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Bet Right Promo Code and Review

Ben H / 28 October 2021

Last Updated on 1 March 2024


Owned and operated by IRPSX Pty Ltd, this 100% Australian-owned online bookmaker isn’t just about sports and racing bets; it’s about delivering a comprehensive and sound betting experience.

Holding a license with the Northern Territory Racing Commission, Bet Right assures its users of legal and financially secure operations. Bet Right is more than just a virtual presence; it’s a tangible part of the Australian betting community.

Offers an extensive range of betting options and covering pretty much all sports and significant sporting events Bet Rights innovative platform allows for traditional betting and caters to live in-play and futures betting, showcasing their commitment to versatility and user engagement.

Bet Right is rapidly gaining traction as a newcomer, promising to significantly impact the industry with its user-centric approach and in-depth understanding of what sports betting enthusiasts seek. Watch this space as Bet Right is on a swift ascent to the pinnacle of online sports betting in Australia.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Australian Ownership and Target Market: Bet Right is an entirely Australian-owned betting site with a bright, flashy layout designed to appeal to the new generation of punters. The site’s fluorescent colour scheme is reminiscent of video games, indicating a focus on attracting a younger demographic​​.
  2. Bet Right’s Key Features: The platform offers several innovative features, including Same Game Multis across popular sports leagues like the AFL, NRL, NFL, and NBA, as well as Instant Deposits using PayID for real-time fund transfers. It also hosts a community on Discord for punters to engage in discussions and share tips​​.
  3. Mobile Apps and Betting Options: Bet Right provides user-friendly mobile apps for both Android and iOS, focusing on upcoming racing events and major sports competitions. While the form guide is missing in the apps, they offer a straightforward betting experience without unnecessary frills​​.
  4. Promotions and Bonus Bets: As a relatively new entrant in the betting market, Bet Right has a limited range of promotions but offers exciting options like Same Race and Same Game Multis, along with weekly promotions. They also provide racing bonus bets, including Mystery Winning Boosts and first-past-the-post guarantees​​​​​​.
  5. Banking Options and Betting Markets: Bet Right offers various deposit and withdrawal options, including credit cards, PayID, and Bank Transfers, focusing on quick and easy banking. The platform covers a wide array of betting markets in sports and racing, including horse racing, AFL, NFL, NRL, NBA, and more exotic sports like chess.

What do we like about Betright?

First and foremost, we appreciate the fact that Bet Right is entirely Australian-owned!

Additionally, they are a newer Australian betting site; they also appear to have their finger on the pulse when it comes to knowing the market they’re targeting.

Their layout is bright, flashy, and impressive; however, it is evident that they are targeting the new generation of punters; the fluorescent colour is reminiscent of what you would expect in a video game.


What’s missing at Bet Right?

  • Live Streaming – It comes as no surprise considering they are brand new that there is no Live Streaming option yet, in time. But, hopefully, we will see this change as the rest of the industry takes live streaming on board.
  • Speed Map – Once again, there is no speed map on the site; speed maps aren’t crucial to a bookie. However, punters that like to study every aspect of a race love to check out the speeds. This may never happen on the site but would be something we would like to see in the future.

It would be a nice touch if Bet Right included additional features. Unfortunately, they don’t have extra features such as Featured Bets, or Speed Maps. Another letdown is that there is no Bet Tracker included.

The form guide is simple but easy to understand. It is visually appealing; interestingly, the ‘Recent Runs’ tab has a decent amount of data through the ‘Fluc tab’ feels very lacking.

I can’t help but feel that this is because they are so new, which will improve as the site grows.

They have all the standard betting options win, place, quinella, exacta, trifecta and first four, but unfortunately, that’s about it.


