NRL Betting Tips Round 15

Ben H 4 days agoLast Updated: 12 June 2024

NRL Footy Tips Round 15

This week’s NRL Round 15 tips and predictions begins on Thursday with the Sharks taking on the Dolphins at Pointsbet Stadium, and finishing up with the Knights and the Panthers at McDonald Jones Stadium with the Canterbury Bulldogs sitting out this round with a bye.

Sharks vs Dolphins

Thursday, June 13, 2024

7:50 PM @ Pointsbet Stadium, Sydney

This Thursday night, PointsBet Stadium’s gonna be buzzing when the Sharks take on the Dolphins. Both teams are ready to get their fins wet.

Head-to-Head Stats:

  • Average Points For Per Match: Sharks: 25.1, Dolphins: 25.9
  • Average Points Against Per Match: Sharks: 18.9, Dolphins: 20.6
  • Current Form: Sharks: WWLLW, Dolphins: WWWLL
  • Current Streak: Sharks: W1, Dolphins: L2
  • Completion Rate: Sharks: 81%, Dolphins: 80%
  • Tackle Efficiency: Sharks: 87.2%, Dolphins: 88.2%
  • Wins This Season: Sharks: 9/12 (75%), Dolphins: 7/12 (58%)
  • Points Scored This Season: Sharks: 304, Dolphins: 311
  • Points Conceded This Season: Sharks: 234, Dolphins: 247

Outcome Prediction:

  • Final Scores: Sharks: 32, Dolphins: 26
  • Win Percentages: Sharks: 50.6%, Dolphins: 49.4%

The Sharks, surfing on home waves, have a decent record but those recent heavy losses against the Eels and Panthers are like a bad hangover. They bounced back nicely against the Roosters and Storm though, showing they’ve still got some fight in them.

The Dolphins, on the other hand, have been swimming upstream lately, dropping games against the Raiders and Warriors. But don’t count them out – they’ve shown they can turn the tide with unexpected wins.

The stats are surprisingly closer than expected, with the betting markets almost neck and neck. This game could end up as close as a cat’s whiskers. The Sharks are tipped to edge it out, just barely.

Final Score Prediction: Sharks 32-26

Suggested Betting Tip: Sharks to win by 1-12 @ $2.95 with bet365

OVER/UNDER Bet: OVER 47.5 @ $1.90 with bet365



Raiders vs Cowboys

Friday, June 14, 2024

6:00 PM @ GIO Stadium, Canberra

This Friday arvo at GIO Stadium, the Raiders will be grabbing their battle axes as they prepare for war against the Cowboys. Both teams have had a mixed season but will be fighting hard this week as the Cowboys push for a spot in the top eight.

Head-to-Head Stats:

  • Average Points For Per Match: Raiders: 21.3, Cowboys: 24.8
  • Average Points Against Per Match: Raiders: 24.4, Cowboys: 26.6
  • Current Form: Raiders: LWWLW, Cowboys: LWWWL
  • Current Streak: Raiders: W1, Cowboys: L1
  • Completion Rate: Raiders: 79%, Cowboys: 76%
  • Tackle Efficiency: Raiders: 88%, Cowboys: 87.8%
  • Wins This Season: Raiders: 7/12 (58%), Cowboys: 7/13 (54%)
  • Points Scored This Season: Raiders: 256, Cowboys: 335
  • Points Conceded This Season: Raiders: 293, Cowboys: 331

Outcome Prediction:

  • Final Scores: Raiders: 24, Cowboys: 27
  • Win Percentages: Raiders: 49.1%, Cowboys: 50.9%

The Raiders have been on a bit of a rollercoaster, like a joey learning to hop. They’ve pulled off some close wins but also copped a few wallopings. Their recent win over the Bulldogs shows they can still pack a punch. The Cowboys, meanwhile, have been like a dunny in the outback (nothing happening for a few weeks and then all hell breaks loose). They’ve scraped through some tight games but also dropped points they should’ve bagged.

