Best eSports Betting Sites in Australia
Ladbrokes Betting Site
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eSports Betting Sites Australia– Find the Best eSports Betting Sites

Top esports betting sites have stayed on trend as esports exploded in popularity over the last five years. Titles such as League of Legends (LoL), CS:GO, Call of Duty, Dota 2, Fortnite, and Overwatch are becoming household names; there is now a never-ending list of action-packed tournaments and leagues. Many betting sites now offer markets where punters can place esports bets.

Here, at Kruzey, we have thoroughly reviewed many of the best esports betting sites for Australian customers. All to help you find the best esports betting site.


The Best eSports Betting Sites

We have only one aim in mind: to assist you in selecting the finest esports betting site for you. We’ll show you how simple the site is to use, provide you with a sense of the many markets available for esports betting, and go through the integrated security features that ensure your money is secure while you deposit and withdraw it. Finally, we’ll look at licensing and whether or not you may use the betting site lawfully in your state.

If they meet our high standards, they will be certified. Also, remember that we’ll show you the most incredible esports bonuses available at Kruzey. But there are some crucial factors to consider when selecting the best esports betting sites!

List of eSports Betting Sites in Australia

Currently, there are almost 100 different betting sites in Australia, and while most of them cater toward horse racing only there are a number of them that do very well at putting their time and effort into giving you a good eSports betting experience.

We have compiled a list of all the best eSports betting sites to save you the time and effort in finding a good eSports betting site in Australia.

1. PicklebetPicklebet Betting Site

When it comes to eSports betting in Australia, there is no betting site that even comes close to Picklebet, they literally started their betting site with eSports in mind as their primary focus, unlike all of the other bookies, Picklebet does not have horse racing in their list of betting options, and this is purely because they have no interest or knowledge in it, they do however have a BIG interest in eSports and have created their betting site around what they know and love.

Pros Cons
✅ eSports Betting available ❌ No Picklebet card
✅ Sports Betting available ❌ No live streaming of sports
✅ Promotions available
✅ Multis available
✅ Mobile apps available


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Betting Sites Australia Picklebet

Picklebet is licensed and regulated by the NT Racing Commission.

2. BoomBetBoombet New Betting Sites

Pros Cons
✅ eSports Betting available ❌ No BoomBet card
✅ Sports Betting available ❌ No live streaming of sports
✅ Horse Betting available
✅ Promotions available
✅ Multis available
✅ Mobile apps available


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Betting Sites Australia BoomBet

BoomBet is licensed and regulated by the NT Racing Commission.

3. Bet RightBet Right New Betting Sites

Pros Cons
✅ eSports betting available ❌ No Bet Right card
✅ Sports Betting available ❌ No live streaming of sports
✅ Promotions available
✅ Multis available
✅ Mobile apps available


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Betting Sites Australia Bet Right

Bet Right is licensed by the Northern Territory Racing Commission.

4. Neds


Pros Cons
✅ Almost a dozen deposit options ❌ Limited live streaming options
✅ eSports Betting ❌ Betting restrictions after constant wins
✅ Smooth smartphone apps
✅ Free Neds MasterCard


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Betting Sites Australia Neds

*Neds currently have given exclusive access to the KRUZEY family. Simply get access to the website,  Click Here.

Neds is licensed and regulated by the NT Racing Commission.


5. Ladbrokes


Pros Cons
✅ Very experienced bookmaker ❌ Clustered interface
✅ It supports a ton of esports as well ❌ The more technical parts can be difficult for beginners
✅ Hundreds of matches and races covered each day
✅ Excellent odds
✅ Mobile App available


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Betting Sites Australia Ladbrokes

*Ladbrokes sign up offer? Negative. But they have a fantastic website to which you can get exclusive access by clicking here.

Ladbrokes is licensed and regulated by the NT Racing Commission.

6. Unibet


Pros Cons
✅ Intuitive and easy to understand UI ❌ Not Australian-owned
✅ Decent payment options ❌ Unibet TV could use some upgrades
✅ Unibet TV covers dozens of different sports
✅ Amazing smartphone applications
✅ In-depth sports statistics arranged neatly
✅ Mobile Apps available


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Betting Sites Australia Unibet

*Unibet betting site is an absolute ripper. Click here if you want to get instant access. Unibet site.

Unibet is licensed and regulated by the NT Racing Commission.


7. Betstar


Pros Cons
✅ Decent range of sports ❌ Subpar odds
✅ Compatible with Ladbrokes and BetStar visa card ❌ No Livestream option
✅ Heaps of payment options available
✅ Convenient smartphone app


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Betting Sites Australia BetStar

*Betstar currently has some of the best promotions available simply click here to get instant access.

