Sportsbet and Ladbrokes Support Sustainable Ad Practices

Ben H / 21 November 2022

Last Updated on 29 December 2022

Sportsbet and Ladbrokes wrote a letter to the parliamentary inquiry tasked with adjusting Australia’s betting advertising code. The two betting operators said that they weren’t trying to push their brand messages but were more focused on creating and promoting responsible gambling products.

In their letter, the two betting companies said that they recognized the need to create “proactive” and “practical” solutions that would decrease the exposure of minors and bettors at risk and were in full support of them.

Sportsbet Committed to Developing Sustainable Advertisement Models

Most people in Australia would like to see some changes in the betting advertisement code. So, Sportsbet and Ladbrokes are doing all they can to once again inform authorities and the public about their efforts in promoting tools that keep bettors safe.

Sportsbet, for instance, said that its advertising practices were sustainable and at the same time informed people about the Sportsbet brand. However, the Flutter-owned betting operator admitted that more could be done, especially when it comes to protecting young people.

Sportsbet also provided some numbers to show that complaints about gambling and betting were, in fact, the minority when compared to all other objections filed. The bookmaker said that, in 2020, of all complaints in Australia, just 0.45% were gambling-related.

Moreover, the betting operator pointed to a study in which 2,000 Australians were surveyed about their gambling advertisement concerns. Only 1% of the people involved in the study said they were concerned about wagering advertisements.

Sportsbet also advised Australian lawmakers to come up with a balanced regulatory solution, as doing the opposite would hurt stakeholders and partners.

Ladbrokes Supports Betting Ad Reform Too

Ladbrokes also shared some ideas for the new regulatory framework. The Entain-owned bookmaker said it strongly supported a ban on betting ads in times when children were exposed to these gambling advertisements.

Another idea Ladbrokes said it would support was the removal of odds that are shown during broadcasts of live sports events. Ladbrokes has already agreed to make changes in its shirt sponsorships practices.

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