With the Cowboys’ attack looking slightly sharper and their historical edge, they might just sneak home in this one.

Final Score Prediction: Cowboys 27-24

Suggested Betting Tip: Cowboys to win by 1-12 @ $3.40 with bet365

OVER/UNDER Bet: OVER 49.5 @ $1.90 with bet365


Rabbitohs vs Broncos

Friday, June 14, 2024

8:00 PM @ Accor Stadium, Sydney

This Friday night at Accor Stadium, the Rabbitohs and Broncos are set to go head-to-head in what’s shaping up to be a real dust-up.

The Rabbitohs, having clawed back some pride with two straight wins after a run of shocking defeats, will be keen to prove they’re not done yet. But the Broncos, despite a couple of recent stumbles, have been playing like finals contenders.

Head-to-Head Stats:

  • Average Points For Per Match: Rabbitohs: 20.8, Broncos: 24.8
  • Average Points Against Per Match: Rabbitohs: 32.2, Broncos: 21.2
  • Current Form: Rabbitohs: LLLWW, Broncos: LWWLL
  • Current Streak: Rabbitohs: W2, Broncos: L2
  • Completion Rate: Rabbitohs: 77%, Broncos: 75%
  • Tackle Efficiency: Rabbitohs: 86%, Broncos: 87%
  • Wins This Season: Rabbitohs: 3/12 (25%), Broncos: 7/12 (58%)
  • Points Scored This Season: Rabbitohs: 250, Broncos: 311
  • Points Conceded This Season: Rabbitohs: 386, Broncos: 254

Outcome Prediction:

  • Final Scores: Rabbitohs: 16, Broncos: 33
  • Win Percentages: Rabbitohs: 42.6%, Broncos: 57.4%

The Rabbitohs’ defence has been less than stellar, conceding over 32 points a game, while the Broncos have been a bit tighter at the back. The Broncos’ offence has been better than the Rabbitohs, averaging nearly 25 points a game, and they’ve got history on their side, having beaten the Rabbitohs twice last season.

Final Score Prediction: Broncos 33-16

Suggested Betting Tip: Broncos to win by 13+ @ $2.90 with bet365

Best Bet: Broncos HT/FT Double @ $1.92 with bet365


Wests Tigers vs Titans

Saturday, June 15, 2024

3:00 PM @ Leichhardt Oval, Sydney

This Saturday arvo at Leichhardt Oval, the Wests Tigers and Titans are set to clash.

The Tigers, stuck in a nine-game losing rut with suspensions piling up, are desperately hunting for a win, but it looks like they might be barking up the wrong tree again.

Head-to-Head Stats:

  • Average Points For Per Match: Wests Tigers: 15.6, Titans: 19.1
  • Average Points Against Per Match: Wests Tigers: 27.0, Titans: 29.3
  • Current Form: Wests Tigers: LLLLL, Titans: LWLWL
  • Current Streak: Wests Tigers: L9, Titans: L1
  • Completion Rate: Wests Tigers: 81%, Titans: 83%
  • Tackle Efficiency: Wests Tigers: 87.6%, Titans: 87.5%
  • Wins This Season: Wests Tigers: 2/11 (18%), Titans: 3/11 (27%)
  • Points Scored This Season: Wests Tigers: 173, Titans: 217
  • Points Conceded This Season: Wests Tigers: 268, Titans: 306

Outcome Prediction:

  • Final Scores: Wests Tigers: 20, Titans: 24
  • Win Percentages: Wests Tigers: 48.6%, Titans: 51.4%

The Titans, while not exactly setting the world on fire, have managed to snag a few victories here and there. Their win over the Broncos showed they’ve got some godlike strength left. The Tigers’ defence has been as sturdy as a melting chocolate bar, conceding 27 points per game, and their attack isn’t much better.

Expect the Titans to take this weeks win, thanks to their slightly sharper offence and a defence that’s only marginally better but still enough to get the job done.

