SuperCoach Round Seven Highlights and Player Performances

Ben H / 5 May 2023

Celebrating Green Day

The impressive results in Round Seven deserve special recognition for Green Day, a term coined by coaches who held onto suspended players Tom Green (MID, $897,000) and Will Day (DEF/MID, $768,000).

These coaches saw instant rewards as both Green and Day delivered exceptional performances on their return.

Outstanding Individual Scores

  • Nic Newman (DEF, $826,000): A remarkable 164 points from 34 possessions and a season-high 14 marks.
  • Rowan Marshall (RUC, $939,000): A season-high 159 points from 26 touches, six marks, ten tackles, and 38 hit outs.
  • Charlie Curnow (FWD, $767,000): Nine goals to post an impressive 151 points.
  • Christian Petracca (MID, $938,000): Continued his hot streak with 142 points, averaging 117 over the last three games.

Notable Performers from Gold Coast Suns

  • Noah Anderson (MID, $912,000): Turned his season around with scores of 159, 107, 102, and 134.
  • Darcy Macpherson (DEF/FWD, $747,000): Averaging 106 in his last three games.

High Risk, High Reward Players

  • Brayden Fiorini (MID, $559,000)
  • Rory Atkins (DEF/MID, $386,000)

Most Traded In Players

  1. Brayden Fiorini (MID, $559,000)
  2. Rory Atkins (DEF/MID, $386,000)
  3. Ryan Angwin (MID/FWD, $251,000)
  4. Alex Cincotta (DEF/MID, $301,000)
  5. Will Day (DEF/MID, $768,000)

Most Traded Out Players

  1. Reuben Ginbey (DEF/MID, $482,000)
  2. Will Setterfield (MID, $787,000)
  3. Mattaes Phillipou (MID/FWD, $416,000)
  4. Fergus Greene (FWD, $386,000)
  5. Cam Mackenzie (MID/FWD, $434,000)

Top Five Price Rises

  1. Nic Newman (DEF, $826,000) +$70,000
  2. Tom Hawkins (FWD, $624,000) +$65,000
  3. Alex Cincotta (DEF/MID, $301,000) +$63,000
  4. Ned Reeves (RUC, $528,000) +$59,000
  5. Charlie Ballard (DEF, $531,000) +$58,000

Top Five Price Falls

  1. James Harmes (MID/MID, $516,000) -$71,000
  2. Ben Keays (FWD/MID, $646,000) -$56,000
  3. Matthew Kennedy (MID, $714,000) -$55,000
  4. Jack Scrimshaw (DEF, $546,000) -$54,000
  5. Harry Schoenberg (MID, $453,000) -$53,000

Lowest Breakevens

  1. Alex Cincotta (DEF/FWD, $301,000) -20
  2. Samson Ryan (RUC/FWD, $353,000) -1
  3. Matthew Johnson (MID, $280,000) 0
  4. Rory Atkins (DEF/MID, $386,000) 3 
  5. Ryan Angwin (MID/FWD, $251,000) 3

Highest Breakevens

  1. Brad Crouch (MID, $912,000) 147
  2. Luke Davies Uniacke (MID, $824,000) 135
  3. Clayton Oliver (MID, $1,020,000) 134
  4. Matthew Kennedy (MID, $714,000) 134
  5. Mitch Duncan (DEF, $727,000) 133

Stocks Up

  • Will Day (DEF/MID, $768,000): Averaging 103 with a three-game average of 109 and a BE of 64.
  • Tom Stewart (DEF, $776,000): A five-game average of 100 with a BE of 73.
  • Brayden Fiorini (MID, $559,000): A BE of 31 after scoring 112 points.
  • Rory Atkins (DEF/MID, $386,000): A BE of 3 after a solid performance with 25 possessions and 11 marks.
  • Jack Steele (MID, $937,000): A season-high 128 points with a BE of 117.

Stocks Down

  • Will Setterfield (MID, $787,000): A disappointing 54 points with a BE of 126.
  • Andrew McGrath (DEF, $662,000): Averaging 75 with a BE of 96.
  • Reuben Ginbey (DEF/MID, $482,000): A three-game average of 52 and a BE of 67.
  • Mitch Duncan (DEF, $727,000): A three-game average of 55 and a BE of 133.
  • Mattaes Phillipou (FWD/MID, $416,000): A BE of 50, matching his three-round average.

Final Thoughts

As Round Seven comes to a close, coaches need to keep an eye on their players’ performances and adjust their lineups accordingly.

High-risk, high-reward players can significantly boost your rank, but weighing the pros and cons before making substantial changes is crucial.

The trades up and down sections can help make informed decisions on which players to trade in or out for the coming rounds.

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