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Michael Kruse / 19 October 2017

Last Updated on 1 March 2024


Betr is the newest betting Site in Australia, and with it comes fresh new promotions (updated daily), and a tonne of boosted odds options! We can’t stress enough how important it is for you to check out our Betr Review and see why they are so good.


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PointsBet site.

PointsBet is Australia’s first specialist sports spread betting provider.

With spread betting, the more your bet wins by, the more you win.

They are one of the newest sports betting agencies on the block.

PointsBet are one of leading bookmakers with some of the best betting promotions available, including a vast array of spread betting options.

On this page, Kruzey has provided a one-stop shop of PointsBet’s information for the discerning punter.

Before signing up, have a read through of our assessment of the overall PointsBet operation which is outlined below.

Pointsbet Promo Code

Who are PointsBet?

PointsBet (pointsbet.com.au) was created in 2017 and touted (then) as the only Australian online Bookmaker working within the spread betting space.

Its two founders came from the now defunct TomWaterhouse.com operation, being Sam Swanell and Andrew Fahey, as CEO and Chief Operating Officer respectively.

Sign Up Process

Thankfully the PointsBet sign-up process is not as protracted and convoluted as some other betting agencies that we’ve seen in the last few weeks.

Signing up via the website was painless and quick.

It sounds a bit like an execution by firing squad, doesn’t it?

But no one was killed in the making of a customer account.

Trust me!

If and when logging in via the mobile app, you’ll be asked to create a pin, and you’ll be prompted to set limits for deposits, and to create your nominated card details and/or bank account (BSB).

Also, if you click the (v) arrow in the top right corner, it will bring up your My Account page.

From here you can see the status of your account, plus a Verify ACCOUNT button, if your account is still ‘in progress’.

Click this button, and follow the steps that are required to complete this section.

PointsBet uses an external party to undertake the verification process.

It’s no different to what recruitment agencies, utility providers or financial credit agencies do in our everyday lives.

When it gets to the stage of withdrawing funds, there are two things to be aware of:

1) you’ll need to have verification ID already confirmed (see above), otherwise you’ll be prompted to complete this process. It’s something we’ve harped on about in recent weeks. Refer to the paragraph on Verification as above.

2) You are required to meet the turnover requirements of 1x your deposit bonus amount before withdrawal.


PointsBet offers the full gamut of traditional betting on the three racing codes, which is fleshed out under the section ‘Betting Types, Features and Odds’. See below.

However, PointsBet’s obvious point of difference is their Spread Betting feature.

They were the first to introduce it while everybody else played catch-up.

Let’s dive in and find out what spread betting is all about, because it seems to be a core part of their business model.

Spread Betting

Spread betting is also known as line betting. PointsBet were the first to introduce it into Australia but other agencies such as Betfair also offer it to their customers, though in a slightly different way as per their Betting Exchange model.

Spread betting comes into its own in the context of sports games such as football, basketball, AFL, rugby league, rugby union and NFL. That sort of thing. There are many market types,

In our example, we’ll look at the Margin Market, which is one of many markets within a sport:

For instance, if Team A is expected to win by 20 points, your stake (let’s say $10) will increase if Team A wins by a points margin greater than 20.

If Team A wins by 25 points:

Points differential is: +5 (25-20) x $10, you win $50.

If Team A draws or loses the match, a loss is incurred.

Let’s say Team A loses by a 2 point differential:

Points differential is: – 2 (18-20) x $10, you lose $20.

In some cases you can lose more than you initially invested, so you do need to have your wits about you, and have adequate reserves in your account funds to cover the bet, much like what Betfair asks you to do on their platform.

Probably a good strategy is to bet on favourites, like Liverpool in the Premier League, Sydney FC in the A-League, the Roosters in the NRL, or Richmond in the AFL, and then work out your margins from there.

You won’t know what the margin will be until the end of the game.

The result could hinge on controversial refereeing decisions, so please don’t beat up on your TV if a VAR or an umpiring decision out of the bunker or a Video umpire decision (like in Cricket) doesn’t go your way!


PointsBet offers one of the better looking website designs I’ve seen in recent times.

In fact, I was fearing the worst after reading some reviews which are obviously very old and outdated, like two years out of date.

The colour scheme is now a black background, with white and fuchsia accents, which makes for very clear and concise viewing, no matter what platform you are on.

The layout is easy to navigate, while everything seems to be very heavily menu-loaded, which is not a bad thing at all as you know where to look if you have a query.

The website is also built with Responsive HTML in mind, so the website when displayed on a smartphone through a standard web browser, will appear similar to the specific mobile app installed via the APK installer.

Mobile App

Much like the website the colour theming is simply gorgeous on a mobile.

When it’s this nice, it’s a shame to have to log out!

When using a smartphone, we recommend using the mobile app because it consumes less battery power than using a web browser.

