights first game is between to very interesting sides. The Panthers should have won against the Knights after missing 5 field goal shots by the smallest of margins. They had all the favours on Sunday but had to settle for a rare draw. The Warriors on the other hand didn’t make mistakes like they normally do & made the Dragons look like the worst side in the league. Do I think they can do it again? maybe but the Panthers are a much better side than the Dragons & the young Half Matt Burton his game knowledge, kicking skills & passing showed that he is a talent for years to come. Again we not much value with the Panthers @ 1.45 but I don’t expect this game to be blown out

Suggested Bets: Panthers win – 4.5 $ 1.72


Last round the Storm came out of Iso looking a lot different. Cam Smith had a big beard, they didn’t control the game, some of the forwards & key players went missing. This isn’t what we come to know from the best side of the last 5 years. Watch for the Storm to be a totally different side this week Cam smith & Bellemy will have come up with a way to control the ball & field position to allow the weapons like Addo Carr, Papenhuyzen & Vunivalu more scoring chances as they haven’t been the attacking threat we are used to in the first 3 rounds. The Bunnies, on the other hand, are missing some power in the middle of the field & Latrell Mitchell at full-back isn’t working for me watch for Cam smith to expose this on Friday night

Suggested Bets: Storm HT/FT double $1.70



Parramatta has put in 3 fantastic games so far this year but they take on a very good Manly side this week. The Eels have only allowed 14 points so far this year but have scored 88 themself. Manly are no pushovers themself only giving up 10 points a game. this is going to be very interesting & very close. With the winner of this game being decided by what half can stamp his presence on this game, DCE & Mitchell Moses are 2 of the very best in the game today & if they can get field position I can see their side controlling the ball for a long time & getting the chocolates. Watch for Jennings & Sivo to be the main side Parramatta go to as Ferguson looked very sore & underdone during last weeks game

Suggested Bets: Eels 1-12 $3.00  – Either team to win under 10.5 $1.83


The Cowboys have another game at their new home stadium in Townsville, this time against the Sharks. This game now goes very interesting thanks to the best forward in the game JT not playing. JT leaves a massive hole in the Cowboy side he runs for over 250m almost every game now & the cowboys need someone to step up and take the load he would normally take. The Sharks can try to take advantage of this if their forward pack was a lot better. I don’t think they can but I expect this game to be high scoring thanks to the skill of the outside backs & the fact the Cowboys are high scoring still let in a lot of points on the defensive end.

Suggested Bets: Cowboys to Win over 38.5  $2.90


How good are the Raiders? Do they deserve to be flag favourites? in one word YES!!! the Raiders put on a show against the Melbourne storm last week & you have to remember if a couple of things went right last year in the grand final we would be talking about the Green machine going for Back to back flags. Hodgson & Williams are so smart in the way they move the ball around & always have the defence on the back foot. They will again be a tough side to beat for the Boys from Newcastle. The Knights were amazing losing both playmakers in the first 10mins & still being good enough to get a draw against a good Panthers side. How much of last weeks game will it take out of the Knights? I think enough to allow the Raiders to get an easy win.

Suggested Bets: Raiders -4.5   $1.65


The Titans cant catch a break this year & I don’t think it gets much easier this week against the Tigers. The tigers are a funny side in 3 games they have scored 76 points which is great but they have also let in 72 points. The Titans on the other hand have only scored 18 points in 3 games but let in 108. If you look at that stat alone you have to tip the Tigers & you have to think there will be a lot of points scored in this game as both sides are terrible in defence.

Suggested Bets: Tigers to Win & over 38.5 $2.37


In the last game of round 4 is on Monday between the terrible Dragons & the mediocre Bulldogs. Both sides leave a lot to be desired & I don’t know what to believe. did the Dragons have a bad day or are they really that bad? They did lose a practice game against the 2nds before losing to the Warriors. The Bulldogs can’t complete a set struggle to gain good meters per set & don’t offload the ball enough. The Dragons have so much talent around the park Ben Hunt & his origin forwards need to take control or this will be a long season for the boys in red & white. They get one more chance in my eyes but the loser of this game would be lucky to not finish the season at in the bottom 2 of the ladder.

