Social Betting Platform Wolfden Launches in Australia

Ben H / 31 October 2022

Last Updated on 22 June 2023, a social betting platform that has been developed for 15 months, has finally made its debut on the Australian betting scene. Wolfden offers punters more than just betting on sports and races.

It also gives them a social betting experience where they can copy bets, as well as use the “Wolfchat” feature, share tips, get team news and injury updates, and enjoy racing and sports coverage.

Fun and Light Content for Punters

Wolfden CEO Richard Irvine, who likened the app to the US betting platform Barstool Sports, said that they wanted to develop a social platform exclusively for bettors.

The Wolfden chief was happy that they could give punters everything from the latest industry developments and injury news to tips and bets that can be copied “in one click.”

Irvine added that they wanted punters to get “funny, light content” that entertained and spoke to their interests.

The most prominent feature of the Wolfden platform is the social and news feed. It features posts from the Wolfden CEO himself, as well as other members working for the bookmaker whose Australian offices are located in the Sydney suburb of Surry Hill.

Share Bets with Mates and Pros in Real Time

One of the things that make Wolfden unique in Australia is the concept of placing big bets and sharing them on the social feed. Irvine said that, like Barstool Sports in the US, Wolfden wanted Australian punters “to enjoy the exclusive vision of the Wolfden office” in which big bets were placed and shared with Wolfden users.

According to the Wolfden chief, the idea was to make the betting site a “fun and inclusive” place where you could share bets not just with your mates but with the pros too. And you could do that in real time.

To be able to offer racing and sports betting products in Australia, Wolfden paired with ColossalBet, a betting operator licensed by Racing New South Wales. Australian punters can download the Wolfden app on both Android and iOS devices.

Ben H
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