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Picklebet Code and Review

Ben H / 28 March 2022

Last Updated on 1 March 2024

What Do We Like About Picklebet?
Picklebet eSports

  • AUSSIE-OWNED – Picklebet is 100% Australian-owned but has been built for a broader global audience.
  • PICK’EMS – Picklebet’s ‘Pick’ems’ section allows you to place bets on different sports for free for real money.
  • RACE BETTING – Horse racing, greyhounds and harness racing are all available. They do also offer some specials that include top 4 betting and same race multis.

What’s missing at Picklebet?

  • LIVE STREAMING – Currently, they only offer live streaming of E-sports, however at the moment there is no live streaming of horse racing or physical sports.

Picklebet Highlights

Picklebet Free Bets Pickems

Picklebets eSports section is without a doubt where their focus is on the betting market; they have a massive range of eSports their customers can place a bet on at any given time.

Picklebets Pick’ems section is also a highlight; who doesn’t like winning free money.

Picklebet Promotions

Picklebet regularly updates its promotions, and they do have an incredible amount of promotions available each week. However, for the most part, they appear to be quick links to same game multis, the one Picklebet promotion that seems consistent is their NBA 3-2-win offer. 

Picklebet Promotions


Picklebet App 

Picklebet App 

Downloading the Picklebet app was simple enough; I found it both available on the app store on my phone and also available on their website; I chose to download it from the website as I know that it is a more secure place to download a betting app (dodgy ones have snuck onto the app stores before)

The first thing I noticed is that it is very similar to the website version.

At first glance, it was challenging to navigate to the games I wanted to place a bet on as they were not immediately visible in the sports section; however, I found the little white sports icons were, in fact, a scrolling menu.

Placing a bet on mobile was pretty simple; however, I felt that it might be difficult for newer bettors as they may struggle to navigate the site as it is so different to the standard. 

Picklebet App


Picklebet offers a pretty decent range of payment options. You can use Mastercard, Visa, payID, Apple Pay, and POLi. Head to the Left Menu -> Deposit to choose your preferred payment option. Withdrawals are via bank transfer at this point.

  • Minimum deposit $10.00
  • Minimum bet $0.20
  • Minimum withdrawal – Not sure; I was able to withdraw my $0.77 that was used to verify my bank account; however, this may be able to go as low as the minimum bet amount or lower


Betting Markets

Picklebet has a fair amount of betting markets available for most sports. In addition, these betting markets can include specific markets such as first goalscorer and even leader at halftime, so it is safe to say the options they have available for their betting markets is on point.


Picklebet has better odds than some other betting sites; when placing them against some of the more significant betting sites, I found that their sports betting odds were significantly better for specific games.


Sign Up New Account

Picklebet Signing Up 

Signing up to Picklebet is incredibly easy and can be done directly from their sign up page.

It took me a little less than two minutes to sign up to Picklebet, and the necessary information they required was not as intrusive as I was expecting, which is always suitable for a betting site.

To sign up to Picklebet I headed onto their home page and clicked “Join”, from there I simply added some standard details such as date of birth, full name, address, phone number and email.

Verification Process

As with all Australian betting sites, Picklebet requires you to verify your account and does attempt to verify this automatically using GreenID.

If GreenID doesn’t work correctly when signing up to a betting site, getting your account verified can become quite a pain; thankfully, I had no issues with Picklebet, and my account was verified immediately.

Contact & Customer Service

 The only way to contact Picklebet is by their Live Chat, available via their website and clicking the help button in their app menu.


Picklebet Rules

Picklebet has a legal obligation to meet specific laws and requirements to maintain their gambling license.

The terms and conditions are located at the bottom of the Picklebet Home Page.


Gamble Responsibly

Stay in control, and please gamble responsibly; always think before you bet.

Think about your gambling choices. If you believe you may have a gambling problem or start to make bad decisions call gambling help on 1800 858 858 24/7; alternatively, you can visit their website gamblinghelponline.org.au


Picklebet Betting Site



You’ve most likely landed on this page looking for a Picklebet Code, not surprising considering we’ve been in the same spot you are right now!  

The truth is that the codes game isn’t the same as it once was.  

And trying to find a decent code for a newer betting site can sometimes be arduous.

So I decided to pop on a snorkel

and dive in headfirst to find out what we all wanted to know

Is Picklebet as good as they say it is?  

… Let’s find out!


The Sign-Up Process:


The first thing we did was popped the term Picklebet into Google (but to save you the time, you can just visit from this link

it was pretty handy seeing it front and centre; however, I don’t think the term “pickle” is frequently used with betting, so it makes sense.



Sign up in 2 minutes?

When signing up to betting sites, I take my time to gauge how long it would take the average person to complete the sign up process. 

Signing up to Picklebet was pretty simple; only a couple of pages needed to fill in the necessary information, and I was in. 

Picklebet Sign Up

It only took roughly a minute and a half to complete the sign-up process!

The first thing that stood out to me was the promotional banner with oversized heads.  

Though I didn’t see any promotions on the banner, it certainly gave me a feeling of “this one is different”. 


Making A Deposit


Let’s put some cash in the kitty to have a little bit of a tickle. 

