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Ben H 11 February 2022Last Updated: 12 July 2024

PointsBet is licensed in the Northern Territory by the Racing Commission and has operations in Australia, plus New Jersey, USA. The Australian business runs out of offices based in Melbourne.

In this Pointebet review we will be looking at all facets of the app and desktop versions including unique features, promotions, spread betting, banking, singing up, plus loads more.

We reviewed them when Pointsbet launched first opened their doors to the public and thought now would be a fantastic time to jump back in and see if anything has been updated!

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PointsBet betting site

Pointsbet Review and Rating

TLDR Verdict: Overall Pointsbet is a good betting site, and to be honest they don’t have many areas that need to be improved upon, however having no live betting when you are one off the top betting sites in Australia is a huge draw back. They do have a great range of promotions, and their app is one of the best out there, the extra features they have on their site are top notch, and the app is well worth looking into.


Pointsbet Code: KRUZEY

PointsBet Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Pointsbet are 100% Australian Owned No live betting is a huge drawback
Spread betting allow you to collect a higher payout dependent on your accuracy Spread Betting also has a large profit/loss variance
Excellent range of promotions Max bet on promotions can at times be small
Quick and easy to navigate app
Pointsbet User Reviews

So what did we see?

Their layout is still the same, black event boxes on a grey background with the text in a crisp white.

Even a novice could use it without difficulty, and placing bets was super quick.

The registration procedure was straightforward, and Verification was simple.

Before registration, A promo banner can be found at the top with some of the offers available; however, once you have signed up, this changes into an easy-to-scroll banner connecting you to all the popular sporting events.

This makes for such an excellent and fresh take on getting to where you want to go.

True racing advocates are looking for a form guide and speed map when looking to place a bet, so it is fantastic to see not only both of these but also a FLUCS option and also Early Speed; However, the early speed is a very simplified version it is still an excellent addition to the site.

I was stunned to find that Pointsbet sportsbook still doesn’t have Live Streaming in their list of features yet.

Considering the waves this team of bookmakers has been making in the industry, I thought it would be at the top of their ‘To-Do List’, especially since they have recently made their way into the American betting market.

When making waves as much as these guys are, let’s be honest here you need to have Live Streaming to solidify your foothold in the industry.

Honestly, as a sportsbook, Pointsbet is fantastic; the sportsbook does precisely what you want it to in such an effortless way. However, there are a few different features that could be improved upon, especially Live Streaming.


Pointsbet Highlights

The site’s layout is simple, but it contains several features that can be utilized to make the most of their time.

PointsBet offers the whole gamut of traditional betting on the three racing codes, which is fleshed out under Betting Types, Features and Odds’. See below.

However, PointsBet’s Spread Betting Feature is their obvious point of difference.

They were the first to introduce it while everybody else played catch-up.

Let’s dive in and find out what spread betting is all about because it seems to be a core part of their business model.


  • in-Play Betting - Pointsbet In-Play Betting allows you to place a wager on sporting events currently in play; though the odds may not be as great as they were when the game initially started, at times, it does give you a better chance of making a better profit.
  • Best Tote Exotics - Pointsbet’s ‘Best Tote Exotics’ is available at Saturday meets in Sydney and Melbourne.
  • Protest Payout - Place a WIN bet on any Australian horse or harness race, and if your horse wins but is relegated due to an upheld protest, Pointsbet will still pay you as a winner.


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Pointsbet Promotions

New Pointsbet customers are offered several different promotions upon signing up; however, they are not allowed to advertise and promote Pointsbet bonus codes to entice new customers; there is nothing stopping them from offering you bonuses once you have signed up as a way of saying thank you.

Regularly, Pointbet updates their promotions; however, you cannot see the discounts unless you are a customer; nevertheless, this is readily remedied after you’ve created an account.

It’s also worth noting that Pointsbet frequently updates its offers, so it’s worth checking in regularly to see what new deals they’ve got.


Pointsbet Android App


Pointsbet Android App


Much like the website version, the colour theming of Pointsbet is simply gorgeous on a mobile.

When it’s this nice, it’s a shame to have to log out!

This website has been designed with upcoming racing events on the home page. With other sporting events located in a large scrolling banner at the top of the screen, It’s not much different from other websites that host popular racing and sports events.

It took me a moment to find the promos section, which was found in the bottom left corner under the menu tab.

