What is an Each Way Bet?

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What is an Each Way Bet?

An Each Way bet is actually two bets: A Win bet and a Place bet.

For example, a bet of $5 Each Way is a Win bet of $5 and a Place bet of $5.

This means that a $5 Each Way will cost you $10 to put on.

Example. If you have $5 each way on a runner paying $4.00 for a win and $2.00 for a place.

You will outlay $10.00 on your bet.

If your runner wins you will get paid $30.00

$20.00 from the win and $10.00 from the place.

If your runner runs second or third place you return will be $10.00

$0 for the Win and $10.00 from the Place.

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