They have all the standard deposit methods, including Mastercard, Visa, PayID, Apple pay, and POLI. 

Picklebet Deposit options


Today I chose to add funds using my MasterCard as I figured most people tend to use this deposit method for sports betting sites in Australia.

Picklebet deposit screen

The deposit was successful with no dramas, only $10 in the kitty for the review, so no big bets today. 

Picklebet Deposit Successful


What’s This Picklebet Pick’ems?


In the menu, there is a tab titled “PICK’EMS”, where you can play in competitions against other customers and have the chance to win real money in US dollars for free… how could I possibly skip past this opportunity!

Picklebet Pickems


It seems pretty simple; all you have to do is choose the teams you think will win that week, click the confirm button and wait for your results. It is unclear if the pick’ems contest prize is each week or if it is for the entire season; however, we will have to wait and find out.

Picklebet Pickems contest 

How Is The Layout?


The layout is decent; they have a very clean design that appears to be image-heavy but not too overpowering; it is simple yet visually appealing.

Picklebet Review and Promo Code

Racing Menu

I love my horses, so it was nice to see that they offer betting on horse racing as well as greyhounds and the trots.

They also have a unique offering in the form of top 4 betting.


The Picklebet Esports Menu

I’m not one to bet on eSports; however, I was very impressed to see the amount of eSports competitions they had available for their punters to place a bet on.

Picklebet Esports betting

I decided I bet on Call of Duty as that was the only one I recognized some of the teams from.

When I placed my bet, it showed some pay options below. I was disappointed and assumed the minimum bet was $5; however, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I could still place $1 as my stake instead of the suggested $5.

Picklebet eSports Betslip

Once I had typed 1 into the betting price, it gave me an option to use the bonus cash that I received when placing my initial deposit, so I used some of that.

Picklebet eSports Bonus Bet

They did have “outright Markets” available; however, there were no available markets.

What about the Sports Menu?

Now that we have sorted out eSports betting, it’s time to look at the Sports betting on Picklebet.

Picklebet Sports Betting

There are some pretty decent sporting options available on Picklebet, it’s not often you see curling as an option on Australian betting sites, but here we are!

I’m going to put $1 on Japan to win the curling simply because I don’t think I will ever get the opportunity to place a bet on curling again, haha.

Picklebet Curling Betslip

With Japan at 1.13 against the Czech Republic on 5.60, how could I possibly say no?

Bets confirmed…

Easy Peasy.

Let’s Do a Same Game Multi

Now that we have gotten curling out of the way let’s jump into the AFL and see if we can pop on a same game multi.

Interestingly, they have all the games ordered to when they are being played rather than grouping them all into their specific classes; as you can see at the bottom of the image below, they have an AFL Women’s game in the middle of the Mens’.

Though the multis aren’t exactly glaring you in the face, they can be found to the right of the teams where it shows the time to play then “+” 15″>” area.

Let’s take a look at the Swannies and Catters game.

Picklebet Multi Bet

What I have noticed when placing a multi with Picklebet is that it is not immediately apparent how to place a multi, and it looks like you are placing several individual bets (which we don’t want)

however, if you look at the top of the bet slips, you will notice a little button that says Multi.

Simply by clicking this button, you can turn all of your bets into one.

What’s this hazard symbol?

Some of my bets are related to another selection and may be rejected (which makes sense), although the specific multi I have chosen does not conflict with other bets parts of the bet, so it should be fine.

Picklebet Multi Bet Error

Once again, I will pop $1 on and see how we go.

I can’t use these bets all at once; it would be handy to know this before getting to the end, as it feels as though I will have to start all over again.

After trying several times with different multi-options, it gave me an error, so, unfortunately, I gave up on trying to place a multi; the option is there but needs to be improved upon.


Picklebet FAQs 

What is Picklebet?

Picklebet is a 100% Australian-owned online eSports and Sports betting site. 

Who owns Picklebet?

Damon Oudejans and Nick Heaney own Picklebet – both are Australian esports enthusiasts. Picklebet is licensed and regulated by the Northern Territory government.

Is Picklebet legit?

Yes! Picklebet is a legitimate Australian betting site licensed and regulated by the Northern Territory government, which means they are doing everything above board and correctly and legally.

So can I gamble legally with Picklebet?

You can gamble legally with Picklebet; I can attest to this myself as I have safely placed money in and withdrawn money from my account with no issues at all.

Is Picklebet legal in Australia? 

Yes! Picklebet is not only legal in Australia, but it is also licensed and regulated by the Northern Territory government, which means that they must do everything correctly to continue their practices within the country legally.

Does Picklebet offer same game multis? 

They do on their promotions page; however, I could not get it to work; this does not necessarily mean that it is broken, however, as I may have just clicked a conflicting bet by accident.

Does Picklebet offer live streaming of other sports? 

Not from what we can see, though they are a relatively newer betting site, this may be something that they are planning to roll out in a future update.

What Sports Are On Offer? 

Picklebet has a pretty decent range of sports available to place a bet on.

The following are the traditional sports available; however, some of these categories also have different leagues; for example, the AFL section includes AFLW.

  • American Football
  • Aussie Rules
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Formula One
  • Golf
  • Ice Hockey
  • MMA
  • Motorsport
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Soccer
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis
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