Betstar is licensed and regulated by the NT Racing Commission.

8. Bet365


Pros Cons
✅ eSports available ❌ Live streaming lacks some convenience-based features
✅ 35+ sports are available ❌ The registration form is unnecessarily detailed
✅ Live streaming feature that covers 70,000+ matches annually ❌ Not Australian owned
✅ Convenient deposit and withdrawal options
✅ Designated Bet356 MasterCard to make transactions easier
✅ Compatible with desktop devices as well as Android and iOS smartphones


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Betting Sites Australia Bet365

*Bet365 don’t offer a signup bonus or promo code due to legal reasons. Most states have banned the bonuses anyway. View Bet365 Website.

Bet365 is licensed and regulated by the NT Racing Commission.

9. Betfair


Pros Cons
✅ Only eSports betting exchange in the country ❌ No e-wallets
✅ Tons of available races ❌ The live streaming option could use an upgrade
✅ Only live betting platform that allows bets to be placed on the internet ❌ Technically not a betting site
✅ Live streaming options are available ❌ Not for beginners
✅ iOS and Android apps available


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Betting Sites Australia Betfair

*Betfair Aus don’t offer a signup bonus or promotion to join but what they do have is a unique betting experience. View Betfair Australia Website.

Betfair is licensed and regulated by the NT Racing Commission.

10. Palmerbet


Pros Cons
✅ eSports Betting is available ❌ No Palmerbet card
✅ Sports Betting available ❌ No live streaming
✅ Promotions available
✅ Multis available
✅ iOS and Android apps available


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Betting Sites Australia Palmerbet

*Palmerbet are giving excellent fixed odds when you sign up through KRUZEY which you can find right here.

Palmerbet is licensed and regulated by the Liquor & Gaming NSW.

11. PointsBet

Pros Cons
✅ Horse Betting available ❌ No Pointsbet card
✅ Sports Betting available ❌ No live streaming of sports
✅ eSports Betting available ❌ Very limited eSports betting
✅ Mobile apps available ❌ Not the best Horse Racing options
✅ Multis available ❌ Limited options for Withdrawals
❌ Can get lost quite easy


Betting Sites Australia Pointsbet

PointsBet is licensed and regulated by the NT Racing Commission.

12. SportsBet

Pros Cons
✅ Horse Betting available ❌ Lacks customer support on the phone
✅ Sports Betting available ❌ May limit your bets if you’re constantly winning
✅ eSports Betting available ❌ Very limited eSports betting
✅ Promotions available ❌ Not the fastest withdrawals
✅ Mobile apps available ❌ Profit Driven
❌ Not customer focused


Betting Sites Australia Sportsbet

Sportsbet is licensed and regulated by the NT Racing Commission.

How We Work

We grade the esports betting sites according to a list of predetermined criteria. We consider what makes one betting site superior while considering ease of use, markets available, and payment options. The eight broad categories include everything from Design to Customer Service and everything in between. The following describes our essential topics and how to identify them. Each esports betting site will analyse each topic in-depth in its review.

What are the best betting sites in Australia?

We have the biggest and most up-to-date list of betting sites in Australia, that we update regularly for your convenience.

Best Betting Sites Best Sports Betting Sites

eSports Betting Odds

Who Gives the Best eSports Odds?

We’ll point you toward those betting sites that offer you the best chances for your preferred e-sport. Many people are still confused about how to bet on esports, which is understandable. In addition, many individuals are unaware that eSports is the most exciting thing to hit the betting world in years. Therefore, we’ve chosen the top betting sites that offer the most significant eSports betting odds and a secure and safe environment to engage in esports betting in Australia.

We will highlight the betting sites that give you the best odds for all major games like Dota, CS:GO, Call of Duty, and LoL; we’ll pay close attention to which events are featured in the major esports betting markets, and we’ll highlight those that don’t get much coverage. This is crucial since only some betting sites cover a variety of esports competitions and games, so it’s essential to know what’s available before signing up to a betting site and placing your esports wagers.

Non-Regulated vs Regulated Betting Sites

You’ll need to deposit money to place bets with many betting sites; it’s wise to do your homework before handing them any cash. While most esports betting sites are reputable, you can never be too cautious. Before making your first deposit, you should always ensure that an official gaming authority licenses each betting site.

Looking for a reputable gambling regulator like the Australian Gambling Commission on a betting site’s website is one method to ensure that you can gamble in esports securely and safely. While this regulator regulates all esports betting in Australia, other regulatory bodies, such as the Malta Gaming Authority, can legitimise an esports betting site.

eSports Betting Sites Ease of Use

How to Bet on eSports

Nobody likes an ugly esports betting website. As a result, we’ll ensure that you play at the best esports betting site regarding site design. This implies you should know only the most fundamental facts about esports betting on most sites. As a result, placing your bets should be simple for you.