Suggested Bets: Dragons to Win $1.90


Betting Buddha’s Multi Bet (rub his belly for good luck)

ROOSTERS -4.5         $ 1.50

RAIDERS  -4.5            $ 1.65

STORM                        $ 1.40

TIGERS WIN/O 38.5   $ 2.37

Total $ 8.27


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The Betting Buddha’s Round 3 Preview & Tips:

Finally, the NRL is back & if you have been following Kruzey’s horse racing tips through isolation you would have been tipped into a few very nice winners.

Heres the Betting Buddha’s take on round 3 of the NRL.


Round 3 kicks off on Thursday night at Suncorp stadium between two undefeated teams in the Bronco & Eels. The Broncos have been fantastic in the first 2 games of the season Croft & Milford were starting to make a real partnership before the season stopped. Parramatta have only conceded 8 points in the first 2 games & with the last couple of games at Suncorp between the Broncos & Eels being close low scoring wins to the Broncos  (17-16,18-10)  I see this game going the same way.

Suggested Bets: Broncos 1-12 $3.10


Friday night starts with a Queensland derby between the Cowboys & Titans the titans have been very disappointing while the Cowboys had a lot positives in the first couple of games. After a couple of month of soild training, Valentine Holmes & Kyle Felt should have a field day against the titans. Also, how are the Titans going to stop Jason Taumalolo? This looks like it could be an easy win for the Cowboys.

Suggested Bets: Cowboys to win -6 $1.80


Friday night Footy ends with the Roosters taking on the Bunnies. Who would of thought that the roosters would be 0-2 after winning the last 2 premierships? On paper, they still have a fantastic team but in the first couple of games they didnt run out the complete game. The bunnies on the other hand were saved by the outstanding play of Adam Reynolds & Cam Murray. Letrell Mitchell looked underdone but I expect him to be back to full fitness & determined to play a great game against his old team. The battle between Tedesco & Mitchell will be very interesting to watch & who ever can gain the most meters for there side will win this game.

Suggested Bets: Roosters 1-12 $2.80


The Warriors take on StGeorge from there new home at Central Coast stadium. How will being away from their family effect the way they play? could they get any worst? they only scored 6 points in the first 2 games while still being strong in defence. The Dragons looked good in stages against the Panthers but their defence needed a lot of work. Against a lesser side like the warriors the Dragons should be able to control the ball & will try to use Ravalawa & Lomax to score a lot of their points

Suggested Bets: Dragons to win $1.65


After 2 very tough games the sharks are sitting @ 0-2 and are lloking to get their first win on the boards against the West Tigers. The sharks need to improve their completeion rate from the first 2 games defensively they were still very strong & if Johnson & Townsend can start to move the ball behind the big forward pack they will win this game. The Tigers have a good mix of youth & experience Benji moved the ball well to Leliua & Nofoaluma’s side, Harry Grant looks to be a great player for the future but i see the Sharks being to strong defensively in a close one

Suggested Bets: Sharks to Win $1.75


Only one team like to play at Aami park as much as the Storm & they are the Canberra Raiders so expect fireworks in the last game of Super Saturday.                       The Raiders have a better than 50% record at the ground & have won the last 2 times they have played there. The Storm are close to full strength & with stars all over the park they will be hard to beat again. During the time off i expect the storm would of worked on there passing & holding on to the ball as there were a lot of mistakes made by the players in scoring positions. The Raiders wont let Storm play the ball fast or slow up the play the ball. they had some impressive run meters in the first couple of games. This looks to be a cracker of a game, maybe even a Grand Final preview?  but how do you go against the storm @ Aami Park?