I took advantage of the welcome bonus when I signed up and decided I would place my first bet on the upcoming NFL game using a same game multi and also popped on a couple of Parlay bets.

Placing my bets through my phone was very straightforward and to the point, and I didn’t find any issues whatsoever.

It’s simple to locate what you’re looking for on this app. However, we were disappointed that even though there was a form guide option, it did not seem to function.

The Pointsbet app is ideal if you’re looking for a quick and easy-to-use tool that’s also aesthetically pleasing.

I placed $30 of bets at $10 per bet, managing to win one of the same game parlays and a head-to-head.

On their website, you may discover the link to their app below.

Pointsbet Android App


Pointsbet Apple IOS App

Pointsbet App Android

Some other website reviews claim that there is still no IOS app for PointsBet, which is incorrect.

I love the way they have set out their phone app, it looks incredible, and you can tell straight off the bat that they have done everything possible to ensure their app is the best it can be.

Racing events are featured on the homepage of the iPhone app, with other sporting events located in the top scrolling banner. It’s somewhat familiar to other sportsbook apps though it is worth noting that it is also uniquely different.

We discovered that Pointsbet does have several attractive discounts and offers to provide consumers after looking through the site. However, unlike many companies, they aren’t easily visible on the app’s front page, which focuses on the races rather than substantial banner ads.

The app has an easy to navigate interface. The form guide was relatively easy to find. However, it seemed inoperable when I clicked it; this may be an update recently rolled out that has not yet become fully functional.

Regardless, the Pointsbet iOS app it’s excellent if you’re looking for something quick and easy without all the fluff.

I jumped into the racing, placing an assortment of bets on different events from Australia and the United States, taking advantage of the available boosted odds and ended up winning $236 in profits thanks to a couple of roughies (we are good at picking them).

In total, I placed $100 of bets at $5-10 per bet; overall, the experience I had with the Pointsbet iOs app was fluid and thoroughly enjoyable; though I don’t use iOS as my primary phone, I will continue to use them on my Android.

Find the Pointsbet app below.
Pointsbet iOS App


Pointsbet Mobile Site

The Pointsbet mobile website has previously passed our test, and it continues to be relatively smooth and easy to use with no problems, or difficulties.

Our most recent review discovered that the mobile site is just as smooth and straightforward to use as before, with no significant modifications.

It’s similar to the desktop website and almost identical to the app versions, and that’s good for user convenience. However, it is worth noting that it does consume more battery power than the app version.

A simple-to-use scroll menu at the top of the page gives you access to all major sports and racing, making it very easy to get where you want to go quickly.

I wanted to place a bet on Soccer this week, so I jumped in and placed a variety of bets on different betting markets they had available, all up, I put $35 on a bunch of different games. I ended up walking away with $27, which wasn’t too bad considering I almost walked away with the same amount of money as I started.

Pointsbet Mobile


Pointsbet Website


When signing up through the website, I first noticed Shaquille O’Niell’s big head front and centre, which immediately reminded me of how good the Pointsbet advertising is.

However, this was replaced once I had signed up and was replaced by a highly eye-catching and intuitive interface giving quick and easy access to all the major sporting events.

The layout is primarily black and grey with a vibrant red, helping to give the site a point of difference; the only colour to change throughout the entire site is the bet slip which is blue instead, which helps to identify it as a focal point of the site.

It has to be one of the easiest to use betting sites I have come across, and it feels like once signed up, my grandparents could use it without an issue.

I noticed that there was no quick access banner once on a page, so to find something else to place a wager on, you have to either go back to a page or click the drop-down menu in the top left corner.

Today I decided I would take advantage of the quick multi-bet option throwing several different multi bets on a variety of sporting events; I placed $50 of bets at $5 each bet, I will not know the outcome of this until next week, so I am unable to comment on my potential winnings. However, I did place my bets on a bunch of favourites, so hopefully, they come through for me with some big wins.

Pointsbet Website


Pointsbet Sign Up New Account

Pointsbet Sign Up

The procedure for signing up with Pointsbet’s desktop site and mobile app is identical; only the layout is different to accommodate different-sized screens.

Signing up via the website was painless and quick.

If and when logging in via the mobile app, you’ll be asked to create a pin, and you’ll be prompted to set limits for deposits and to create your nominated card details or bank account (BSB).

Also, clicking the (v) arrow in the top right corner will bring up your My Account page.

From here, you can see the status of your account, plus a Verify ACCOUNT button if your account is still in progress.

