AFL Ladder

Ben H 22 May 2024Last Updated: 11 June 2024
1Sydney Swans1244148.811101244836408
4Port Adelaide1232111.78401078965113
5Geelong Cats1332108.98501209111099
8GWS Giants1228112.77501082960122
9Gold Coast Suns1328107.97601134105183
11Western Bulldogs1324114.967011911037154
13Brisbane Lions1222115.55611038899139
14St Kilda132093.3580917983-66
16West Coast131272.631008941231-337
18North Melbourne12458.611107991363-564
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AFL Ladder Explained

The AFL Ladder is a table that tracks team performance throughout the season in the Australian Football League (AFL). This guide will help you understand how it works, who the current leaders are, and where you can watch the games.

How to Read the AFL Ladder

The AFL Ladder is divided into several columns:

  • P/Played (Games Played): The total number of games a team has played.
  • Pts/Points (Total Points): The total points a team has earned from wins and draws.
  • % (Percentage): A ratio of Points For to Points Against, multiplied by 100.
  • W/Won (Wins): The number of games a team has won.
  • L/Lost (Losses): The number of games a team has lost.
  • D/Drawn (Draws): The number of games that ended in a draw.
  • PF (Points For): The total points a team has scored in all matches.
  • PA (Points Against): The total points a team has conceded.
  • Diff (Difference): The difference between points for and points against.

How the AFL Ladder Works

The AFL Ladder ranks the 18 teams in the league based on their performance in matches throughout the season. Each team plays against every other team at least once. Teams earn points based on match results:

  • Win: 4 points
  • Draw: 2 points
  • Loss: 0 points

Understanding the AFL Ladder

Teams are ranked by total points. When teams have the same points, their ranking is determined by the percentage formula shown below, for example, if the teams that are currently ranked first and second on the ladder both have the same amount of total points the team with the higher percentage will be on top. The teams percentage is calculated using the formula:

Percentage = (Points For / Points Against) × 100

  • Points For: The total points a team has scored in all matches.
  • Points Against: The total points a team has conceded to opponents.

Example: If a team has scored 974 points and conceded 1075 points, their percentage is calculated as:

(974 / 1075) × 100 ≈ 90.60%

Top AFL Premiership Winners

The AFL has a rich history with several teams having won numerous premierships (championship titles). The top teams currently are:

  • Collingwood Magpies: 16 premierships, with the most recent win in 2023.
  • Carlton Blues: 16 premierships, last won in 1995.
  • Essendon Bombers: 16 premierships, last won in 2000.

Where to Watch the AFL in 2024

For fans looking to watch the games, here are the available options:

  • Seven Network, Fox Footy, Kayo Sports


How is the AFL Ladder calculated?

Teams are ranked by the points they earn from wins and draws. If teams are tied in points, they are separated by their percentage, which is calculated as (Points For / Points Against) x 100.

What happens in the case of a tie in points?

Teams with the same points are ranked by their percentage.

How often is the AFL Ladder updated?

The ladder is updated after each round of matches.

Can teams be demoted or promoted?

No, the AFL does not have a system of promotion or relegation.

Where can I watch AFL matches?

In Australia, matches can be viewed on the Seven Network, Fox Footy, and Kayo Sports.


The AFL Ladder is an essential tool for tracking the progress and performance of teams throughout the season. Understanding how it works, who the current leaders are, and where to watch can enhance your experience as a fan. Keep this guide handy for a quick reference throughout the AFL season.

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