The good news for Apple users, there is now an iOS app along with Android.

Both sides covered, where initially upon going live, the Apple/iOS side was not available.

Some other website reviews claim that there is still no IOS app for PointsBet, which is plainly incorrect.

Funding Types/Deposit Methods

The standard deposit options are available: debit card, credit card, POLi, and bank transfer.

Both card options should deliver money into your account immediately.

Bank transfers will take a few days.

Withdrawal Options

Only bank transfers are available at this time.

VISA/Mastercard Option

Neither card option is tied to your account funds, so this is NOT available.

Market/Activity Types

Not surprisingly, PointsBet have their hands in all the usual Australian sports activity you can think of.

Also, there are heaps of overseas sports and events within, that also contain many different market types within an event.

The NBA Basketball is a good example.


Promotions are regular and ongoing, and are accessible at the top of the main hamburger menu.

Betting Types/Features/Odds

PointsBet have made it a key task of adding in as many sports into their basket of offerings as possible.

There is not much they don’t cover.

You can see what they do offer by clicking on the hamburger menu in the top left corner of the mobile app, and scroll down the menu list.

For the racing codes, all the usual options are there.

Fixed Odds, Tote, First 4, Quinella, Exacta and Quaddie.

For the Fixed Odds and Tote options, you can use the up/down arrow to change the sort order of bet pricing from lowest odds to highest.

A neat feature.

  • Quick Multis – these are available in many sports options, you will easily find them, particularly in sports where there are leagues like the NBA or EPL.
  • Tote Product – as per usual, the best of three totes + official starting price (SP).
  • Name A Bet – this is available from the main menu. If the market you want to bet on is not up, contact PointsBet and they’ll work it out and get it online.

For all other sports click on the hamburger menu, go into a sport, and then into an event, and then check to see all the various markets that are contained within.

Believe me there are a lot! You are spoilt for choice.

Other Betting Features

We make a list of all the features we see across most/all online betting agency platforms, and check to see if the particular agency being reviewed has them.

  • Live Racing – This is not available.
  • Featured Bets – This is not available.
  • Fluctuations – Flucs are available. Go into any race card, you’ll see a button called FLUCS. Click it, and you’ll see the betting/price fluctuations display underneath every runner.
  • Bet Tracker – This is not available.
  • Speed Map – This is not available.
  • Form Guide – The PointsBet form guide is displayed in a very nice layout and is easy to read. Click on the button FORM. One of the better formats I have seen so far.
  • Tips – This is available, though not consistently so across all racing events, but never the mind, as the format and layout looks very good. Click on the button TIPS when/where available on a race card.

Responsible Gambling

Like most responsible online betting agencies these days, much attention is given to responsible gambling, and PointsBet are doing their part too.

The usual limitations are provided such as:

* Set Exclusion Period – limits access to your online account for a set time.
* Account Limit – where you set the deposit amount limit. The proviso being that you can’t change the amount once set, within 7 days.

Refer the right side menu (v arrow) -> Responsible Gambling page for more details.

Customer and Online Help

The customer service team operates from 6am to 12am daily.

A personal account manager is assigned and they can assist with questions and queries.

  • Live Chat: Refer the right side menu (v arrow) -> Live Chat
  • Email: support@pointsbet.com
  • Phone for support: 13-72-38.

Or, from the home page you can scroll down towards the bottom and you can see the contact details there.

About PointsBet

PointsBet is licensed in the Northern Territory by the Racing Commission. Pointsbet Australia Pty Ltd is the owning company.

It has operations in Australia, plus the parent company is based out of New Jersey USA (pointsbet.com).

Note: to view the American website you’ll need to change your geo location to something other than an Australian ip address, as you will get redirected back to the com.au website. Use a VPN for this purpose.

The Australian business runs out of offices based in Melbourne.


PointsBet holds the naming rights for the stadium housing the Cronulla Sharks Rugby League team in Sydney.

It has been known by many names in the past such as Toyota Park, Shark Park, but nowadays it’s called PointsBet Stadium.


There is quite a lot of detail to the PointsBet site.

It might take you a little time to get used to the layout, in particular the spread betting markets and what is available there, because there is quite a lot to choose from.

It may appear to be overwhelming for some, but do persevere because I think it will be well worth the effort.

Like all the other sites we’ve reviewed, this one has some interesting and unique features while it misses out on some features that appear elsewhere.

That is to be expected.

As mentioned, the colour layout is superb.

The race card layout could be improved upon but what is there now is pretty reasonable.

There are tons of sports events to bet on, and I’ve been led to believe that the total number of sports available is one of the highest quantity in the world for an online betting agency.

To wrap it up, PointsBet would definitely be ranked in my top 5 betting agencies in Australia, the biggest draw obviously is their spread betting content, plus it’s a lovely platform to work on.

You could do worse.

Check Out The PointsBet Betting Site

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