Click this button, and follow the steps that are required to complete this section.

PointsBet uses an external party to undertake the verification process.

It’s no different to what recruitment agencies, utility providers or financial credit agencies do in our everyday lives.

When it gets to the stage of withdrawing funds, there are two things to be aware of:

1) you’ll need to have a verification ID already confirmed (see above); otherwise, you’ll be prompted to complete this process. It’s something we’ve harped on about in recent weeks. Refer to the paragraph on Verification as above.

2) You are required to meet the turnover requirements of 1x your deposit bonus amount before withdrawal.

Check out the Sign Up Process for yourself.

Sign up to Pointsbet


 Pointsbet Verification Process

Thankfully Pointsbet has a super easy verification method using a system called GreenID; essentially, GreenID takes all your personal information and matches it up to government systems such as Medicare and driver’s license to verify that the account information is correct.

This is simply to stop money laundering by using fake accounts.

The system recognized my credentials in a matter of seconds and allowed me to log in.

Customers at Pointsbet had an average time of fewer than five minutes to complete the sign-up procedure. Assuming you’ve signed up previously on another device, your data should then check out promptly since they already saved it in their system from when you signed up there previously!


Banking with Pointsbet

Pointsbet Deposit Methods

Pointsbet Deposit

Pointsbet offers various payment options to their customers to ensure you can deposit funds in a variety of different ways. You can use Visa, MasterCard, Bank Transfer, and POLi.


  • Minimum deposit $10.00
  • Minimum bet $1.00
  • Minimum withdrawal $10.00
  • Phone Betting Minimum $20.00


Pointsbet Withdrawal

When it gets to the stage of withdrawing funds, there are two things to be aware of:

1) you’ll need to have a verification ID already confirmed (see above); otherwise, you’ll be prompted to complete this process. It’s something we’ve harped on about in recent weeks. Refer to the paragraph on Verification as above.

2) You are required to meet the turnover requirements of 1x your deposit bonus amount before withdrawal.


Pointsbet Betting Markets

Because Pointsbet is the newest online sportsbook, they have an incredible range of markets available. Pointsbet claims to have more sports markets available than any other sportsbook for AFL, NRL, and NBA in the entire world.


Racing Betting Market

Aside from the traditional fixed odds markets, Pointsbet also has a range of other racing markets available, including same race multi; they also have Tote, Trifecta, First 4, Quinella, Exacta Quaddie, and Double.


Sports Betting Market

If I were to list all the different types of betting markets available at Pointsbet, I would never be able to end this sportsbook review; the amount of markets they have available for sports is astounding.

You can place a fixed-odds bet on any sporting event available on their site; however, where they come into their own is in their multis. The quick multi allows you to place multiple bets on several upcoming sports events from a range of different sports, meaning your multi is not confined to just the one sporting type.


Betting Types/Features/Odds

PointsBet has made it essential to add as many sports into its basket of offerings as possible.

As a result, there is not much they don’t cover.

You can see what they offer by clicking on the hamburger menu in the top left corner of the mobile app and scrolling down the menu list.

For the racing codes, all the usual options are there.

Fixed Odds, Tote, First 4, Quinella, Exacta, and Quaddie.

For the Fixed Odds and Tote options, you can use the up/down arrow to change the sort order of bet pricing from lowest odds to highest.


  • Quick Multis – these are available in many sports options; you will easily find them, particularly in sports where there are leagues like the NBA or EPL.
  • Tote Product – as usual, the best of three totes + official starting price (SP).
  • Name A Bet – this is available from the main menu. If the market you want to bet on is not up, contact PointsBet and they’ll work it out and get it online.

For all other sports, click on the hamburger menu, go into a sport, enter an event, and check to see all the various markets contained within.

Believe me; there are a lot! You are spoilt for choice.


Spread Betting

Spread betting is also known as line betting. PointsBet was the first to introduce it into Australia, but other agencies such as Betfair also offer it to their customers, though slightly different from their Betting Exchange model.

Spread betting comes into its own in sports games such as football, basketball, AFL, rugby league, rugby union, and NFL. That sort of thing. There are many market types,

In our example, we’ll look at the Margin Market, which is one of many markets within a sport:

For instance, if Team A is expected to win by 20 points, your stake (let’s say $10) will increase if Team A wins by a points margin greater than 20.

If Team A wins by 25 points:

Points differential is: +5 (25-20) x $10, you win $50.