Suggested Bets: Storm 1-12 $2.80


The Battle between two of the most impressive teams of the first 2 rounds both sides surprised a lot of people & are hoping to keep the winning streak going. The Knights moved the ball around the park with ease in the first 2 games but it was really Mitchell Pearces kicking game that caused them to control the ball. Mitchell was finishing off sets with a perfect kick & making the opposition come off their goal line this puts so much pressure on the opposition. It could be the undoing of the Panthers. The Panthers had a good completion rate & made good run meters behind a big forward pack with finishers like Brain To’o & the way Kikau was playing before the break they can win this game with out surprising people but im happy to go with the Knights in an upset

Suggested Bets: Knights +2.5 $1.90


In the last game of round 3 Sea Eagles play the injury plague Bulldogs. The sea eagles have stars all over the park in DCE , the Trbojevic brothers Walker & Taufua. They played very well in the first 2 games of the season beating the Roosters & just going down to the Storm. The bulldogs on the other hand had good games from Lewis and DWZ but they need some help from the players around them if they are going to beat the Sea eagles. History shows that not much more than 38 points is scored in this game, so the unders is also a betting option

Suggested Bets: Sea Eagles to win & under 39.5 $2.65


Betting Buddha’s Multi Bet (rub his belly for good luck)

Broncos           $ 1.90

Cowboys -4.5   $ 1.65

Storm                $ 1.60

Roosters            $ 1.40

Total $ 7.02


The Betting Buddha’s Round 2 Preview & Tips:

Bulldogs Vs Cowboys

Round 2 Kicks off from ANZ stadium with the Bulldogs taking on the Cowboys. Both sides are coming off a round 1 lost, with the Cowboys the more disappoint of the two sides.

The bulldogs look great in defence against the Eels last week but besides a couple of moments of brilliance they never looked like a side that was going to score a try. DWZ was fantastic at fullback, Lachlan Lewis’s kicking game was very good. if he can get players Reimis smith & will hopoate more chances close to the line they could cause an upset here. The cowboys on the other hand were dissappointing in the middle of the field defensively but the outside backs in Kyle Feldt & Val Holmes looked very dangerous. They should have a too much fire power for the bulldogs this week, but this game could go either way

Suggested Bets: Cowboys 1-12 $3.30  – Feldt to score a try any time $1.70

Dragons Vs Panthers

Round 1 presented two very different stories for the dragon & panthers. Penrith were very impressive in their win against the Roosters while the Dragons were poor against the Tigers. The Dragons will face a very tough test at home this week, they have added the very talented Matt Dufty but if they continue to drop the ball and not complete their sets this game could get ugly very quickly. Viliame Kikau was one of the most impressive players in the first round, Cleary moved the ball around well and the forward pack gained a lot of nice meters. Mansour, Naden & To’o will look to make big runs to gain great field position when the dragon finish their sets as the dragon kick chase was very poor last week. this being the case i see the Panthers winning this game

Suggested Bets: Panthers to Win $1.60  – Under 39.5 $ 1.90

Broncos Vs Bunnies

Friday night Footy ends with game of the round contender in Brisbane vs South Sydney.  The Broncos forwards looked like they could run through a brick wall last week & behind such a strong forward pack the kicking game of Milford & Croft really set them up for the Win & a top 4 contender this year. The Rabbits looked to get tired in the final stages of their game against the Sharks but were saved by a couple of mistakes & the skills of Adam Reynolds. He will need to have another big game if they are to stop this athletic Broncos team. This game is set to be a cracker, the Bunnies have a lot of star power and will improve the more they play together Latrell, walker & Reynolds will get better the more they play together.  Brisbane look to be the fitter stronger side & with the home field advantage should just get over the line in a game im looking forward to seeing