Bet Right Highlights

Bet Right offers several features to assist customers in getting the most out of their experience. These are some of them:

  • Same Game Multis – On all Aussie Thoroughbred and Greyhound races, it is available. For individuals who adore an exotic bet but want the security of knowing exactly what your payout will be, the Bet Right new Same Race Multi-product is ideal.
  • Same Race Multis – Same Game Multi-product is a popular choice among Australian bettors. Using this Same Game Multi option, you may construct your multi-wager on several markets in the same event. Currently, matches from the AFL, NRL, NFL, and NBA are available.
  • Instant Deposits – You can now send money from your bank account to your Bet Right account in real-time using PayID! There are no credit cards, additional fees from your bank, or delays.
  • Discord – Participate in discussions about trends, be the first to know about new product releases, and get involved with the Bet Right punting community. Whether it’s UX suggestions or your Quaddie win, they want you in amongst the community.
  • Withdrawals twice daily


Bet Right Promotions

Bet Right Promotions involve Same race Multis and Same Game Multis; however, I’m more than sure that in a short period, this will change, and they will begin increasing their promotional offers.


Bet Right Android App 

Bet Right Phone App


The app can be found on the Google play store but you can also use the link at the bottom of their mobile site; this managed to work with no issues at all. 

This app was created with both upcoming racing events and regular sporting events in mind. Therefore, it’s not much different from other websites covering popular racing or sports activities. In the upper left corner, the menu tab contained promotional offers.

This application is simple to use and has everything you need. We were a little disappointed that there was no form guide. It’s fantastic if you want something brief and basic, without the frills of other applications!

We chose to place bets on the NBA utilizing their same game multis as deep-diving into the betting markets. In total, we set $40 of bets at $5 per bet and ended up finishing the week with $42 in total. (a win is still a win, right?)

You may discover the link to their app straight from their homepage by going HERE.


Bet Right Apple IOS App


Bet Right App


You can find the app on the app store but we ended up just getting it straight from the bottom of their homepage (For your convenience). 

The main page of the iOS app has racing events and other major sports competitions, much like many other sports websites. It’s comparable to a lot of different sports sites, but it’s considerably brighter!

After looking around, we found that Bet Right doesn’t currently have many offers and promotions to offer customers. However, the ones on offer were all readily available directly through the scrolling banner at the top.

The Bet Right app has a user-friendly interface as far as online betting sites are concerned. It’s a shame that there wasn’t a form guide available. However, it’s ideal if you’re looking for something no-nonsense and straightforward.

We decided to head over to the racing section for our iPhone app review placing $50 on various upcoming races and futures; we got up on a couple of multis and are currently up to $7 from our initial deposit. We won’t know the total result until the futures have raced over the next few weeks.

In total, we placed $50 of bets at $1-2 per bet and have a current withdrawable balance of $57.46.

Visit their website and look for the link to their app on the home page. RIGHT HERE is where you’ll find it.


Bet Right Website

A quick google search found Betright to be at the top of the search list when googling for the site, which was a pleasant surprise considering how new this betting site is.

It is not hard to recognize the styling of this betting site, and they are bright! The tabs and icons are fluorescent pink and green with a dark grey background and white boxes.

They certainly catch your eye and have a distinctly different appearance from other betting sites in the industry.

It’s easy to find your way around this sports betting site, and it appears that they are targeting sports betting rather than race betting; they do have both racing and sports equally laid out on the homepage. However, the scrolling banner is primarily sports which I find to be an excellent point of difference to the racing-focused bookies we have in abundance.

I like that they have the betting slip fixed to the right side of the screen; you can always see what bets will be placed; you cannot double down on your bets by accident as they are always in front of you.

We’ve decided to jump on some NFL games today.

In total, we placed $30 on six different bets, including a couple of multis; we managed to get up on a couple of them and ended up with a decent $47 profit on top of the $30 we initially put into the pot.


Bet Right Sign Up New Account

Bet Right Sign Up


Signing up to Betright is relatively easy, and without too much hassle, I did find it to be a bit of a longer process than usual, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Betright allows you to join by using the website or app. It is strongly suggested to sign up via the website though to ensure a secure connection.

Signing up is a pretty straightforward process where you only have to pop in the standard details, including your phone number and email, to sign you up.

