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Michael Kruse / 18 March 2020

This week’s multi-bet tips:

NRL MULTI BET – Grand Final

Penrith 1-12

Brian To’o Anytime Try Scorer

Under 38.5

Take Bet: $9.25 with  Ladbrokes


All NRL Tips Multi

As Above

Take Bet: $9.25 with  Ladbrokes


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AFL MULTI BET – Grand Final

Collingwood -WINNING MARGIN 1-39

Bobby Hill – Anytime Goal Scorer

OVER 165.5 – Total points

Take Bet: $4.56 with  Ladbrokes


All AFL Tips Multi

As Above

Take Bet: $4.56 with  Ladbrokes


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(NRL) Penrith 1-12

(NRL) Brian To’o Anytime Try Scorer

(NRL) Under 38.5

(AFL) Collingwood -WINNING MARGIN 1-39

(AFL) Bobby Hill – Anytime Goal Scorer

(AFL) OVER 165.5 – Total points

Take Bet: $39.21 with  Ladbrokes


Mega Multi


Take Bet: $- with  Ladbrokes


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Multi Bets

You’ll see this term on online betting agency websites, but it does have other names as well.

It could be referred to as an all-up, a parlay or even an accumulator, but it does pretty much the same thing.

Mostly though, it’s known as a multi-bet, or simply: a multi.

A Description

In a nutshell, a multi-bet takes a series of single separate bets and then consolidates them into one bet with each becoming a leg of the multi-bet.

For instance, if a punter has opted for three single bets to be applied to the multi, and he/she is successful on the first bet, then the winnings are then applied to the second.

If successful on the second, the combined winnings of the first and second bets are combined and applied to the third.

If successful again, the punter collects the combined stake across all three bets.

Multi-Bet Example

Bet 1: Horse A, odds 1.60, to win.
Bet 2: Horse B, odds 2.90, to win.
Bet 3: Horse C, odds 3.20, to win.

Stake is $10

If successful, the combined odds will be:

1.60 x 2.90 x 3.20 = 14.8 (14.848)

Payout would be: 14.8 x $10 = $148.00 – $10 stake, profit = $138.00.

If each bet was put on singularly and was successful, the payout would be much less:

Bet 1: $16.00 – $10.00 = $6.00
Bet 2: $29.00 – $10.00 = $19.00
Bet 3: $32.00 – $10.00 = $22.00

Profit = $47.00

This is a simplistic example, though there are situations that may differ slightly when dealing with different betting agencies.

We’ll cover them off below.

Variations and Differences

Not all multi-bets need to be constrained to one sport, nor one game/event, nor an event type like a half time score, first goal scorer, full time score or unders/overs margins.

You can certainly mix them up.

All Australian betting agencies offer multi-bets, but some do it better than others in offering more scope in their product.

Single multi’s are confined to how many legs the betting agency allows.

It varies greatly, though the higher the number the higher the risk, but also the higher the reward.

The type of multi-bet is known by different names. For example:

  • Two selections is also called a 2-leg multi, a 2 Play Parlay or a double.
  • Three selections is also called a 3-leg multi, a 3 Play Parlay or a Treble.
  • Four selections is also called a 4-leg multi, a 4 Play Parlay or 4 Folds.
  • Five selections is also called a 5-leg multi, a 5 Play Parlay or 5 Folds.

Multi-bet Types

There are a few, let’s look at them.

Win Multi
Your selections must win to continue to the next leg.

if one of your legs misses out, the multi-bet is concluded.

Each Way Multi
This is where your stake will be applied to the result of a win and place dividend.

If your selection wins you will return both dividends.

If the selection places second or third, the place dividend is returned and applied against your stake.

This type of multi also gives you a greater chance of keeping your multi-bet alive into the subsequent leg.

Multi Leg Multi Bet
This is where your multi includes a combination of selections making up separate legs that are either win or place.

This type of multi will be limited by the betting agency as to the number of permitted legs allowed.

Boxed Multi’s
Some betting agencies allow for the creation of multi-bets that don’t require every selection to be successful.

They are known as boxed multi’s or round robins.

For example a four-leg multi might requires three of the four selections to win, with the last leg using a boxed selection, let’s say 4 selections (called a 3 leg multi x 4).

This is because there are four possible outcomes based on the selections in the fourth leg that could occur.

When a 3 leg multi x 4 is placed, four 3 leg multi bets are being generated, as per the “x 4”.

The first three legs are the same, the fourth leg will be different based on the boxed sections chosen.

Also, like most Boxed Selections, the outlay will also be greater. Bear this in mind.

There is a bit of science to this, so if you want to pursue it, we would suggest contacting your betting agency of choice for specific assistance.

Use their online Help or Customer Support lines.

Exotic Multi’s
Describing these is probably beyond the scope of this article, as it is a very complex system to work out.

