Best Sports Betting Sites in Australia
Neds Betting Site Neds Betting Site

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Huge Odds


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Neds is 18+ only. T&C's apply. You can find out more information by visiting the Neds website. Please gamble responsibly.
Ladbrokes Betting Site Ladbrokes Betting Site


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Ladbrokes is 18+ only. T&C's apply. You can find out more information by visiting the Ladbrokes website. Please gamble responsibly.
Palmerbet Betting Site Palmerbet Betting Site

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Palmerbet is 18+ only. T&C's apply. You can find out more information by visiting the Palmerbet website. Please gamble responsibly.
Betstar Betting Site Betstar Betting Site


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Betstar is 18+ only. T&C's apply. You can find out more information by visiting the Neds website. Please gamble responsibly.
Bet365 free bets and promo codes Bet365 Betting Site

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Bet365 is 18+ only. T&C's apply. You can find out more information by visiting the Bet365 website. Please gamble responsibly.
BetDeluxe 2021 BetDeluxe Betting Site


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New Betting Site


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BetDeluxe is 18+ only. T&C's apply. You can find out more information by visiting the BetDeluxe website. Please gamble responsibly.
Bookmaker Betting Site Bookmaker Betting Site


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Bookmaker is 18+ only. T&C's apply. You can find out more information by visiting the Bookmaker website. Please gamble responsibly.

Best Sports Betting Sites Australia List

With so many sports betting sites available in Australia, it can be tricky to choose which betting site is right for you without doing the hard yards and downloading them all, so we have done all the work for you. Some you have heard of, some are new, but these are the best sports betting sites for Australians. There’s a good chance you will find the site that works best for you right here, but just in case, we also have a list of all betting sites in Australia(we’ve reviewed over 90 betting sites available in Australia).

How to Choose a Sports Betting Site 

Fans may now bet on any game on any day or night through online sports betting websites and betting apps. As the market expands, it’s critical to understand what features to look for in an excellent online betting site for your needs.

There are hundreds of sports betting websites accessible on the internet, and each has its own set of benefits. With new betting sites opening up for sports betting in 2022, you’ll need the most up-to-date information on the best betting sites in your area.

Whether you’re a seasoned sports bettor or just starting, it might be challenging to know where to start. However, if you concentrate on a few key points, you can quickly determine which online betting site is appropriate for you.

The following article details which of these top sports betting sites is best in specific areas, such as bonuses and accessibility via mobile devices. Read on for our Sports Betting Site suggestions, or go directly to the site’s comprehensive reviews.

Australian Sports Betting Sites

Regardless of your level of experience, we’re here to help you discover the wonderful world of online betting websites. Of course, you’re from Australia, so you’ve undoubtedly been to a betting site before, but even if you’re young and just starting, we’re here to assist you in finding whatever it is you need. We compare all Australian betting sites and rate them to ensure you get the best betting experience possible.

Best Sports Betting Sites Australia

We’ve listed the greatest Australian betting websites below and some of their key features to simplify your selection. If you want any more information, please click one of the links to read our in-depth betting site evaluations.

Alternatively, we have the most comprehensive detailed list of all Australian betting sites available to Australian residents that we have made available to you to help you out as best as possible.

All Betting Sites eSports Betting Sites


List Of Sports Betting Sites In Australia


1. Neds Betting Site:


Pros Cons
✅ Excellent Sport Markets ❌ Limited live streaming
✅ Almost a dozen deposit options ❌ Can restrict betting
✅ Top-notch smartphone apps
✅ Free Neds MasterCard


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Betting Sites Australia Neds

*Neds currently have given us exclusive access available to the KRUZEY. Access the website by Clicking Here.

Neds is licensed and regulated by the NT Racing Commission.

2. Ladbrokes Betting Site:


Pros Cons
✅ Very experienced bookmaker ❌ Clustered interface
✅ Multi Bet builder for different sports ❌ Take a little getting used to as a newbie
✅ Fantastic same game multis
✅ Great odds
✅ Android and iOS Apps are available


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Betting Sites Australia Ladbrokes

*Ladbrokes sign up offer? Not likely. But they have a suberb website that you can get exclusive access to by simply clicking here.