Final Score Prediction: Titans 24-20

Suggested Betting Tip: Titans to win by 1-12 @ $3.00 with bet365

OVER/UNDER Bet: UNDER 50.5 @ $1.90 with bet365


Warriors vs Storm

Saturday, June 15, 2024

5:30 PM @ GO Media Stadium, Auckland

This Saturday at Go Media Stadium, the Storm will be thundering at the Warriors home ground.

The Warriors, fresh off three straight wins, are looking to keep their momentum rolling. They’ve shown they can hold their own, but the Storm, with their consistent form, are as tough as a two-dollar steak right now.

Head-to-Head Stats:

  • Average Points For Per Match: Warriors: 21.7, Storm: 26.3
  • Average Points Against Per Match: Warriors: 19.6, Storm: 19.4
  • Current Form: Warriors: LLWWW, Storm: WLWLW
  • Current Streak: Warriors: W3, Storm: W1
  • Completion Rate: Warriors: 82%, Storm: 78%
  • Tackle Efficiency: Warriors: 88.3%, Storm: 87.4%
  • Wins This Season: Warriors: 5/12 (42%), Storm: 8/11 (73%)
  • Points Scored This Season: Warriors: 240, Storm: 280
  • Points Conceded This Season: Warriors: 243, Storm: 205

Outcome Prediction:

  • Final Scores: Warriors: 21, Storm: 31
  • Win Percentages: Warriors: 47.4%, Storm: 52.6%

The Warriors’ attack has been decent, averaging over 21 points a game, but their defence has been shakier than a jelly on a plate.

The Storm, meanwhile, are sharp both in attack and defence, scoring an average of 26 points and keeping their opposition to just under 20. They’ve got a knack for turning up the heat when it matters, like a seasoned BBQ master.

Final Score Prediction: Storm 31-21

Suggested Betting Tip: Storm to win by 1-12 @ $3.00 with bet365

OVER/UNDER Bet: OVER 45.5 @ $1.90 with bet365


Eels vs Roosters

Saturday, June 15, 2024

7:35 PM @ CommBank Stadium, Sydney

This Saturday night at CommBank Stadium, the Eels will be taking on the Roosters.

The Eels, struggling to find their mojo, have been on a bit of a losing streak, like a bloke who can’t find his thongs at the rave. Their recent form isn’t flash, with losses to the Bulldogs and Rabbitohs weighing them down.

Head-to-Head Stats:

  • Average Points For Per Match: Eels: 20.4, Roosters: 29.7
  • Average Points Against Per Match: Eels: 28.9, Roosters: 19.5
  • Current Form: Eels: LLLWL, Roosters: WWLWL
  • Current Streak: Eels: L1, Roosters: L1
  • Completion Rate: Eels: 76%, Roosters: 79%
  • Tackle Efficiency: Eels: 87.2%, Roosters: 87.9%
  • Wins This Season: Eels: 4/13 (31%), Roosters: 7/13 (54%)
  • Points Scored This Season: Eels: 265, Roosters: 386
  • Points Conceded This Season: Eels: 376, Roosters: 253

Outcome Prediction:

  • Final Scores: Eels: 18, Roosters: 34
  • Win Percentages: Eels: 40.7%, Roosters: 59.3%

The Roosters, meanwhile, have been pecking away at their competition with some solid wins, including a thrashing of the Raiders. Their attack is hotter than a fresh Bunnings sausage, averaging nearly 30 points per game, and their defence is just as solid.

With the Eels’ leaky defence and the Roosters’ high-flying offence, it’s looking like the Chooks will have the upper hand. We’re tipping the Roosters to come out on top with a significant win.

Final Score Prediction: Roosters 38-24

Suggested Betting Tip: Roosters to win by 13+ @ $3.00 with bet365

OVER/UNDER Bet: OVER 50.5 @ $1.90 with bet365


Sea Eagles vs Dragons

Sunday, June 16, 2024

2:00 PM @ 4 Pines Park, Sydney

This Sunday at 4 Pines Park, the Sea Eagles and Dragons are set to lock horns in a game that should be as entertaining as the original hey hey its Saturday.

