Free Bets Banned 2019
Neds Betting Site
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Are you searching for Free Bets in Australia?

Best Free Bets & Bonus Bets, Are They Available?

The best free bet offers are no longer.

As of the 27th May, 2019 huge changes will be happening to the advertising of gambling inducements including all free bets and bonus bets.

Under the National Consumer Protection Framework for Online Wagering (NCPF). places a restriction on “online wagering providers… offering any credit, voucher, reward or another benefit as an incentive to open an account or to refer another person to open an account”.

Free bets in Australia were easy and simple to understand. When in the market for sports betting online, the first thing you noticed was the intense competition among key operators. To set themselves apart, a great number of bookmakers presented free bets and other extremely generous bonus offers to new customers. However, to take advantage of a bonus offer, a punter had to first place a bet with their own cash. This bet was known as the “qualifying bet” in the online sports betting community. For instance, as you registered with a betting agency and wager AUD 50 as a qualifying bet, the agency would proceed to offer you an additional AUD 50 for wagering, absolutely free.

There were so many betting bonuses available, it was hard to find one that matched your playing style and requirements. KRUZEY did the hard work for you and gave you our top five. All the betting agencies are safe and secure with a reputation for trustworthiness. Free bets were a great way to test out the features of new online betting agencies without breaking the bank. It certainly was the safest and a no-strings-attached approach to testing the waters with any betting agency you were thinking of joining. This is now banned though unfortunately.

List of Free Sites


Neds Betting Site

Neds are one of the new betting agencies on the block, they sure have made an impact upon coming to market. They boast a wide range of promotions on all sporting events. They also have a fantastic punters toolbox available to people who join up through KRUZEY. Joining up is a breeze taking no longer than a couple of minutes. From there you can deposit and start betting straight away. They will require you to turn this deposit over at odds of $1.5 They have a very easy-to-use mobile app which makes betting online a breeze.


Ladbrokes Betting Site

With plenty of experience under its belt in the UK, Ladbrokes has ventured into the Australian market relatively recently. However, live streams for racing, a large selection for sports bets and excellent customer service have helped them make a mark as the premier go-to wagering site preferred by Aussies. As a new user, you can sign up quickly and easily, make your deposits and take a shot at interesting wagers.


BetStar Betting Site

Another competitive name in the Australian bookmaking community is Betstar. Best tailored for sports punters, it covers all major events in sports from AFL to NBA. Ready to join Betstar with a brand new account? In line with your first deposit, you can start betting straight away. Get ready to be impressed by Betstar’s exclusive products and weekly promotions.


Bookmaker Betting Site

There’s nothing better than a user-friendly site that allows you to easily place your wagers quickly. Wouldn’t it be terrific if that site also signalled critical price movements in each market? Bookmakers have all that and some more for their valued punters. In fact, as a new customer, you could lay your hands on all these features and the process is simple, quickly sign up in under 5 minutes, deposit an amount and begin enjoying the wide variety of bet types and prices, today!

Aside from comparing free bets, armed with our strong punting experience, we also list and review numerous betting sites available online for your convenience. If you’re after a simple guide for betting sites, then this is where you should start.


Playup Betting Site

The newest betting site to hit the Australian market. They have some of the very best fixed odds available in the market and some super competitive promotions on offer for horse racing and sports enthusiasts. We reckon it’s worth checking out PlayUp today.


Sportsbet is one original when it comes to the online betting world. Sportsbet always has some of the best promotions available on the market. Matched betting however is no longer available.

No Deposit Free Bets in NSW, Victoria and SA.

It was a little-known fact that most bookmakers gave you bonus bets anyway, even if you lived in one of the states where they were banned. All states have now banned free bets enhanced odds because of “Inducement” laws. Simply, you joined the betting agency and you received the bonus bets. It was not an inducement because you were already a member! Once you joined, you get in touch with the betting agency to arrange your bonus if it wasn’t automatically applied.

Whether you love to gamble on the weekends or you’re in it professionally, we are dedicated to working out what you would enjoy most. At Kruzey, we want to deliver to you the best betting sites we trust and use ourselves.

If you aren’t sure which one to go with, use our tool to compare the best online betting sites to help decide which one best suits your betting style and desires.

Football Free Bet Turnover Rules (old)

One of the biggest things you looked for when getting a bonus offer was the turnover rules. As an example, a betting agency may have given you a free AUD 100 bet, but before you could withdraw any of the money you had to bet it all on a fixed-odds event, at odds over AUD 1.50.