Ladbrokes is licensed and regulated by the NT Racing Commission.

3. Unibet Betting Site:


Pros Cons
✅ Great Sports Betting options ❌ Unfortunately not Australian-owned
✅ In-depth sports statistics arranged neatly ❌ Unibet TV do with a makeover
✅ Unibet TV covers tons of different sports
✅ User interface is easy to understand
✅ Convenient payment options
✅ Mobile App available


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Betting Sites Australia Unibet

*Unibet betting site is fantastic. If you want to get instant access check the Unibet site.

Unibet is licensed and regulated by the NT Racing Commission.

4. PlayUp Betting Site:


Pros Cons
✅ Excellent sporting options ❌ No live streaming option
✅ Convenient payment methods ❌ E-wallets unavailable
✅ Good odds on sports
✅ Also supports fantasy sports
✅ Mobile App available


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Betting Sites Australia PlayUp

*PlayUp has given exclusive access to the new website to our readers, we certainly believe it is worth taking a look at. Click here.

PlayUp is licensed and regulated by the NT Racing Commission.


5. Bet365 Australia:


Pros Cons
✅ 35+ sports are available ❌ Live streaming lacks some features
✅ Live streaming covers 70,000+ matches races annually ❌ Detailed registration form
✅ Excellent user interface ❌ Not Australian owned
✅ Good deposit and withdrawal options
✅ Bet356 MasterCard for easy transactions
✅ Mobile apps for Android and iOS are available


Read Review New Promos


Betting Sites Australia Bet365

*Bet365 currently are not offering a signup bonus or promo code due to the new laws. Still definitely worth having a look at if you’re looking for a new betting site. View Bet365 Website.

Bet365 is licensed and regulated by the NT Racing Commission.

5. Betstar Betting Site:


Pros Cons
✅ Pretty Decent range of sports ❌ Odds aren’t the greatest
✅ Ladbrokes and BetStar visa card works with Betstar ❌ No Livestream option available at this point in time
✅ A bunch of payment options available
✅ Handy smartphone app


Read Review New Promos


Betting Sites Australia BetStar

*Betstar currently have some of the best promotions available to you simply click here to get instant access.

Betstar is licensed and regulated by the NT Racing Commission.

6. Palmerbet Betting Site:


Pros Cons
✅ Sports Betting available ❌ There is no Palmerbet card available at this point in time
✅ Same Game Multis available ❌ No live streaming options are currently available
✅ Promotions available
✅ Horse Betting is available
✅ Mobile apps available


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Betting Sites Australia Palmerbet

*Palmerbet are giving great fixed odds and betting features when you sign up through KRUZEY.

Palmerbet is licensed and regulated by the Liquor & Gaming NSW.

7. Picklebet Betting Site:

Picklebet Betting Site
Pros Cons
✅ Sports Betting available ❌ No Picklebet card just yet
✅ eSports Betting available ❌ No sports live streaming
✅ Promotions available
✅ Sports Multis available
✅ Mobile apps available


Read Review New Promos


Betting Sites Australia Picklebet

Picklebet is licensed and regulated by the NT Racing Commission.

8. BlueBet Betting Site:


Pros Cons
✅ Sports Betting available ❌ No live streaming option on mobile or desktop
✅ Fantastic odds ❌ Lack of payment choices
✅ Horse racing betting available
✅ Australian Owned and operated betting site
✅ Mobile Apps are available


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Betting Sites Australia BlueBet

*BlueBet has exclusive odds when you first sign up to this betting agency. Click here to get access.

BlueBet is licensed and regulated by Liquor & Gaming NSW.

9. Bookmaker Betting Site:


Pros Cons
✅ Loads of sports options available ❌ No live streaming of sports or racing
✅ Same Game Multi options ❌ Mobile app could be tweaked
✅ Various deposit options are available
✅ Mobile App available


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Betting Sites Australia Bookmaker

* currently has an excellent multi-maker exclusive to bookmaker which you can get access here.

Bookmaker is licensed and regulated by the NT Racing Commission.