  • It should also be simple to sign up with a betting site. You’ll want to verify that the bookmaker is licensed, but it’s also a good idea to look for someone who is offering a decent welcome bonus, such as a free bet or even matched deposit offer. It should be simple to highlight your pick on the betting slip for the esports tournament on the website. You bet on who you think will win a particular esports game.


The majority of good esports betting sites will allow you to deposit and collect your winnings in various ways. You should also be able to use several E-wallet alternatives, such as Neteller and Skrill, for making deposits and getting your profits.

Choosing which payment method to utilise for your esports wagering is usually a question of personal taste. However, it would be best to keep in mind that each payment option comes with its conditions regarding deposit and withdrawal limitations.

It’s also worth noting that specific payment options clear more slowly than others, which is why so many people have been turning to esports betting with Crypto. Many new people to esports betting have chosen to use Paysafecard methods to maintain a reasonable spending limit. However, regardless of the payment method, gaming should be done responsibly and securely. Here are the most popular ways to finance esports betting sites:

  • Cards – Visa, MasterCard
  • Ewallets – PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, EcoPayz
  • Prepaid cards – Paysafecard, Neosurf
  • Cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple
  • Bank transfer, POLi, etc.

eSports Tournaments

The Best Sites for Counter-strike, League of Legends, and Dota

While many betting sites offer eSports as a betting option these days, not all eSports betting sites give you a massive range of tournaments to bet on at this point due to the freshness of the sport in terms of gambling.


There’s no denying that League of Legends is one of the most popular games to bet on esports. As a result, there are a lot of betting sites that enable you to gamble on LoL. Picklebet, though one of the newer betting sites in Australia, is completely eSports focused, whereas other betting sites tend to be horse racing focused. 

While Bet365 does not cover some of the more obscure LoL markets, this well-known betting firm has promised to provide customers with the best possible odds. So this could be a great place to start when it comes to betting on the League of Legends World Championships again.


We all realise that the success of esports is dependent on the Dota 2 game. One of the most popular games in the early years of esports; it’s fantastic to see how it’s still featured regularly among the top esports betting sites. However, when it comes to placing a bet on Dota 2, For customers who want to bet on Dota 2, BoomBet is the superior betting website.


It’s now quite simple to discover a betting site that offers CSGO odds, but we should note that Picklebet has risen to the top when it comes to assisting you in placing bets on all major CS:GO games. 

Some more popular esports to bet on are:

  • Overwatch
  • Fortnite
  • StarCraft

Do all betting Site Offer the Same eSport Tournaments?

While all betting sites operate in the same way to enable you to make esports wagers, the breadth of events they cover varies considerably. For example, while Picklebet provides many esports betting markets, not every betting site will have such a broad selection.

This is because typical betting sites like Unibet prefer to feature the most popular games, such as CS:GO and League of Legends, to concentrate on providing you with the very competitive odds on these well-known titles.

While esports betting is a relatively recent phenomenon, it appears to be gaining momentum. As a result, it’s worth double-checking Kruzey to see if any betting sites offer odds on your favourite esport.

eSports Betting Sites vs Regular Betting Sites

If you previously wanted to gamble on esports in Australia, you’d have to visit a few specialist betting sites. Fortunately, several of the industry’s most well-known names have joined the esports movement. In addition, the ease of convenience with which you can deposit and withdraw funds makes some of the more significant betting sites attractive for Australian eSports betting customers. You may take advantage of their highly competitive esports betting odds in Australia, knowing that your deposits are safe and secure. However, it’s still worth looking into specialised bookmakers because they’ll have coverage for some obscure games and provide you with more intriguing betting markets.

What eSports Betting Sites Have the Best Bonuses?

We should also highlight that many esports betting websites provide you with excellent incentives. These are typically geared towards recruiting new consumers to sign up for their websites, but you may also find a great offer as an existing customer. For example, you may qualify for a wonderful bet refund, extra betting funds, or even qualifying deposits. Many of these exceptional deals are revealed when a major esports tournament pops up, and you will find these bonuses in the promotions section of their site.

Which eSports Betting Sites Have the Best Customer Support?

If you have a problem with an esports betting site, no one wants to be left in the dark. So we’ll highlight those eSports betting sites that have consistently demonstrated a high level of customer care. Ideally, these sites should have accessible customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But unfortunately, Esports competitions take place worldwide at all times of the day and night; therefore, you must get assistance when needed.

