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Michael Kruse / 28 March 2019

Last Updated on 14 July 2023

How Racings Best Read The Form

This week we chat to Dan Kelly @winbetdan from Punting Melbourne Style to give you some insights on how racings best read the form.

  • How much time per week do you spend analysing from guides? 

I spend about 15-20 hours per week studying the form pre-race and about the same doing the post-race analysis/reviews.

  • What is the most important factor you look out for when analysing a race?

There a two pretty important factors to me,

First being speed map or settling position of the horses as the majority of races are won from the first half of the field and secondly the horses platform going into the race.

In other words which horse/s present with the right profile for this particular race.

  • Do you have a staking strategy? If so, what is it? 

I have always been a ‘gut instinct’ punter geared more towards level staking.

I feel that allows me to take advantage when opportunities present whilst helping control the over confidence i can get at times backing short price favourites.

  • What are the tools / information services do you use to get the best intel? 

I use the Ratings2Win database which is a great tool that I couldn’t live without these days.

It is quite a sophisticated piece of software though so for someone looking for a more entry level database GTX would be a good starting point and I used that prior to Ratings2Win.

For sectional times I use PuntingForm which gives me a great break down of all the sectionals Australia wide

Specialise in one area/jurisdiction.

Work on getting to know that pool of horses, jockeys, trainers, tracks etc as well as you can.

All the video replays and sectional times are publicly available these days so there is plenty of information out there to help build your knowledge and improve your betting.

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