10. Bet Right Betting Site:

Bet Right New Betting Sites
Pros Cons
✅ Great Sports Betting options available ❌ No Bet Right card
✅ Sports Multis available ❌ No live streaming of sports
✅ Sports Promotions available
✅ Mobile apps available
✅ New


Read Review New Promos


Betting Sites Australia Bet Right

Bet Right is licensed by the Northern Territory Racing Commission.

11. BetDeluxe Betting Site:

BetDeluxe betting site
Pros Cons
✅ Sports Betting available ❌ No BetDeluxe card
✅ Same Game Multis ❌ No sport live streaming
✅ Promotions available ❌ No eSports Betting
✅ Horse Betting available
✅ Decent mobile apps

Read Review New Promos


Betting Sites Australia BetDeluxe

BetDeluxe is licensed and regulated by the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor.



12. Betfair


Pros Cons
✅ Only betting exchange in the country ❌ No e-wallets
✅ Tons of sports ❌ The live streaming needs upgrading
✅ iOS and Android apps ❌ Betting exchange, not a betting site
✅ Live streaming options are available
✅ Tons of available races


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Betting Sites Australia Betfair

*Betfair Aus currently don’t offer a signup bonus or promotion to join but what they do have is a unique betting experience like no other. View Betfair Australia Website.

Betfair is licensed and regulated by the NT Racing Commission.


13. Rob Waterhouse Betting Site:

Rob Waterhouse New Betting Site


Pros Cons
✅ Sports Betting available ❌ No Rob Waterhouse card
✅ Multis available ❌ No live streaming of sports
✅ Promotions available
✅ Mobile App available
✅ Horse Betting is available
✅ Live Racing


Read Review New Promos 


Betting Sites Australia Rob Waterhouse

Rob Waterhouse is licensed and regulated by Liquor & Gaming NSW.


14. RealBookie Betting Site:

RealBookie New Betting Sites
Pros Cons
✅ Sports ❌ No RealBookie card
✅ Promotions available ❌ live streaming of sports not available
✅ Mobile apps available ❌ No eSports Betting
✅ Multis available
✅ Horse Betting available


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Betting Sites Australia RealBookie

RealBookie is licensed and regulated by the Victorian Commission for Gambling & Liquor.


15. BoomBet Betting Site:

Boombet New Betting Sites
Pros Cons
✅ Sports Betting available ❌ No BoomBet card
✅ Multis available ❌ Sports live streaming unavailable
✅ eSports Betting available
✅ Promotions available
✅ Mobile apps available
✅ Horse Betting available


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Betting Sites Australia BoomBet

BoomBet is licensed and regulated by the NT Racing Commission.


12. TexBet Betting Site:

Texbet New Betting Sites


Pros Cons
✅ Sports Betting available ❌ No live streaming of sports
✅ Mobile apps available ❌ No TexBet card
✅ Multis available
✅ Promotions available
✅ Horse Betting is available


Read Review New Promos


Betting Sites Australia TexBet

TexBet is licensed and regulated by Liquor & Gaming NSW.



We can’t tell you what a great betting site is because every Aussie is different; there isn’t a magic formula we may give you to assist you in choosing the best online betting sites. Perhaps it’s small betting sites that appeal to you; maybe you prefer paying with crypto or want to bet mainly on eSports. Even though we’re all unique, we all understand that it’s essential that we all find the betting site that best suits our needs.

Best Betting Sites eSports Betting Sites




Finally, old enough to place a bet, or only ever popped one on the nose at the local? Online betting sites are the future of sports betting; finally, we have the opportunity to be able to place a bet on a sports match while sitting on the couch because we forgot to throw one on earlier. 

Either way, you want to learn how to use online betting sites, and we are here to help you.

How to use sports betting sites:

  1. Tap on the betting site on this page that you think is right for you. 
  2. Tap on the ‘Sign-Up’ button on the betting website
  3. Enter some basic personal info, and then ‘create your account’.
  4. Add some funds to your account using one of the payment methods the betting site has available
  5. Find the sports, select the match, and then select the odds you want
  6. Choose your betting stake and place your bet

Simple isn’t it! But don’t stop there; read on and check out how else we can help.



