First time betting on the Spring Carnival?

Michael Kruse 23 October 2014Last Updated: 11 November 2021

So you have decided to bet on the spring carnival races this year?

As long as you’re just doing it for fun and betting within your means, we wish you all the best!

But first, check out our 3 simple tips to make sure your first betting experience is an enjoyable one.


1. Betting Types (which is best?)

Keep it simple. We think the best bet type for people who are new to betting is called an “each way” bet. This means you will get paid if the horse you pick comes first, second or third.

A $5 each way will cost you $10 because you are in effect putting two bets on at once, $5 on for the win and $5 for the place.

To learn more check out our detailed description of horse racing betting types.


2. Reading A Form Guide

You could read articles on how to find a winner all day, most of it would be wrong. If you don’t want to spend hours pouring over forms guides, a quick cheat is to follow the money.

Find the horse with the odds that have come down the most since betting opened. Odds come down because lots of other people who did spend time looking at the form are putting lots of money on it.

For example, a horse might be paying $5 when the betting opened, however as the race draws closer falls to $3 all of a sudden. This can mean money has come for it, sometimes due to some inside information.

This principle works on the wisdom of crowds, just remember, people can also be wrong.


3. Picking The Right Betting Agency

At this time of year, it can be very difficult to compare and decide which betting agency to go with, they are all spending millions of dollars trying to convince people to join up.

Check your most suited betting agency by answering a few simple questions at KRUZEY to find the best betting agency for you.

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