AFL Betting Tips Round 12

Ben H / 30 May 2023

Last Updated on 26 July 2023

AFL Footy Tips Round 12

12Melbourne Image Team Predicted Score Win Chance Actual Score
12Port Adelaide Melbourne Demons Icon Melbourne 73 63.02%
12West Coast Fremantle Dockers Icon Fremantle 68 35.91%
12Western Bulldogs
12Gold Coast Image Team Predicted Score Win Chance Actual Score
12GW Sydney Port Adelaide Power Icon Port Adelaide 92 64.54%
12Essendon Carlton Blues Icon Carlton 79 34.35%
Image Team Predicted Score Win Chance Actual Score
West Coast Eagles Icon West Coast 70 25.71%
St. Kilda Saints Icon St Kilda 86 73.29%
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after pasting Image Team Predicted Score Win Chance Actual Score
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Image Team Predicted Score Win Chance Actual Score
Gold Coast Suns Icon Gold Coast 95 75.68%
Essendon Bombers Icon Essendon 69 23.46%
Image Team Predicted Score Win Chance Actual Score
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Image Team Predicted Score Win Chance Actual Score
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Melbourne vs Carlton

Friday, June 2, 2023

7:50 PM @ MCG

Based on recent statistics and form, Melbourne is poised to secure a win against Carlton in the upcoming AFL match. Melbourne has won three of their last five matches, while Carlton has been on a losing streak, with four consecutive losses in their recent games​.

Melbourne has a strong record against Carlton, winning their last seven matches. Despite the close calls in some of these games, Melbourne’s ability to secure victory in tight situations is an advantage​​.

In terms of team statistics, Carlton has had more disposals and kicks, which shows their ability to control the ball, but Melbourne has made more entries inside 50 and made more tackles. This indicates Melbourne’s greater attacking pressure and defensive resilience, crucial factors that can tilt the game in their favour​​.

Moreover, Melbourne’s standing in the 2023 AFL ladder is better than Carlton’s. They are currently ranked 4th, while Carlton is lagging at 13th place​​.

Therefore, given the recent form, statistics, and past history, Melbourne looks set to continue their winning streak against Carlton. The final score prediction would be a closely contested match with Melbourne edging out Carlton 84-76.

Betting Tip: Demons

Suggested Bet: Demons WINNING MARGIN 1-39


Port Adelaide vs Hawthorn

Saturday, June 3, 2023

1:45 PM @ Adelaide Oval

Looking at the stats, Port Adelaide demonstrates superior performance in key areas such as disposals, contested possessions, total clearances, and inside 50s​. Their impressive winning streak also speaks volumes about their current form​.

On the other hand, Hawthorn has shown some improvement recently with two wins, but their overall performance pales in comparison.

Given these insights, it’s clear that Port Adelaide is set to win the upcoming match. However, considering their recent track record of winning matches by a margin of 1-19 points, there is a chance this might end up being a relatively close game (we don’t see that happening though).

Keep an eye out for the underdog covering the line, as this has been the trend in seven of the last eight matches at the Adelaide Oval.

Despite the odds, Hawthorn in their last seven interstate day matches, have consistently gone UNDER the total match points line.

This could hint at a lower-scoring game than some might expect.

Our prediction: Port Adelaide are set to whallop the Hawks and should end up with a final score of 99-62.

Betting Tip: Power

Suggested Bet: Port Power WINNING MARGIN 1-39


West Coast vs Collingwood

Saturday, June 3, 2023

4:35 PM @ Optus Stadium

The AFL match-up between Collingwood and West Coast promises to be a riveting game.

Looking at the stats, Collingwood shows a commanding edge in disposals, handballs, free kicks, clearances, inside 50s, tackles, and hit-outs​​. Crucially, they’ve excelled in creating scoring opportunities, with a higher count of inside 50s​​.

This, combined with their superior tackling game, can translate to increased pressure on West Coast, and consequently, more scoring opportunities.

In terms of form, Collingwood leads the standings with an impeccable streak of victories, signalling a strong team momentum that could further tilt the match in their favour.

West Coast, on the other hand, has struggled this season, languishing at the bottom of the standings.

Given these factors, it’s fair to anticipate a victory for Collingwood. While Collingwood’s accuracy has been lower, they have an extremely dominant team this year that is set to solidly cement themselves in the forward line this week, reflecting Collingwood’s dominance.

Regardless, the match promises to be an engaging spectacle with Collingwood set to extend their winning streak.

Our Prediction: Collinwood for the win 109-59.