If Team A draws or loses the match, a loss is incurred.

Let’s say Team A loses by a 2-point differential:

Points differential is: – 2 (18-20) x $10, you lose $20.

In some cases, you can lose more than you initially invested, so you do need to have your wits about you and have adequate reserves in your account funds to cover the bet, much like what Betfair asks you to do on their platform.

Probably a good strategy is to bet on favourites, like Liverpool in the Premier League, Sydney FC in the A-League, the Roosters in the NRL, or Richmond in the AFL, and then work out your margins from there.

You won’t know what the margin will be until the end of the game.

The result could hinge on controversial refereeing decisions, so please don’t beat up on your TV if a VAR or an umpiring decision out of the bunker or a Video umpire decision (like in Cricket) doesn’t go your way!


Pointsbet Betting Features

We make a list of all the features we see across most/all online betting agency platforms and check to see if the particular agency being reviewed has them.

  • Live Racing

This is not available.

  • In-Play Betting

In-play betting is available through Pointsbet and is easily found via their menu.

  • Featured Bets

This is not available.

  • Fluctuations

Flucs are available. Go into any race card; you’ll see a button called FLUCS. Click it, and you’ll see the betting/price fluctuations display underneath every runner.

  • Bet Tracker

This is not available.

  • Speed Map

This is available, although somewhat limited compared to other sites.

  • Form Guide

The PointsBet form guide is displayed in a very nice layout and is easy to read. Click on the button FORM—one of the better formats I have seen so far.

  • Tips

Though not consistently so across all racing events, this is available, but never mind, as the format and layout look perfect. Click on the Tips button when/where available on a race card.


Pointsbet Promo Code

The greatest Pointsbet promo code isKRUZEY.

With the KRUZEY promo code, you were able to receive up to $200 in racing bonus bets when making your first deposit at Pointsbet. Not so sure now; you will need to check if this is still applicable once you have signed up or added the bonus code.

The Pointsbet bonus code was accessible to all new players and existing Pointsbet customers.


Pointsbet Racing Bonus Bets

Pointsbet bonus bets are available to all Pointsbet customers once they have signed up; at the time of writing, I found five different bonus bets on offer across multiple race events, customers can receive bonus bets from Pointsbet if they bet on a promoted sporting event or racing event that is giving bonus cash backs to customers if one leg fails, etc.

Offerings for existing clients at Pointsbet can be claimed using the Pointsbet promo code KRUZEY.


Bonus Bets

All Pointsbet Bonus Bets can be found within the promotions menu of the Pointsbet sportsbook; typically, they have a range of racing bonus bets available for both horse racing and greyhound racing as well as bonus bets for sports if one leg fails in a multi-bet for example.


Horse Racing Markets

When you make a wager, you want to maximize your chances of winning and earning the greatest possible reward.

Pointsbet has several horse racing markets that you can take advantage of. So whether you want to wager on a multi-horse accumulator or a single-horse, you’ll find the most outstanding Australian horse racing options at Pointsbet. Along with other top selections such as Top Fluc, Pointsbet always offers excellent Tote or SP odds.

Consistency is crucial, as is access to the best Tote or SP odds to help you win big. Top Fluc is always a hot favourite, such as 2nd horse – Place from 3rd Horse – Place (in that order). An excellent illustration of how you don’t have to choose a specific best Tote pick – be more adaptable and try some multi-horse wagers!


Pointsbet Odds

Pointsbet has fantastic odds available through their sportsbook, allowing you to place a fixed-odds bet with odds boosts such as the booster odds available through some of their promotions.

This comes at no extra cost and is purely a promotion applied by betting on a horse race where the promo is applicable, so be sure to check out their site for all of these promotions!


Pointsbet Deposit Bonus

Pointsbet offers several deposit bonuses once you have signed up with them, which will be sent to you by text.


Pointsbet Contact & Customer Service

Customers can contact Pointsbet customer service through a variety of channels, including phone and email. The following are some of the methods available:

The online chat is generally responded to quickly (if you don’t get a response right away, wait a couple of minutes). In addition, there’s an email address for general queries open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


  • ADDRESS:  PO BOX 4191, 535 Church Street, Richmond East, 3121
  • Need Help?:  13 72 38
  • EMAIL:  support@pointsbet.com
  • Live Chat: Function is available at the bottom of their page.
  • Postal Address:  PO BOX 4191, 535 Church Street, Richmond East, 3121



As with any Bookmaker, Pointsbet has legal standards to fulfill to keep its license. However, as a customer, you are expected to adhere to your own terms and conditions as a punter.

