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Get ahead of the competition this NRL season with our match previews and NRL Expert tips for every game.

The National Rugby League is Australia’s biggest rugby competition, and we have the inside scoop on all the action.

Plus, don’t miss our NRL Betting Tips for special events like the State of Origin.

KRUZEY provides the best NRL Tips and betting predictions available to Australian punters. Find all our latest selections below.


State of Origin Game 3 Tips

State Of Origin 2024 Game 3 Tips

NRL State of Origin Game 3 Wednesday, July 17, 2024 […]
NRL Footy Tips Round 20

NRL Betting Tips Round 20

NRL Footy Tips Round 20 This week’s NRL Round 20 […]
NRL Footy Tips Round 19

NRL Betting Tips Round 19

NRL Footy Tips Round 19 This week’s NRL Round 19 […]
NRL Footy Tips Round 18

NRL Betting Tips Round 18

NRL Footy Tips Round 18 This week’s NRL Round 18 […]

2024 Season Predictions 

With the season starting on Thursday night let’s have a look at the expert predictions for the 2024 season.

Where we think every side will finish on the ladder, who will be the big movers and shakers, who will win the wooden spoon & who will end the year as premiers.

2024  Ladder prediction

  1. Penrith Panthers
  2. Brisbane Broncos
  3. South Sydney Rabbitohs
  4. Melbourne Storm
  5. New Zealand Warriors
  6. Cronulla Sharks
  7. Parramatta Eels
  8. North Queensland Cowboys
  9. Manly Sea Eagles
  10. Newcastle Knights
  11. Gold Coast Titans
  12. Canterbury Bulldogs
  13. Canberra Raiders
  14. Redcliffe Dolphins
  15. St George Illawarra Dragons
  16. Wests Tigers

Grand Finalists  – Penrith Panthers vs Brisbane Broncos

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the Panthers arent an incredibly amazing team; however, we must bear in mind that The Broncos had an incredible season in 2023 which had the entire nation wondering whether or not they would be able to not only make it into the grand final but actually had a chance of winning, this year we think they have a very good shot at knocking the Panthers off the top rung of the ladder.

Bolters: South Sydney Rabbitohs  

The Rabbitohs while playing fairly decent last season have a real chance at breaking through the gates this year and chasing pole position, will they end up in the finals? it’s hard to tell, but what we do know is that they have a finals winning team up their sleeve.

Wooden Spoon: West Tigers 

It looks like the West Tigers will have a very long season. After failing to pull off a decent season last year once again we have to give them the wooden spoon.

All NRL Round Tips

NRL Footy Tips Round 20

NRL Betting Tips Round 20

NRL Footy Tips Round 20 This week’s NRL Round 20 […]
State of Origin Game 3 Tips

State Of Origin 2024 Game 3 Tips

NRL State of Origin Game 3 Wednesday, July 17, 2024 […]
NRL Footy Tips Round 19

NRL Betting Tips Round 19

NRL Footy Tips Round 19 This week’s NRL Round 19 […]
NRL Footy Tips Round 18

NRL Betting Tips Round 18

NRL Footy Tips Round 18 This week’s NRL Round 18 […]
NRL Footy Tips Round 17

NRL Betting Tips Round 17

NRL Footy Tips Round 17 This week’s NRL Round 17 […]
State of Origin Game 2 Tips

State of Origin 2024 Game 2 Tips

NRL State of Origin Game 2 Wednesday, June 26, 2024 […]
NRL Footy Tips Round 16

NRL Betting Tips Round 16

NRL Footy Tips Round 16 Dolphins vs Storm Friday, June […]
NRL Footy Tips Round 15

NRL Betting Tips Round 15

NRL Footy Tips Round 15 This week’s NRL Round 15 […]
State of Origin 2023 Game 1 Tips

State Of Origin 2024 Game 1 Tips

NRL State of Origin Game 1 Wednesday, June 5, 2024 […]
NRL Footy Tips Round 14

NRL Betting Tips Round 14

NRL Footy Tips Round 14 Dragons vs Wests Tigers Friday, […]
NRL Footy Tips Round 13

NRL Betting Tips Round 13

NRL Footy Tips Round 13 Eels vs Sharks Thursday, May […]
NRL Footy Tips Round 12

NRL Betting Tips Round 12

NRL Footy Tips Round 12 Bulldogs vs Dragons Thursday, May […]

Betting on NRL Rugby League

NRL footy, or rugby league, is one of the most well-renown sports in Australia. You can bet on a number of different outcomes for the sport, including the Premiership, State of Origin fixtures between New South Wales and Queensland teams, Rugby League World Cup games, and even Dally M Medal–an annual NRL event to award best player.