The Sea Eagles, despite a bit of a rough patch recently, are ready to defend their nest. They’ve had some tight matches, with a narrow loss to the Broncos and a win over the Storm showing they do have the gumption to get the win when needed.

The Dragons, on the other hand, are coming in hot with two wins on the trot, including a solid victory over the Panthers and a demolishing of the Tigers.

Head-to-Head Stats:

  • Average Points For Per Match: Sea Eagles: 24.7, Dragons: 21.7
  • Average Points Against Per Match: Sea Eagles: 22.7, Dragons: 24.3
  • Current Form: Sea Eagles: LLLWL, Dragons: LWLWW
  • Current Streak: Sea Eagles: L1, Dragons: W2
  • Completion Rate: Sea Eagles: 77%, Dragons: 78%
  • Tackle Efficiency: Sea Eagles: 86.2%, Dragons: 88.7%
  • Wins This Season: Sea Eagles: 6/12 (50%), Dragons: 6/12 (50%)
  • Points Scored This Season: Sea Eagles: 299, Dragons: 226
  • Points Conceded This Season: Sea Eagles: 263, Dragons: 302

Outcome Prediction:

  • Final Scores: Sea Eagles: 26, Dragons: 18
  • Win Percentages: Sea Eagles: 52.5%, Dragons: 47.5%

With the Sea Eagles’ slightly better offensive stats and home-ground advantage, they’re tipped to edge this one out. Should be a pretty tight game, but the Sea Eagles should be flying higher by the end of the match.

Final Score Prediction: Sea Eagles 26-18

Suggested Betting Tip: Sea Eagles to win by 1-12 @ $3.00 with bet365

OVER/UNDER Bet: UNDER 50.5 @ $1.90 with bet365


Knights vs Panthers

Sunday, June 16, 2024

4:05 PM @ McDonald Jones Stadium, Newcastle

This Sunday arvo at McDonald Jones Stadium, the Knights and Panthers are set to duke it out at the Knights castle. The Knights, coming off a couple of tough losses, will be looking to bounce back and defend their land. Their recent form has been like a yo-yo, with a string of wins followed by some disappointing defeats.

Head-to-Head Stats:

  • Average Points For Per Match: Knights: 17.7, Panthers: 23.8
  • Average Points Against Per Match: Knights: 21.3, Panthers: 15.4
  • Current Form: Knights: WWWLL, Panthers: WLWLW
  • Current Streak: Knights: L2, Panthers: W1
  • Completion Rate: Knights: 79%, Panthers: 79%
  • Tackle Efficiency: Knights: 89.4%, Panthers: 87.3%
  • Wins This Season: Knights: 6/12 (50%), Panthers: 8/12 (67%)
  • Points Scored This Season: Knights: 202, Panthers: 278
  • Points Conceded This Season: Knights: 241, Panthers: 178

Outcome Prediction:

  • Final Scores: Knights: 18, Panthers: 34
  • Win Percentages: Knights: 42.3%, Panthers: 57.8%

The Panthers are strutting into this game with a bit more swagger. Their solid defence and potent attack make them favourites to take the Knights out at the knees. They’ve been scoring more points than a influencer on a snapchat streak, and their defence is tighter than Scrooge McDucks wallet. With averages of 23.8 points scored and just 15.4 points conceded per game, they’re looking hard to beat.

Final Score Prediction: Panther 34-18

Suggested Betting Tip: Panthers to win by 13+ @ $2.10 with bet365

OVER/UNDER Bet: OVER 45.5 @ $1.90 with bet365



  • Canterbury Bulldogs


This Weeks NRL Multi

  • Broncos 13+
  • Roosters 13+
  • Sea Eagles 1-12
  • Panthers 13+

Take Bet: $46.58 with  Ladbrokes

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