The link to the terms and conditions page may be found at the bottom of the Pointsbet homepage.



PointsBet holds the naming rights for the stadium housing the Cronulla Sharks Rugby League team in Sydney.

Many names have known it in the past, such as Toyota Park, Shark Park, but nowadays, it’s called PointsBet Stadium.

Gamble Responsibly

Stay in command of the situation, gamble carefully, and weigh your options.

Consider your options. If you believe you have a gambling problem or are beginning to make poor decisions, call gambling help at 1800 858 858 24/7 or go to their website gamblinghelponline.org.au.


Pointsbet Review Conclusion

The Pointsbet layout is clean and easy to use. It looks excellent on both desktop and phone. It’s flashy, it’s fun, and overall I very much enjoy using them.

Many Australians may find it appealing because it is a corporation from Australia. In addition, there are several sports to choose from and enhanced odds and the ability to bet on live games, making for a lucrative offer.

The only piece of functionality that appeared to be missing was live streaming. Hopefully, we will see Pointsbet add this sometime soon to solidify themselves as a significant betting agency, as I believe this will be their winning ticket to sportsbook stardom.

It would be nice for customers to have the option of a Pointsbet card. It is not essential, but many people appreciate it.

I can honestly say that I will continue to use Pointsbet in the future; I love what they are doing and how good their sportsbook apps are.

If you want to bet with an Australian Sportsbook, Pointsbet is 100% worth giving a shot!



What is Pointsbet?

Pointsbet is a 100% Australian-owned online bookmaker and sports betting firm. They provide a large selection of distinct wagering options for most racing and sporting events.

They also allow users to bet live in-play. Pointsbet has been going strong for over eight years, working its way up the ranks and becoming one of the most recognized legal sportsbooks worldwide, so they must be doing something right!

Who owns Pointsbet?

Pointsbet Holdings Limited is an Australia-based online gambling company based in Richmond, Victoria. Australia’s newest online bookmaker offers its clients more AFL, NRL, and NBA markets than any other bookmaker in the entire world.

PointsBet Australia offers pre-commitment limits, is officially licensed and regulated by Australia’s Northern Territory Government, and is secured using a fully Secure Sockets Layer with 2048-bit encryption.

Is Pointsbet Legit?

Yes, Pointsbet is legit, founded in Australia; they are now legally allowed to operate in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

The rules are stringent within Australian borders regarding bookmaking and gambling in all areas; Pointsbet is licensed and regulated by the NT Racing Commission.

So this means that I can gamble legally with Pointsbet?

Yes. From Australia, New Zealand, and parts of the United States, you may gamble on Pointsbet lawfully and safely. However, if you live outside of these regions, it is illegal for you to create an account and wager with Pointsbet.

Pointsbet has a clean record in Australian racing, and they’re fully authorized by NT Racing, which means all revenue/profits data must be correct, or they could lose their license.

Are there any downsides to Pointsbet?

Unfortunately, Pointsbet doesn’t yet have live streaming; this seems to be the only thing they currently seem to be missing; however, they regularly improve and update their features.

Is Pointsbet Sportsbook Legal in Australia?

Yes, Pointsbet is a legal Australian online sport betting business licensed and certified by the Northern Territory Racing Commission.

This implies that they comply with Australian financial legislation, have accepted the country’s rules, and do not engage in unlawful activities. In actuality,

Pointsbet is an Australian bookmaker that proudly displays its registration with the Australian authorities. Furthermore, this demonstrates that Pointsbet fully adheres to all local regulations.

Does Pointsbet offer Same Game Multis?

Yes, Pointsbet offers same game multi bets.

Additionally, they also offer quick multis, which allow you to bet on multiple sporting events in the one bet slip.

They also have a variety of incentives that are updated regularly. As a result, it’s wise to check their website from time to time to ensure you’re getting the most incredible Pointsbet betting possibilities while putting your money on the line.

Who is PointsBet?

PointsBet (pointsbet.com.au) was created in 2017 and touted (then) as the only Australian online bookmaker working within the spread betting space.

Its two founders came from the now-defunct TomWaterhouse.com operation, Sam Swanell, and Andrew Fahey, as CEO and Chief Operating Officer.


Check Out The PointsBet Betting Site


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