Not all best Australian betting sites are made equal. Some online betting sites, for example, provide excellent live streaming services, while others offer generous racing bonuses.

We can’t tell you which characteristics we think are most essential, but we can’t say whether or not they’ll be important to you. You may also explore all of the new betting sites in Australia to discover exciting new betting features that some of the more established betting sites don’t yet have.


In Australia, live betting is the fastest-growing form of sports betting. With live betting (also commonly known as in-play betting), you can bet on various outcomes while a match is in progress. This means you can make informed bets at varying prices based on your knowledge of a game. For example, hundreds of live bets are available, including who will score next, the halftime score, and who will win the next Tennis set.

Betting Sites with Live Streaming

Sports betting websites also provide live streaming to their customers. Live streaming is typically only available on the largest and best bookmakers. However, some small online bookies offer it as well. You must either have money in your account or active bets to watch live events streamed online. You may wager on various sports on the finest live online betting sites, including Soccer, Racing, Basketball, Rugby, Footy, and Tennis.

Is my betting site accessible via live betting & streaming? What kinds of opportunities do I have with live markets? Are the live odds for these events reasonably priced? Ask yourself questions like this when determining whether or not your betting site offers live betting and/or streaming.


Some betting websites have blogs and previews, and unfortunately, some are entirely devoid of any extra value. However, we believe that finding a betting site with suggestions and additional information is essential since it may help you make well-informed bets. There are many betting tip sites; however, it’s ideal if the betting website offers all the information you require.

Consider these questions as you evaluate different betting sites: What additional information do I get from my betting site? Do you have betting recommendations, previews, statistics, or predictions? Do I receive a lot of race market data?


In Australia, betting apps are widely considered the future of bookmaking, and online betting establishments fiercely compete to provide the best betting apps. Betting applications allow you to make bets on the move with a simplified user interface and quick payment options. In addition, all of your site features are integrated into your app so you can use all of your markets, live streaming choices, and promos from wherever you have access to the internet.

We often conduct interviews with bettors to determine what types of betting apps are popular. For example, we inquire about the speed at which apps load, how simple they are to use, what activities can be carried out on them, and whether there even exist such things as betting apps.

There are Android betting apps on the App Store, but they may or may not be available on the Google Play Store. So, to get Android betting apps, first check the Google Play Store for them, and if they’re not there, go to your favourite betting site’s website to obtain the download link.


The days of being limited to placing bets on the winner of a match with fixed odds are long gone. Today, Australian sports betting sites provide everything from conventional fixed odds betting to live betting, multi-betting, and spread betting. Some even allow you to create your own bets. So, what type of bettor are you? Do you want to wager on current matches, or do you prefer something unique like fantasy betting or spread betting?


Betting site payment options should be considered before creating any new betting account. Most betting sites provide traditional payment methods such as Card and Bank transfers. However, several betting firms accommodate these eWallets like PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill and prepaid cards like Paysafecard and Flexepin.

When selecting betting websites based on their payment options, keep in mind what is accessible and the minimum and maximum deposit/withdrawal requirements, how long payments take to process, and how simple it is to pay on the betting sites or betting apps you’re using.


Bonus bets, free bets, and other promotional incentives are not available to non-customers from Australian or international betting sites due to Australian gambling rules implemented under the National Consumer Protection Framework for Online Wagering (NCPF).

However, this does not rule out the possibility of receiving incentives and special offers from the top Australian betting sites. Online betting sites in Australia are permitted to give existing customers bonuses.

Wagering requirements have also been removed from betting site bonuses in Australia. This implies that if you win money with a bonus, you don’t need to re-bet your gains to be able to take them.




Any Australian punter looking for a new betting experience might find new Australian betting sites appealing. With technology progressing rapidly, contemporary betting websites frequently include special applications, aesthetics, and functions that previous sports betting sites can’t compare to. Here’s a rundown of the newest online bookmakers in Australia.