Betting Tip: Magpies

Suggested Bet: Collingwood WINNING MARGIN 40+


Bulldogs vs Geelong

Saturday, June 3, 2023

7:25 PM @ Marvel Stadium

Geelong is in 10th position after Round 11, holding a 5-6 win-loss record and a points percentage of 118.1. On the other hand, the Western Bulldogs are in 6th place, with a 7-4 win-loss record​. The Bulldogs also showed strong performance, accumulating 4081 disposals over 11 games​.

While Geelong’s position on the ladder may appear less favourable, it is important to consider their higher points percentage, indicating their ability to score heavily when they win. The Bulldogs, however, have shown consistent performance in controlling the ball, which could be pivotal in dictating the flow of the game.

But footy isn’t just about the stats. It’s about drive, determination, and the will to win. Geelong, knowing they have to climb the ladder, may bring an intensity that the Bulldogs might struggle to match.

In the end, the prediction of Geelong beating the Bulldogs 86-79 seems plausible. Geelong, motivated to improve their standing, could very well outscore the Bulldogs, who have been less dominant in scoring but more consistent in ball control. Expect a tight contest with Geelong just edging out a victory in the last quarter.

Regardless of the outcome, footy fans can look forward to an exciting clash between two quality sides.

Our Prediction: Cats take home the win 84-80.

Betting Tip: Cats

Suggested Bet: Cats WINNING MARGIN 1-39


Gold Coast vs Adelaide

Saturday, June 3, 2023

7:30 PM @ TIO Stadium

In the upcoming AFL clash, Adelaide has the odds in their favour against the Gold Coast Suns. With a history of dominating their matchups, Adelaide has triumphed in 14 out of 16 previous encounters. Their dominance is reflected not just in wins but in covering the betting line as well.

Recent form also favours Adelaide. Despite mixed results in their last five games, they’ve shown resilience, bouncing back from defeats to secure impressive victories. Gold Coast, on the other hand, has a similar recent record, but their losses have been more severe​.

The teams’ statistics tell a compelling story. While Gold Coast’s B. King leads in goals, Adelaide’s T. Walker is hot on his heels. Moreover, Adelaide boasts a higher number of disposals, handballs, free kicks, inside 50s, tackles, and hit-outs, underscoring their superior performance on the field​​.

Given these factors, Adelaide’s chances of securing a victory seem high. However, the Gold Coast Suns shouldn’t be underestimated. In a game of AFL, anything can happen. But based on the stats, Adelaide’s winning momentum, and historical dominance, we predict a close but victorious game for Adelaide with a final score around 86-85.

Betting Tip: Crows

Suggested Bet: Crows WINNING MARGIN 1-39


GWS Giants vs Richmond

Sunday, June 4, 2023

1:10 PM @ Giants Stadium

Richmond stands a chance to clinch the victory against GWS Giants. Although Richmond has faced some challenges, they have shown glimpses of their winning DNA, creating more forward-half turnovers, inside 50s, and scoring opportunities as games progress​.

Additionally, a crucial element in Richmond’s favour is their historical performance. They’ve won 11 games against GWS Giants since 2012, while GWS has only won 6. In their most recent encounter in 2022, Richmond overcame GWS convincingly, with a final score of 109-73​​.

Factoring in Richmond’s last eight interstate matches going OVER the total match points line and GWS’s tendency to lose the first quarter at home, Richmond may build an early lead and keep the score high. This, coupled with their previous performance against GWS, may be enough to secure a win.

While GWS will not go down without a fight, especially on their home turf, Richmond’s tenacity and historical advantage could see them edge out GWS Giants.

Our Prediction: Richmond will topple the Giants with a final but extremely close score of 85-83.

Betting Tip: Tigers

Suggested Bet: Tigers WINNING MARGIN 1-39


Essendon vs North Melbourne

Sunday, June 4, 2023

4:40 PM @ Marvel Stadium

As we head into Round 12 of the 2023 AFL season, the Essendon Bombers are poised for victory against the North Melbourne Kangaroos.

Recent match statistics are overwhelmingly in favour of the Bombers, who are coming off a solid 50-point win against West Coast Eagles, showcasing their dynamic scoring ability and firm defence.

On the flip side, the Kangaroos have suffered nine consecutive losses, including a recent 35-point defeat against Collingwood Magpies. Despite a commendable effort by Nick Larkey with five goals, the team struggled overall, particularly in tackling and disposals​​.

With the Bombers’ strong form and the Kangaroos’ current slump, it’s little wonder that predictive analytics give Essendon an 84% chance of victory​​.

Projecting a final score, given the teams’ recent performances, we predict a win for the Bombers with a score of 105 to 73.

Betting Tip: Bombers

Suggested Bet: Bombers HEAD-to-HEAD



  • Brisbane Lions
  • St Kilda Saints
  • Sydney Swans
  • Fremantle Dockers


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