You’re probably already aware that, with the rise of technology and the internet, many tasks which used to require physical travel can now be done from the comfort of your own home. Banking and investing are just a couple examples of this; online sports betting is another.

With online betting, you no longer need to take a break from work or stand in line to place a bet on your favorite team. If you’re passionate about sports, you can now use sites like Bluebet, Ladbrokes, or NedsWe adore the game like other fans, but being dedicated form analysts is our workday. We research for hours every day to bring you the best bets, next value bets and same game multiples for NRL games throughout the season. For over ten years we have had proven winning records, so check out our tips above! to make all of your bets. Kruzey’s expert NRL tipsters provide game-by-game predictions throughout the season so that you always have an edge.

The Intricacies of NRL Tipping

The National Rugby League (NRL) is a sport that inspires a passionate following and a fierce tipping market. 

However, it provides an exciting way to test your NRL knowledge and adds extra excitement to the game.

Tipping can be challenging, especially in rounds surrounding the State of Origin, where representatives are missing from many teams. 

This makes predicting outcomes even more complex, underlining the importance of expert tips in making informed decisions.

Enhancing Your NRL Experience with Tipping

Tipping is not just about predicting winners; it’s also about understanding the game at a deeper level. 

This includes knowing the teams and players and how various factors such as injuries, home-field advantage, and player form can influence a game’s outcome. 

By tipping, you immerse yourself in the world of NRL, which can greatly enhance your appreciation of the sport.

Our Expert NRL Tipping Service

Our NRL tipping service provides expert predictions for each round of NRL games. 

When considering our NRL tips for this weekend our expert tipsters consider various factors when making predictions, offering comprehensive insights to help make your tipping choices.

For instance, for upcoming games, our experts carefully analyze each match-up. They consider the impact of missing players due to injury or suspension, the current form of the teams, the potential influence of home-field advantage, and more. With these expert insights, you can approach your tipping with greater confidence.

The Benefits of Following Our NRL Tipping Advice

By following our expert NRL tipping advice, you gain a potential edge in your tipping competitions and deepen your understanding of the sport. 

Our analysts provide detailed explanations for their predictions, giving you a window into the strategic considerations that go into each game.

Moreover, our tipping service can also be a valuable tool for those who enjoy betting on NRL games. 

While betting should always be done responsibly, our expert tips can provide useful guidance when navigating the various betting markets.

Gleaning Insights from NRL Tipping Experts

NRL tipping experts are the Gandalfs of the NRL world – wise, experienced, and incredibly knowledgeable. Their insights can be the difference between a win and a loss. Our team of experts spends countless hours analyzing the game, so you don’t have to.

Your Access to Premium NRL Tips

Premium NRL tips are like gold dust; we’re happy to share this treasure with you. We understand that the world of NRL can be unpredictable, so our premium tips are designed to offer the best insights based on thorough research and analysis.

The Importance of Professional NRL Tips

While there’s no such thing as a guaranteed win in sports, professional NRL tips can increase your chances of success. Our team provides NRL professional tips based on a deep understanding of the game, player performance, team dynamics, and historical data.

Expert Betting Tips – Your Ace in the Hole

Our expert betting tips are more than just random predictions. They result from meticulous analysis and a deep understanding of the game. Consider these tips your secret weapon, your ace in the hole, when making informed betting decisions.

The Quest for the Best NRL Tips

What makes the best NRL tips, you ask? Accuracy, reliability, and a pinch of intuition. We strive to provide you with the best NRL tips backed by thorough research and expert analysis.

Betting Advice You Can Trust

Solid advice can serve as a trustworthy lighthouse in the vast ocean of betting. Our betting advice is grounded in extensive research and expert knowledge, ensuring you make informed decisions.