Another popular rule with bookmakers is that the amount you deposit must be “turned over” multiple times before you can get your hands on it. Keep an eye out for details when signing up to betting sites to avoid disappointment.

Free Bets and Fun With Math

Some sharp punters were wise about the wonderful combination of bonus bets from bookies and basic math. So over the years, they have come up with fun ways to make the most of the wonderfully generous offers that were available. We’ve collected some amusing strategies to entertain you:

David knows that all no deposit free bets have an inherent value assigned by the betting agency. He decides to place a wager on a coin toss at a cricket match with his qualifying bet. The odds stand at 1.90 and there is a 50% chance he can win or lose. He expects either to win 90 cents or lose AUD 1 when the coin is tossed. You might think it is a funny move where he has set himself up in a losing situation. However, once you consider the free bet he has in store, you can see he’s been rather crafty. He repeats his free bet on a bet which is similar and can expect an additional outcome:

  • Almost 50% chance David wins both bets and he gains AUD 1.80.
  • A 25% chance David wins one bet and loses the other, he stands to lose 10 cents.
  • Another 25% chance David loses both bets but only loses the original AUD 1.

Having figured out his probabilities, David quickly moves to place the same bet at four different bookies. He now expects to lose 10 cents twice, 90 cents once and also win AUD 1.80 once. Successfully earning a profit of somewhere around 70 cents. He managed to get a good value on account of getting two bets while paying only for one. Although 70 cents might not seem like a lot, what if the bet were made on AUD 100? The expected profit for David would have totalled AUD 70. Not bad for a quick wager!

Then there’s Steve. Steve has been eyeing the betting agencies for a win/lose wager that delivers great odds. Somehow, Steve landed a bet for 2.40 odds and decides to make a deposit for a qualifying bet for AUD 1. He is awarded an AUD 1 free bet by his betting agency as a bonus on the deposit. If he does win, he has calculated he can win AUD 3.80 off of AUD 1! If he loses, it’s just the original AUD 1 he planned on wagering in the first place. It is important to remember such great odds are hard to come by and gambling should be done responsibly. Do not count on the bonus bets as your source of income. Just enjoy it as an added reward for what you were willing to sacrifice anyway.

When seeking out betting agencies to join, both fresh and seasoned punters favoured sign up offers and promotions as a guide for making their final choice. When hauling in a new punter, sign up incentives were the gambling industry’s go-to method for attraction. While no deposit bonus bets definitely appear to be a great reason to select your bookmaker, did you ever wonder what these bonuses were truly worth?

With welcome bonuses, you should first start by paying attention to the words “Terms and Conditions” which accompany all promotional offers. Any minor details outlined in this section, if overlooked, can actually bring about a huge change in your entire gaming experience. Since there is no such thing as “completely free”, these conditions and terms protect the betting agency also. Moreover, most are not absolutely unreasonable. In a typical scenario, you might need to make a deposit first off before laying claim to a bonus or you might need to make multiple wagers before cashing out.

For betting agencies, the premise behind giving away free bets is simple. In addition to their own money, punters are bound to lose the stake from free bets. Quite truthfully, an average punter does lose a couple of hundred bucks before making the move to a different bookie. If a sign-up bonus sounds too good to be true, it might be the actual case. It is perfectly acceptable for bookmakers to creatively use promotional language that cloaks the real meaning of the treats they have on offer for you. Curious about the hype around “free bet” offers?

Fortunately, at KRUZEY, we want you to enjoy your time when gambling online. Given our interest, we’ll help you understand why a free bet might not be actually free. These promotions prompt you to wage a bet, but surprisingly without any money of your own. Rather, the bookmaker promises to give you a free bet from their own pocket. In fact, behind the scene, the requirement for these bets include matching the bonus offer amount with cash of your own and betting on unfavourable outcomes. All in all, you end up investing a wager from your pocket, the betting agency leads you into a less profitable area and withdrawing winnings involves placing more wagers.

At KRUZEY, we advocate treating free bet bonuses as a little bit of fun on top of what you would normally bet anyway. If you get something out of it, great, if not, it hasn’t cost you a cent.

What Are Bonus Bets?

Bonus Bets were an inducement online bookmakers used to offer customers, usually as an incentive to sign up to their betting agency or promotion they have offered on a specific event.

It was basically a free hit when used, as the bookmaker would take the bonus bet stake back and give you the winnings (if successful) into your account.

So What are my Options?

Fear not, just because bonus bets are no longer a thing in Australia, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of excellent betting sites available, we have meticulously scoured all of Australia’s best betting agencies and compiled them into one simple list so you can find the best betting agency for your betting style.

Best Betting Sites in Australia


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