Top New Betting Sites Australia 2022

  1. Neds Good range of sporting options and promotions
  2. BoomBet Slick, suitable for Sports and eSports
  3. RealBookie Same Game/Race Multis
  4. Picklebet Good for sports, excellent for esports
  5. Ladbrokes Great for Sports, Racing, and eSports
  6. PlayUp The best new betting app
  7. TexBet Good for sports and racing
  8. Bet Right Good for Sports, eSports, and racing
  9. BetDogs Best odds & highest limits for dogs

There are a few other new betting sites that we have chosen not to mention as they are still in the process of “working out the kinks” click the name of any of the betting sites above to check out our in-depth review.



Online sports betting websites are popular since they typically provide decent odds, a wide range of betting possibilities, and excellent betting apps.

When Aussies discuss international online betting sites, they typically refer to legal Australian betting establishments owned by foreign businesses (such as Bet365 or Unibet).

We only feature legal online betting companies on this page, so you’ll only find the first type. We’ve previously discussed several international betting firms on this page, but our top 7 favourites are here.

Best International Australia Betting Sites

  1. Neds Owned by Entain plc
  2. Ladbrokes Owned by Entain plc
  3. Bet365 Owned by the Coates family
  4. Bookmaker Owned by Entain plc
  5. Betstar Owned by Entain plc
  6. Unibet Owned by Kindred Group
  7. Betfair Owned by Flutter Entertainment




Though small, there is an abundance of reasons to choose a smaller Australian betting site.

They are offered locally owned for one thing, which means you’re supporting the Aussie business. In addition, smaller Australian betting sites have better customer service staff and typically limit winning accounts less than the more prominent betting firms.

Best Small Australia Betting Sites

  1. PlayUp Excellent app and fixed-odds to match
  2. TexBet Great for racing, suitable for sports
  3. Palmerbet Australian-owned, quickly becoming bigger
  4. BlueBet Best Tote + SP odds, racing focused
  5. BoomBet Good for eSports and sports
  6. Bet Right One of the newer betting sites on the market
  7. Betstar Good betting markets and deposit options
  8. Bookmaker Quick sign up, good odds
  9. RealBookie excellent odds, racing and sports
  10. Picklebet Cool small betting site, great for eSports




You must be at least 18 years old to utilise Australian betting sites. You must also hold an Australian residential address and a valid Australian ID.


To accept Australian customers, all online betting companies in Australia must have an active gambling license from a state or territory of the country. All authorised betting houses are accessible on the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s (ACMA) site.


It’s against the law for Australian online betting sites to provide “interactive real money gambling services,” including in-play sports betting, to customers in Australia. So you can’t place live bets online; however, it is still legal to place live bets over the phone. 


Australian betting websites are not allowed to offer “any credit, voucher, reward, or another benefit as an incentive to create an account or to refer someone else to do so.” This implies that no sign-up bonuses can be offered. However, players can still receive betting site bonuses after they have signed up.


Australian residents are not permitted to use betting websites with no Australian licenses. In addition, Illegal betting services, such as sign-up bonuses, in-play betting, and online casino games, may not be advertised by betting websites in Australia.


Although Australian states and territories have their own rules regarding gaming companies based on their borders, many differ. For more information about your state’s gambling commission, check out its website. Otherwise, keep in mind that you may use an Australian betting site with an Australian licence even if it is located in a state that is not your own.




On our website, we only feature and review legal betting sites. All gambling businesses with Australian licenses must comply with rigorous rules that safeguard Australian gamblers.

Australian gambling laws require that all legal betting firms in the country check player accounts to verify players are over the age of 18 and Australian citizens. In addition, all legal betting sites must also pay taxes, which provide revenue back into Australia.

Finally, Australian licensed betting businesses must use safe encryption technologies to safeguard customers’ accounts and payment information, ensuring that you are secure when you do business with them.