Contacting a bookmaker’s customer service staff via live chat or email is typically quick. On the other hand, other operators will allow you to contact them through anything from a basic phone call to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Discord.

The Best Live Betting eSports Sites

The best eSports live betting site is Picklebet, in Australia no other betting site comes close to Picklebet in terms of their offerings to eSports bettors as the are primarily an eSports betting site first and foremost.

Which Betting Sites Have Live Streaming?

So far in Australia, there is not a great deal of betting sites that offer live streaming of eSports tournaments; Picklebet however, does have live streaming available for some of the tournaments they allow betting on.

Is eSports Betting Legal in Australia?

While esports’ rise in popularity may have caught some people by surprise, it has thankfully made a seamless crossover to the conventional gambling sector, allowing us all to enjoy legal eSports betting. You can place a wager on just about everything in Australia, from horse racing, AFL, and NRL to politics and even some TV shows, so it shouldn’t surprise you can bet on the best video game tournaments. Even though esports was met with a lot of doubt at first, it has grown to be extremely popular and is now covered by major sports networks such as ESPN.

With esports gaining legitimacy from these networks, it was only natural that some of Australia’s most well-known betting sites, such as Bet365, would start providing customers with a secure and legal way to gamble on games like League of Legends. As a result, many specific legal betting sites in Australia may now be utilised to bet on esports, allowing you to do so with the same security assurances as a horse racing event like the Melbourne Cup.

eSports Betting Sites Future

Esports have evolved rapidly in less than two decades of existence. And esports betting is also changing in ways that have surprised many people. For example, many traditional betting sites have introduced esports as a core part of their betting markets in just a handful of years.

It’s also been fascinating to observe the number of esports games we can gamble on has expanded dramatically. While there will always be a core group that prefers betting on established esports classics such as League of Legends, CS:GO, and Dota 2, each year brings us a new esport sensation. Overwatch has recently emerged as one of the most popular esports bets, and everything from Fortnite and Apex Legends has begun to shake up the esports betting industry.

What is the Best eSports Betting Site?

The best eSports betting site all comes down to your personal preference; different betting sites offer a multitude of different pros and cons regarding eSports betting market offers and promotions. However, to help place our esportsbook ratings into perspective, we consider the primary factors when building a rating for any individual esports betting site. Of course, some elements may be more important to specific players than others. Personally, we firmly believe that Picklebet is the best eSports betting site in Australia. Still, we believe these are the fundamental questions players should be asking when considering if an online betting site is right for them.

Kruzey eSports Betting Site Reviews

One of the best things about today’s technology is that it has become increasingly challenging to be dodgy nowadays. Today, social websites such as Twitter and Facebook can provide a glimpse into the legitimacy of a betting operator, and google reviews are also another great way to gain insight into an operator.

Variety of eSports

Once you feel comfortable trusting an online betting site with your information and banking details, the next step is to consider which betting site aligns with your esports interest.

We recognise that offering a lot of esports isn’t the same as providing the best betting product. Still, we give operators a higher rating if they can provide a high-quality product with comprehensive coverage, as most gamers and esports fans do not restrict their interests to just one game.

What makes a good eSports Betting Site?

While many betting sites offer eSports as a betting option, few have the goods to make themselves stand out from the crowd.

The points that favour esports-first betting sites:

  • eSports-first betting sites will generally offer broader esports coverage.
  • eSports-first betting sites will often provide more esports streaming or other content around the betting product.
  • eSports-first betting sites may provide a more familiar experience for gamers or esports fans than a traditional betting site.

On the other side of the coin:

  • Traditional betting sites are generally more established.
  • Traditional betting sites tend to serve more markets than esports-first betting sites.
  • Limits are often higher in classic eSports books like Pinnacle.

Your selection should always be based on where you feel most at ease and the site that offers the product that best meets your needs. There’s no reason why an esports-first betting site or a conventional betting site would be inherently superior on those points.

Free eSports bets at betting sites

In this sense, the phrase “free bet” is a catchall phrase that encompasses a wide range of offers with varied conditions. The notion behind the free bet, in general falls into one of two categories:

  1. Welcome bonuses are given to you when you first place a deposit into your account; this is then used as bonus bets, which will provide you with a smaller return than a typical bet. However, it is still considered “Free Bets”, so they are always worth taking advantage of. or
  2. Bonus bets are given to you as you place bets on events; bonus bet funds cannot be withdrawn and will provide you with less return than a standard bet.

If a betting site understands that you’ve accepted their free bet – which is typically a tiny sum of money – there’s a good chance you’ll sign up. We’re all creatures of habit, and once we’ve visited a location, we’re more inclined to return (Especially if they give you free stuff).