Betright does have a deposit limit option which allows you to set a pre-defined amount that you can deposit for a set duration (this I find is excellent for those days you get on the beers and wake up the following day wondering where your money went)


Verification Process

In light of new anti-money laundering guidelines, Betright will now want to verify your identification.

The simplest method to complete this is utilizing the Green ID verification system, which can take as little as a few minutes.

The software immediately recognized my credentials and logged me in. I was eager to wager!

Customers at this Betright are typically less than five minutes away from placing a bet after signing up. For new customers, the sign-up procedure took on average less than five minutes. However, if you are already a customer, the system will notice this and accept you immediately.


Banking with Bet Right

Bet Right Deposits and Withdrawals

Betright is offering a pretty decent amount of banking options as a new betting site, considering they have just opened to customers.

  • Minimum deposit $10.00
  • Minimum bet $1.00
  • Minimum withdrawal $10.00
  • Withdrawals now twice daily even on weekends


Betright Depositing Options

At Bet Right, you have the option of depositing funds into your account in several ways. These currently include credit cards, PayID, and Bank transfer.


Betright Withdrawal Options

Bet Right currently allows you to withdraw funds by bank transfer only; however, they have no withdrawal fees, no daily limits, and withdrawal times are between 24-48 hours on business days.


Betting Markets

Bet Right Racing and Sports

Bet Right has many racing and sports markets to offer. These include horse racing, Cricket, Tennis, NFL, AFL, NRL, and NBA. They also have NHL and even chess if you want something a little more obscure.


Bet Right Sports Betting Markets

Bet Right has several different sports betting markets available to its customers. In the sports betting world, it is difficult to get a firm footing in the industry and show your worth; however, Bet Right is doing just that by offering some of the best sports markets, including same game multis.

  •  American Football
  •  Australian Rules
  •  Baseball
  •  Basketball
  •  Boxing
  •  Chess
  •  Cricket
  •  Cycling
  •  Daily Specials
  •  Darts
  •  Esports
  •  Futsal
  •  Golf
  •  Handball
  •  Ice Hockey
  •  Martial Arts
  •  MotorSport
  •  Politics
  •  Rugby League
  •  Rugby Union
  •  Snooker
  •  Soccer
  •  Surfing
  •  Tennis
  •  Volleyball


Bet Right Horse Racing Markets

Right now, you can bet on a variety of horse racing markets with Bet Right. They have the finest Australian horse racing available to sink your teeth into, whether you’re placing a multi-horse accumulator or a single-horse wager. They always include the Best Tote or SP odds and other notables such as Top Fluc, which is excellent.

As a result, your chances of winning and obtaining the most significant payout improve considerably.

Consistency is essential, as is having the Best Tote or the best SP odds at your fingertips to help you win big. 2nd horse – Place from 3rd Horse – Place is a classic Fluc, as are 2nd horse – Place from 1st Horse – Place (in that order). An excellent illustration of how you don’t have to bet one particular best Tote favourite – be more adaptable and place multi-horse wagers!

Racing markets available

  • Win & Place
  • Same Race Multi
  • Quinella
  • Exacta
  • Trifecta
  • First Four


Bet Right Promotions and Bonus Bets

Bet Right has limited promotions at this point as they are still relatively new on the betting scene. However, they do offer a great selection of same race and same game multis. They also offer weekly promotions so it’s best to check the website regularly for these.

  • Same Race Multi – The Same Race Multi is available on all Aussie Thoroughbred and Greyhound events. Same Race Multi is a new multi-race product for those of you who appreciate the thrill of an exotic bet while still having the assurance of knowing exactly what your payout will be. Simpler, quicker, and less time-consuming than exotic wagering options (Quinella, Exacta, Trifecta, First Four), their SRM allows you to select up to 4 runners from anywhere in the top four.
  • Same Game Multi – Their Same Game Multi-product enables you to construct your own multi bet on several markets in the same event. For matches in the AFL, NRL, NFL, and NBA at the moment.