However, there are a number of different options available across some betting agencies, not all.

This could possibly be the topic of a separate article.

Multi Betting Across Sports

For horse racing, single bets combined into a multi is very standard across all betting agencies.

It could be two selections or three, as per the Multi-bet Example above.

For other sports, you follow the same principle.

You can even combine other sports and horse racing into your multi.

  • Bet on an NBA game (Team A to win, margin over 10).
  • Bet on Horse Race, Horse A to win.
  • Bet on EPL game, Team A to win, by 2 goal margin.

Same Game Multi’s
This is now permitted in Australia.

I understand SportsBet offers this bet type, but no doubt others have jumped in the bandwagon since the Australian Government allowed it.

Betting Agency Payouts

Each betting agency will have a cap on what it pays out for multi-bets.

Depending on your betting agency of choice, it will pay to read the fine print under their terms and conditions.

Potentially knowing that you could be in for a massive payday could be curtailed by the cap limit.

Benefits of Multi-Bets

If you have a strategy in place, then multi-bets is something to pursue when you compare the outlay versus the profit.

As shown above, betting on single legs is markedly less in returns than if applied using a multi-bet.

Yes, the risks are greater the more legs you have, but to be fair, the risk is no less if betting singularly.

So what have you got to lose?

In Summary

If you want to explore this avenue of betting, then do some research on the online platform of your betting agency of choice, have a dabble with a small nominal outlay, and see if it works for you.

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Previous Multi Bet Tips:


BRISBANE 1-39​​​$2.10

BULLDOGS 1-39​​​ $2.10

TIGERS  ​​​​$1.30

GEELONG -15.5​​​$1.25

SYDNEY ​​​​$1.40

Total $10.05



ROOSTERS -6.5 $1.45

STORM  $1.60


DRAGONS​​ $1.50

COWBOYS -6.5$1.35

Total $7.80



PORT    $ 1.45

GEELONG 1-39  $2.20

GWS 1-39   $2.35

ESSENDON 1-39  $ 2.25

Total $13.75



EELS 13+        $1.50


MANLY -6.5       $1.65

STORM  13+       $1.50

WARRIORS +6.5      $1.70

Total $ 10.90




Head to Head

Richmond v North Melbourne


Port Adelaide

Head to Head

Carlton v Port Adelaide


Real Madrid


Real Madrid v Villarreal


AC Milan


AC Milan v Bologna




Wolves v Crystal Palace


5 Leg Multi

ODDS: $7.10 (Power Play) 


Geelong will run over a deflated Freo. To strong through the middle and Fremantle’s backline isn’t strong enough.

While Brisbane is too quick and too sharp for Melbourne. Brisbane is the real deal, will play finals and could go all the way.

Wowee do we have a have with Chelsea v wolves. Last round of EPL and we have some important games.

Chelsea needs to secure a point to finish 4th.

Wolves need to win to have one of their best EPL years and to finish 5th.

But with Man Utd v Leicester battling out 3 v 5. Chelsea will need points. While a draw will be fine to secure their position, a 1-0 Chelsea win will happen.

Liverpool, well what can I say…. champions.

After lifting the cup during the week, a team that was almost unbeatable all year will finish in the same manner and secure a win.

Some would say how the hell are we including Napoli, and to be honest, it’s the risky inclusion.

7v8 but Napoli at home and 4 games to go, they’re chasing to finish two spots higher than they are, while Sassuolo is much further off the money than the single spot below.



Napoli v Sassuolo

1.50 Win


Head to Head

Melbourne v Brisbane

1.55 Win



Chelsea v Wolves

1.83 Win



Newcastle v Liverpool

1.40 Win


Head to Head

Fremantle v Geelong

1.49 Win


5 Leg Multi 8.87

Power Play 9.51 


Previous Multi Bet Tips:

West Coast

Head to Head
West Coast v Carlton

Greater Western Sydney

Head to Head
Essendon v Greater Western Sydney

Melbourne Storm

Head to Head
Melbourne Storm v Canterbury Bulldogs

South Sydney Rabbitohs

Head to Head
South Sydney Rabbitohs v Brisbane Broncos

Power Play 2.69 


Betting Buddha’s Multi Bet (rub his belly for good luck)

RAIDERS -4.5                        $ 1.50

STORM 1-12                          $ 3.30

ROOSTERS – 5.5                   $1.60

PANTHERS   -4.5                  $1.55

Total $ 11.72


NRL Multi:

WARRIORS              $1.95

TITANS                     $1.50

COWBOYS               $1.50

ROOSTERS -10.5     $1.90

RAIDERS  – 4.5         $1.75

Total $ 12.30



AFL Multi:

RICHMOND                         $2.10

WCE -15.5                             $1.50

PORT – 24.5                           $1.58

BULLDOGS 1-39                 $2.35

ESS OR HAW under 25       $1.70

Total $ 18.72



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