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BetProfessor Review

Ben H 2 February 2024 Last Updated: 12 July 2024

If you have been looking for an honest real bettor glimpse of this crazy concoction, our BetProfessor review will surely tickle your fancy. Among Australia’s betting scene, BetProfessor is quickly becoming one of the most well-known betting platforms in the country.

Betting Sites Australia BetProfessor

TLDR Verdict: The crazy and wonderful world of BetProfessor has just about everything a betting site could want, the graphics are a fantastic addition that alot of the older betting sites should be looking at upgrading to, and their racing and sports markets are second to none. Overall I think they’re great, I really do! They could do with a few healthy extras such as a full form guide for the more professional bettors however even without it they are onto a winner.

 BetProfessor Code: KRUZEY

BetProfessor Review and Rating

BetProfessor User Reviews

BetProfessor Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Quick App No Live Streaming
Tonnes of Sports Markets No Phone Support
Competitive Odds No Racing or Sports Futures
Same Game Multis


How’s the Layout?

I have to admit, while I love the contrast of the colours they have chosen to use, I’m not a massive fan of the blue they have chosen in their colour scheme personally I would have opted for white to be used in its place to make it a little easier on the eye. The layout of BetProfessor, however, is absolutely top-notch! They have managed to maintain simplicity while keeping everything in an easy-to-access location, making for an incredibly simple and useful platform.

Let’s jump into the Signup form.

Time to Sign Up!

I started by clicking the signup button near the top of the screen, which initially brought me to the page shown below. I quickly filled out my details (as you can see the form isn’t as daunting as some of the other betting sites), and to my surprise was brought straight to the landing page! The entire sign-up process took roughly one minute to get done from beginning to end, which was amazing! in all of my reviews, BetProfessor is, without a doubt, one of the quickest sign-ups I have encountered.

Check Out BetProfessor For Yourself Here.

Bet Professor Sign Up

Let’s fund our betting account.

Adding some funds

Let’s be honest, when signing up to a new betting account, they usually have a bunch of different ways you can put money into your account, including some you have never even heard of (if you are not familiar with betting sites and this is your first time considering which one to go with then I can assure you the options can be quite lengthy). BetProfessor on the other hand has opted to do away with all the other ways to deposit money into your account and instead have decided to stick with visa and Mastercard.

Bet Professor Deposit

Where’s Frankenstein? We need to place a bet!

Placing a bet

I placed bets on all available devices, including Android and IOS phones and tablets, and also via website; however, due to time constraints (you don’t need to read about all of them), I’ll simply stick to the website as they all functioned the same.

The Form Guide

The BetProfessor form guide is super basic with limited information about each race, unfortunately in the race shown below I had chosen to bet on an international race which had limited bet markets, however I can confirm that all national race meets have such as place, squaddie, trifecta and so on.

Bet Professor Racing

Full-Form Guide

There is unfortunately no full form guide available on BetProfessor, although not that many average punters tend to use it so they may have been looking to reduce loading speeds (the platform is incredibly fast).

Speed Map

Once again when searching for the speed map I was unable to locate it within their racing pages, it would be pretty cool for them to add one in as a clickable feature next to every horse however we will have to wait and see if they choose to implement it in the future.

Popping on a bet

I placed $5 on Jupiter Du Gite as it seemed to be the only horse that was steadily dropping its price (handy to keep an eye on close to race time).

Bet Professor Betting

Setting your Deposit Limit

BetProfessor does have the ability to set a deposit limit. However, I chose not to screenshot it for the readers because I wanted to save your time, but it definitely is there, and you have the option to set it when you make your first initial deposit.

Betting on Sports

Like many other betting enthusiasts, betting on sports is one of my favourite pastimes, so when I jumped over to the sports section to see what they had on offer, I was gobsmacked by what they have available. From what I could tell, there was no difference between the sports available on BetProfessor and the major bookies out there (apart from some indistinct sports from other countries such as Bundesliga/German soccer), but what really stood out to me was how many sporting markets they had available.

Verifying your account

Verifying my BetProfessor account was simple, seamless, and fast; all I needed to do was type my personal information, including my driver’s license, into a page no bigger than the sign up form and I was on my way to being verified.


I really like BetProfessor, and though I personally am not a fan of the blue in their colour scheme, that is a personal thing that is irrelevant to the appeal of the overall site. Their platform is flawless on mobile, desktop, and tablet, their app is lightning quick, they have an excellent range of sports betting markets, promotions are decent, odds are comparable to the major bookies, and the platform has a “feel good” thing about it that makes the betting seem a little more fun than some other sites. overall, I think it is fantastic, and I rate it very highly among Australian Betting sites.


BetProfessor Technical Review

BetProfessor Desktop and App

BetProfessor Deposits and Withdrawals

With only Visa and Mastercard available as depositing options and Bank transfer as the only withdrawal method, Betprofessor has simplified the depositing and withdrawal processes bringing it back to the bones with the easiest and fastest options available, granted bank transfer does take longer to process than some other withdrawal options however when it comes to guaranteed results these three options are the ones all bookies swear by.

BetProfessor Deposits

BetProffesor only has two deposit options available to use on their platform.

Deposit type:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa

Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit available for BetProfessor is $10.00.

BetProfessor Withdrawals

Bank transfer at BetProfessor can be done by Bank Transfer only, they may be including other options in the future but for now Bank Transfer is the only one.

Withdrawal Type:

  • Bank Transfer

Minimum Withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal for BetProfessor is $10.


BetProfessor Minimum Bet

The minimum bet at BetProfessor is $1.00.


BetProfessor Betting Markets

BetProfessor Racing & Sports

BetProfessor has a bunch of betting markets available on their site, and while they have all the common betting markets like first goal scorer, head-to-head and racing markets such as win, place, and trifecta, what really helps them stand out from the crowd is their wide variety of sports betting markets such as player props.

Betting Markets Available:

  1. First half markets
  2. First scorer
  3. Head-to-head
  4. Line bets
  5. Over/under total markets
  6. Player props
  7. Racing exotics
  8. Same game multi
  9. Win/place racing markets

Types of Bets Available:

  1. Futures
  2. Multi bets
  3. Single bets
  4. System bets (doubles, trebles etc.)

BetProfessor Sports

BetProfessor sports are available directly from the home screen by simply clicking the sports icon and switching to the sports section; they have most sports available, including all major sports like AFL, NRL, Soccer, Golf, and Tennis and all of the big American sports like the NBA and NFL.

Sports available

Currently, the list of sports available a BetProfessor are:

  • American Football (NFL)
  • Athletics
  • Australian Rules (AFL)
  • Badminton
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Boxing
  • Commonwealth Games
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Elections and Politics
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Ice Hockey (IHL)
  • Lawn Bowls
  • Motor Racing
  • Netball
  • Olympic Games
  • Oscars (Academy Awards)
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Snooker
  • Soccer
  • Specials
  • Surfing
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Yachting

BetProfessor Racing

BetProfessor racing options are second to none, offering all national races with all the extra tidbits such as trifectas and quaddies. Thoroughbreds, Greyhounds, and Harness are all available to place a bet on, and you can even find all the big international races on their platform as well.


BetProfessor Promotions

BetProfessor Promotions

BetProfessor has a range of promotions available to their customers; however, due to Australian law, we are unable to show them here (however, we can confirm that they do definitely have proms available on their site).

BetProfessor Contact and Customer Service

BetProfessor customer service can be found by clicking the link at the bottom of their page.

Join here.

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