Bet Right Racing Bonus Bets

Bet Right has a number of different racing bonus bets accessible to their customers including Mystery winning Boosts, and first past the post guantee.

Bonus Bet With Bet Right

Yes, Bet Right has bonus bets available for their members, these can be in the form of “loot”

Bet Right Code

There is no promo code or bonus code for Bet Right.


Bet Right Odds 

Bet Right, like all bookies, provides a Buy Bet option, which allows you to bet on any runner in the race. This is entirely free, and Bet Right will wait for that particular horse to begin its run before your wager is locked in.


Bet Right Review Conclusion

The Bet Right layout is clean and easy to use. It looks the same on both the mobile site and the app, and on the desktop, it looks incredible.

Many Australians may find it appealing that it is an Australian online betting site. 

Though they don’t currently offer a vast range of promotions and bonuses, the speed of their platform is approved by some of the major sports leagues in Australia and have a decent list of betting options for most sports.

Some features are missing. These, on the other hand, should be required for online gambling operators in the future. Hopefully, Bet Right will be able to include these features at some point soon.

Also, it would be helpful to allow customers to withdraw money from their accounts using a card. It is not required, but it’s incredibly convenient.

For anybody who wishes to wager on an Australian legal sports betting site, Bet Right is worth a shot.


Bet Right Contact & Customer Service

The company’s website offers a variety of contact methods so that customers may reach them. The following are some of the ways clients can get in touch with them:

The online chat is usually responded to quickly (if you don’t receive a response right away, wait a few minutes). There’s also an email for general questions.

  • Need Help?: 1300 238 670
  • Place a Bet: 1300 238 669
  • Live Chat:
  • EMAIL:


Bet Right Rules

As is the case with any Bookmaker, Bet Right has a legal responsibility to fulfil to keep its license. You must also adhere to specific Terms and conditions as a punter.

The following is the link to the terms and conditions page on their website:


 Gamble Responsibly

Never gamble alone; keep in mind that you’re in charge, and think before you bet.

Consider your options carefully. If you believe you have a gambling problem or are starting to make bad decisions, contact gambling help on 1800 858 858 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or go to their website at


Bet Right FAQs 

Who owns Bet Right?

Bet Right Australia is owned and operated by IRPSX Pty Ltd. They are licensed, regulated, and financially guaranteed for all operations under the Northern Territory Racing Commission. 

Bet Right has a physical office based at Level 3, 7 Bridge Street Sydney NSW 2000, Australia.

What is Bet Right?

BetRight Is a 100 per cent Australian-owned online bookmaker, racing and sports betting firm. They feature a diverse range of betting options on most sports and sporting events. They also allow users to bet live in-play, as well as bet on sporting event Futures.

As far as brand new online sports betting sites go, Bet Right knows what the customers are looking for and will make waves on its rise to the top.

Is Bet Right legit?

Yes, the rules are very stringent within Australian borders regarding bookmaking and gambling of all areas; Bet Right is licensed and regulated through the Northern Territory Racing Commission.

So I can gamble legally with Bet Right?

Yes. If you want to gamble on Bet Right from Australia, you are legally permitted to do so. However, if you live in any other nation, it is against the law to create an account and wager with Bet Right.

Bet Right has a squeaky clean record in Australian racing. It is fully regulated by the NT Racing Commission, which means all information about revenues/profits must be correct, or they risk losing their license.

Are there any downsides? 

Quite simply, they are fresh off the boat, so to speak, so you can’t go in expecting them to have everything as soon as they have started; however, they will be adding more functionality and promotions to their plate as the business scales.

Is Bet Right legal in Australia?

Yes, Bet Right is legal in Australia. Bet Right is a registered Australian bookmaker that proudly exhibits its registration under Australian law. This demonstrates that Bet Rightfully adheres to all local rules.

Does Bet Right offer Same Game Multis? 

Yes, Bet Right allows you to make multi-game multis on the same game. While their same game multi alternatives are not as big as some of the major bookmakers in Australia, they are there and worth considering.


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