Suggested Bets: Broncos $1.90  – EITHER TEAM to win under 6.5 points

Warriors Vs Raiders

With everything that is going on in the world at the moment the Warriors have been the hardest hit team with the NRL having them stay in australia & play their Home games up on the Gold Coast it doesn’t get much better for the Warriors this week taking on the Raiders who look to be one of the teams to beat this year. Jack Wighton was very impressive & could really take his game to another level this year. The Clive churchill medalist should be one of the favorites for the Daley M this year as his abbilty to score & find holes in the oppersition defence. For the warriors to get close in this game they will need to improve alot, complete sets, control the centre of the field & create space for RTS. This looks to be a tall ask for the boys from NZ & i expect Canberra to play a very fast game from the play the ball, this will get the warriors on the back foot and get an easy win for the boys in green in the first game of super Saturday

Suggested Bets: Canberra 13+  – J Crocker to score a try

Rooster vs Sea eagles

The surprise of the round last week was the Roosters started off the 2020 season with a lost. Manly also had a lost in the first round with a very hard physical game against the Storm. These two sides are very strong defensively & it will be a battle between the Halves & fullback that will decide this one. DCE will have to control his troops with a good kicking game while Luke Keary has the outside backs like Tedesco that can change a game with a line breaking goosey. Manly was very slow playing the ball last week and can’t afford to do that this week against the roosters who should win this game in a tight affair

Suggested Bets: Roosters 1-12 $2.88  – Under 38.5 $1.90

Sharks vs Storm

Expect fireworks in the last game of Super Saturday between the Sharks & Storm. The storm wore down Manly in their opening game while the Sharks were their own worst enemy with a poor completion rate in their round 1 lost. Both sides will be looking to improve in attack, the shark’s quickness of playing the ball could get the Storm on the back foot. the storm are the masters of slowing down the play the ball & with a forward pack that is big, strong, fast & willing to offload the ball the Storm can get a 2nd phase & open up gaps for Addo Carr & Papenhuyzen.  The Sharks have a great half pairing in Shaun Johnson & Chad Townsend if they can move the ball behind Wade graham & Andrew Fiftia, they can limit the impact the great Cam Smith will have on this game.

Suggested Bets: Storm 1-12 $3.00  – Katoa to score a try

Tigers vs Knights

The Battle between two of the most impressive winners from round one, the west tigers could be the surprise packet this year. Nofoaluma looked impressive & Benji turned back the clock with Josh Reynolds riding shot gun. while Kyle Ponga, Mitchell Pearce beat up on the disappointing Warriors.  This game will sort out if the Knights are a top 8 side or will they go back to being a HOT/COLD side each week. They have a forward pack with a lot of depth and two game changes in Pearce & Ponga, not to mention a winger in Lee that will give every side problem’s in the air. I expect this game to be rather high scoring & it is very dissappointing that Leichhardt oval will be empty for this game as the ground is one of the best fields in the NRL & the crowd always give tigers a boost. In a flip of the coin game i will have to settle for the side with more upside in the West Tigers but my main play would be that this is a high scoring game

Suggested Bets: Over 38.5 points $1.90  – Either team by under 6.5 points

Titans Vs Eels

In the last game of round 2 the Titans play the Eels in a game that could end up very one sided. The Eels have had an extra-long break from their game on Thursday night last week.  they had a lot of little problems with combinations not totally gelling & their timing just a little bit off. with some extra training sessions & analysis look for the Eels to be a much-improved side this week. Gutherson, Ferguson & Sivo will be looking to get more high balls from Mitchell Moses. Sami & Anthony Don looked great for the Titans but will the titans forward pack get enough meters so Ash Taylor & Tyrone Roberts can make something happen. I dont think so, Parra on the other hand is strong in this department Lane, Matterson, Paulo & Campbell- Gillard will move the ball down the field & give Moses time to expose the Titans defense or create an overlap and move the ball wide.

Suggested Bets: Parra over 6.5 points  – Sivo to score a try Parra to win


Betting Buddha’s Multi Bet (rub his belly for good luck)

Parra – 6.5         $ 1.77

Roosters           $1.50

Raiders – 6.5     1.50

Panthers           1.60

Total $ 6.32


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