Sportsbet Outage Leaves Aussie Punters Furious

Michael Kruse 19 July 2021Last Updated: 20 July 2021

Sportsbet’s online wagering platform was down for over two hours on an action-packed Saturday night during the lockdown. It’s fair to say that Aussie punters were not amused with the outage, and demanded answers, or at least a couple of free bets from the provider.

Sportsbet Users Were Greeted by an Error Message

Saturday was a big night for sports fans in Australia. There were several highly competitive games in the AFL and NRL, and the Wallabies played their third test against France.

However, as punters were scrambling to place a last-minute bet or capitalize on some dropping odds, they were met with bettors’ worst nightmare – an error message.

In the message, Sportsbet said that they were temporarily out of action, but that they were working hard to get their betting platform up as quickly as possible.

Angry Punters

The site didn’t get back on track as soon as punters would have wanted it, though. And New South Wales and Victoria betting enthusiasts were particularly frustrated with how slow progress was being made. They had to stay at home on a Saturday night because of the lockdown and weren’t even able to place a cheeky bet to pass the time.

So, punters went to Twitter to vent their anger. One person said the obvious ‘I’m stuck in lockdown and can’t place a bet‘, while another complained that he couldn’t even cash out his wager and save whatever could be saved.

Bettors got really angry when the Sportsbet site remained down after two hours, with one furious punter questioning whether Sportsbet knew the meaning of the word “temporarily”.

Outage Saved Bettors Some Money

However, there were also those who were happy that Sportsbet was down. When Sportsbet came back at around 10 pm, punters could no longer place wagers on most of Saturday’s games. One of those games was the draw between the Melbourne Demons and Hawthorn.

The Melbourne Demons were heavy favourites to win against Hawthorn, and if Sportsbet didn’t go down, tons of Aussie punters would have backed them to triumph. And would have lost a lot of money as a result.

So, once Sportsbet came back, there were quite a few betting enthusiasts that were thanking Sportsbet for saving them their hard-earned cash.

However, there were also punters on Twitter who were adamant that they were onto a winner, and were now demanding answers, and some money if possible from Sportsbet.

A Twitter user going by the name of Nostradamus jokingly said he was about to back the Demons draw with $1 million before the site went down, so he wanted Sportsbet to pay him out.

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