Hawthorn Investigation Struggles to Reach Resolution

Ben H / 5 May 2023

Last Updated on 11 May 2023

AFL 360 Co-hosts Express Doubt Over Adequate Outcome

Gerard Whateley and Mark Robinson, co-hosts of AFL 360, have expressed their concerns about the ongoing investigation into historical mistreatment allegations at Hawthorn.

The investigation has already surpassed its initial projected end date by over four months.

Mediation Attempts Stalled 

Herald Sun reporter Jon Ralph revealed this week that Brisbane Lions coach Chris Fagan and North Melbourne coach Alastair Clarkson have both declined mediation in the ongoing investigation.

Fagan Addresses Mediation Rumors 

During an AFL 360 interview on Monday, Fagan did not explicitly deny the report, instead citing the “confidentiality deed” he had signed.

Fagan stated that he had not told anyone he would not participate in any future process and that he is eager to move forward with the investigation as long as it remains fair and just for all parties involved.

Uncertainty Surrounding Resolution 

When Robinson asked Whateley if the Hawthorn investigation might never be resolved, Whateley responded that the situation was “impossible to answer” and seemed to be going nowhere.

No information suggests progress, and ensuring a fair and just resolution for all parties appears difficult, according to Whateley.

Robinson Advocates for Indigenous Voices

Robinson agreed with Fagan’s remarks but emphasized prioritizing the Indigenous people sharing their stories.

He argued that their truth-telling exercise should not be disregarded simply because the situation has become complex.

A Resolution Remains Uncertain 

While everyone involved has sought legal representation, it remains uncertain whether the investigation will reach an adequate resolution for all parties, particularly those who have shared their stories.

  • Fagan’s confidentiality deed prevents explicit comment on the mediation
  • No clear indication of progress in the investigation
  • Ensuring a fair and just outcome appears challenging
  • Indigenous voices must be prioritized in the resolution process
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