Best Legal Betting Sites

  • Ladbrokes Great odds and betting options
  • Neds Excellent odds for sports
  • Picklebet Fantastic for eSports betting
  • Bet365 Great for horse racing
  • Unibet Great for horse racing
  • Palmerbet Good for betting on sports and racing
  • PlayUp excellent sporting options
  • Bet Deluxe Great for horse racing and sports
  • Bluebet Great for horse racing
  • Boombet Fun, bright, suitable for sports
  • RealBookie Excellent customer service




We’ve reviewed all Australia betting sites, but if you’re seeking the best sports betting sites for your favourite sport, we’ve got you covered. We’ve highlighted some of our personal favourites among Australia’s most popular sports. Remember that the best betting site for you will be determined by what you’re searching for, though these are the ones we highly recommend.


Betting on horse racing is a favourite pastime in Australia, and it’s also available at betting sites available to Australians. Betting started on the race track, and it remains an essential aspect of Australia’s gambling industry today. You can wager on thoroughbred horse races from all Australian gambling sites, ranging from significant Australian race days such as the Melbourne Cup to more obscure worldwide events in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Japan.

We recommend Bet365 because they have plenty of racing stats, previews, guides, and many markets like same race multis, exotics, and special racing bets.


Football is Australia’s national sport, and Australians enjoy betting on it. So, whether you’re interested in betting on fantasy football or simply standard AFL betting, all Australian sports betting sites provide a variety of AFL betting markets. Line bets, props, win bets, margin bets, total points bets, and over/under bets are all examples of AFL betting markets. In addition, there are several opportunities to wager on the AFL, with 18 teams competing in a 23-round regular season.

We recommend Ladbrokes because they have great AFL multis and weekly AFL promotions and are easy to use and understand.


We believe we are the most outstanding rugby league team in the world. After all, isn’t it true that the NRL is unquestionably the most competitive rugby league competition globally? Like AFL betting choices, sports betting websites provide various NRL bet options, with one exception: you can wager on tries and conversions rather than goals and behinds. The Rugby League is a winter sport; there are 15 Australian clubs and 1 New Zealand club competing for the NRL Grand Final.

We recommend Neds because they have great NRL lines, markets and odds with fantastic Same Game Multi options also.


Esports is the newest entrant to the Australian betting market, and it has quickly established itself as the fastest-growing sports betting market in Australia. Most of Australia’s online bookies with a firm footing in the industry provide esports bets daily, with CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2, and Call of Duty still leading the pack.

Picklebet is the best betting site for betting on eSports. They have the most comprehensive range of Esports betting markets and reasonable odds and also have multis available that allow you to place bets on multiple tournaments at once.


Cricket is immensely popular in Australia, and when they’re not out in the backyard with a couple of snags and a beer, Aussies are probably watching or betting on cricket at sports betting websites. At any Australian betting site, you may wager on the IPL, Super Smash, Big Bash League, international test matches, ODI’s, and the ICC Cricket World Cup.

For us, Ladbrokes wins the round again regarding the best betting options for cricket.


Although the NBA is not an Australian league, it is among the most popular sports leagues for Aussie bettors online; 30 NBA franchises play 1,230 games each year, including a 2-month playoff tournament in May and June. This implies that you may make thousands of NBA bets every year.

Boombet takes the cake for NBA betting; with fantastic sporting options available, they are an excellent option for betting on the NBA.


In a nation like Australia, renowned for its love of sports, soccer betting will always be popular. While the A-League does not match up to top international leagues like the Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, or League 1 in terms of quality, Australians may still wager on their favourite soccer games through online betting sites.

For soccer betting, we recommend Neds because they have excellent same game multi options for soccer fans wanting to place a bet.


Although greyhound racing isn’t the most famous race code in Australia, there’s a significant difference between the betting sites accessible to those interested. Only a few betting firms provide:

  • decent odds
  • thorough greyhound stats
  • insight and knowledge of the sport
  • as well as a variety of domestic and international greyhound racing markets.

When it comes to wanting to place a bet on the doggies, there is no other betting site as good as Betdogs that has such sound knowledge of the dish lickers.



List of The Best Betting Sites

This page is dedicated to assisting Australian bettors in finding Australia’s top sports betting sites. However, we understand that many Australians have differing preferences for what they want in a betting site, so if you’re looking for a comprehensive list of Australian betting sites, check out our article below, where we rank all 93 Australian betting locations.

Best Betting Sites eSports Betting Sites