The Excitement of NRL Markets

The NRL markets are a whirlwind of excitement and potential. Whether you’re a seasoned punter or a newbie, understanding these markets can be your ticket to a successful betting journey. Stay tuned as we dive deeper into the thrilling world of NRL markets in our upcoming posts.


You can find the latest odds for the 2024 NRL Premiership by visiting our odds page.


We adore the game like other fans, but being dedicated form analysts is our workday. We research for hours every day to bring you the best bets, next value bets and same game multiples for NRL games throughout the season. For over ten years we have had proven winning records, so check out our tips above!

NRL Bet Types

NRL betting is becoming more complex as time goes on. In the past, bettors would simply select the team they thought was going to win and place their bets accordingly. Now, there are a plethora of different bets that can be placed on NRL teams, players, margins, individual awards and much more. You can bet on individual games as well as the NRL premiership itself. Some even go so far as to bet on Dally M Medal winners and other novelty markets.

With NRL betting, you’re not limited to the typical bet. You could instead try betting on who will score the first try or even how long it will take for the first points to be scored. And if that’s not enough action for you, bookmakers offer numerous Money Back Specials every weekend too.

Best of all, because you’re placing bets online, all odds are completely up to date. That means you can gamble both before and during the game, knowing that you’ll be receiving the best live odds available for all your NRL wagers.

Rugby league offers a wide range of betting options, let’s explore some of the most popular ones.


Head to Head betting is the most straightforward approach to bet on most sports events. Simply pick who you believe will win the game, and if you’re correct, you’ll be rewarded.


When a bookmaker wants to make a game appear more balanced between two uneven teams, they handicap one team by giving the other team points. For example, if the bookie believes Team A is 6 points better than Team B, they will give Team B 6 extra points. This makes it so that in order for bets on Team A to win, team A must now win by 7 or more points.


You may select which player on either side you think will score the initial try of the game. In most games, you can also bet on the final try scorer.


You can bet on who you think will be leading the game at half-time and at full-time, whether it’s a goal or not. There are many variables that may happen in any game, especially as a draw is an option.


A margin is a line that separates the bookmaker’s vision of the possible end results from the actual outcomes. As a result, the punter must pick the correct outcome as well as the appropriate margin. If you think Team A will beat Team B and want to wager on the margin, for example, you’ll need to choose how many points there will be between the two teams at full-time. So if you believe the Roosters will win in a margin of 1-12 points, go with that option. Alternatively, perhaps you feel the Panthers will triumph by 13+ points in a game.

When is the 2024 NRL Grand Final?

The 2024 NRL Grand Final will be played on Sunday, October 6th at Accor Stadium in Sydney.


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NRL Betting FAQs

How do you win betting on NRL?

Head-to-Head Bets – You wager on the winner and get paid out according to the odds set for that winning team. The goal is to diversify your bets and combine several options in order to maximize your profits. It’s also possible to say that putting all of your eggs in one basket is a bad idea.

What does 13+ mean in NRL betting?

Margin betting – You’ll win if Team A wins by 13 or more points. You could also wager that Team B will lose by less than 12 points. If Team B loses by 11 points or fewer, you will win your bet.

What are the best sports betting tips?

Five BEST tips for becoming a better sports bettor

  1. Hold accounts for multiple betting sites.
  2. Calculate your bet’s break-even point.
  3. Look for the best deal before committing to a bet.
  4. Place confident bets early in the week for better value.
  5. Focus on margin and line betting.

What is big win little win in NRL?

Big Win Little Win bets are available for sports games where the bookmaker offers margins for each team. In NRL the margin ranges from 1-12 points for the ‘Little Win’ and 13 or more points for the ‘Big Win.’ These may be appealing to betters as they offer better value than other types of bets.

What is head-to-head NRL?

When you bet on a team to win a game, it’s known as head-to-head betting.

What is no try scorer in NRL?

The ‘No Tryscorer’ betting option is a type of bet which allows you to choose a player you think will not score a try, this is most handy when betting on a same game multi. Penalty tries do not count.

What is a try-scorer?

A try-scorer in Rugby is a player who scores a try in a specified game.

What are the NRL tips for tonight?

If you are wondering who will win tonights NRL game, be sure to check our NRL tips for tonight at the top of this page.