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Michael Kruse / 19 February 2019

Last Updated on 1 January 2024

NEDS Debit Card

If you’re hankering to spend a bit of your hard earned winnings from the weekend’s races, then spare a thought for the NEDS Debit Card, simply called NEDS Card.

The card is linked to your online NEDS account, though you will have to transfer a nominated amount to the card in much the same way as moving money across your bank accounts.

Of course, betting agency cards are not a new thing. A few years back I had a Ladbrokes Card operated through the Visa platform. It did pretty much the same thing. But back then it was more of a novelty. These days they are much more popular among the younger brigade.

There is a good safety barrier here too, in that the card balance can only be drawn from your NEDS account, and nowhere else. You cannot externally deposit funds onto the card from outside of the NEDS eco-system.

And like me, if you get paranoid about seeing Maccas and KFC transactions appearing on your bank debit card, then fear no more. Just load them onto your NEDS Card instead, the Bank staff will be none the wiser.

These cards are becoming a lot more popular now and widely accepted, as it isolates casual spending away from your traditional bank account.

Good too, in case a prospective property rental manager wants to analyse your daily spending habits before potentially offering you the tenancy to an apartment or a rental property. By diverting casual spending to your NEDS Card, your bank account is clean as a whistle, and a property manager will never expect to see your NEDS transactions. Surely not? Lol!

Tied to the Mastercard eco-system, the NEDS Card will be accepted by nearly all merchants, and because the card limit is set to a lower level of funds ($5000 transfer limit to the card per day, ATM withdrawal of $3000 or $3000 payment via point of sale), any potential loss or theft (though highly unlikely) is kept minimised.

On the NEDS website, there is a specific page to apply for the NEDS Card (see below). On the left side hamburger menu, you’ll see the NEDS Card option further down the list. Click on it.

After filling it out, you’ll need two forms of ID (for instance, passport, drivers license, Medicare card). Because you have already completed this process when you signed up to a NEDS online account, this procedure should be straight forward and should use the same details as before.

You’ll need to provide a residential address so the card can be delivered to you in the post (up to 21 days delivery, but probably sooner).

Like any debit or credit card, there is a three year expiry term from the date of acceptance/order of the card.

Once activated and ready for use, you can manage the card balance and top-ups through your online NEDS account. Any funds transferred onto the card will take seconds. Don’t assume the balance is updated without checking it first. Always double check to ensure the funds are there before attempting to use the card.

Neds Cash Out

Prior to using Paypass, you’ll need to trigger the card usage through an ATM withdrawal or point of sale transaction where account type (Credit) and Pin Number are required.

To use it at the check-out, select the ‘Credit’ option on the EFTPOS terminal, enter your Pin number and you should be good to go.

When you have done this once, Paypass transactions will then be accepted.

If you want to pay a bill via Australia Post (anything with a BillerID), you should be able to do the same thing. Select Credit, Pin, or Paypass.

If something untoward happens on your transaction, or there is a problem with the NEDS Card, ensure you have a backup card at the ready (say your Bank’s debit card). Despite what they say about technology, failures often occur, so be prepared.

Your new NEDS Card is an ideal companion to your NEDS online mobile betting app. Using the two in tandem will maximise your usage.

Neds Cash in

Just in case anyone was wondering, one thing you definitely cannot do is to transfer funds from your NEDS Card back to your online account and use that to match NEDS bonus bets or promotional offers. Transferring of card balance funds is not considered a genuine deposit for those purposes.

If you are annoyed with how long it takes to transfer funds from your online account through the traditional and outdated bank transfer mechanism, then set yourself up with a brand new NEDS Card and have funds available to you in an instant. No more laborious bank transfers and no more bank fees!

Go for it. Easy peasy.

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