Could Your Local Racecourse Be the Next Co-Working Space?

Michael Kruse 21 June 2024Last Updated: 22 June 2024


So, I had this interesting idea the other day while attending the Mornington racecourse.


Recently, we have been looking for a new office to relocate from our current one.


And as I walked into the beautiful member’s area at Mornington,


I was met with a buzzing, well laid out area with stunning views of the racecourse.


Tables were set up everywhere with TVs on each showing the horse racing.


People were enjoying each other’s company while eating and drinking.


Then it dawned on me…


How COOL would it be to have an office here?


What if my desk overlooks an epic racetrack?


Horse Racing Co-Working Space Idea


It has to be better than sitting in a crusty office.


What do the racing clubs around Australia actually do with all this space when there isn’t a race meeting on?


Why couldn’t they utilise it for something like this?


There’s ample parking and office desk space for small businesses and people in the area. 


The outgoings are already set up in place.


Imagine all those little country tracks coming to life.


Some people work from home because they wish to avoid travelling into the city or too their place of work.


Maybe this could be the solution?


How cool would it be to head to your local racetrack where you can grab a hotdesk and start burning away on your keyboard?


Who knows the people you might meet, the extra business you may acquire, or ideas that would come to life?


They have the right amenities, such as toilets, bars, and kitchens/cafes.


I can picture it now, working away, walk on over to grab myself a cheeky bucket of hot chips to bring back to my desk.


Could the racing industry also use this space more, if not the general public?


What about when a race meeting is on?


Well, let’s be honest


Unless the Melbourne Cup is on at Flemington, most race tracks rarely get enough people to keep the bar staff busy.


Why not continue working while a race meeting was on?


You could invite your clients or co-workers to enjoy a day at the races for that urgently required meeting. Now that’s a meeting I look forward to attending!


I would love to call a racetrack home for my office.


It begs the question, though.


What is the space used for when a meeting is NOT taking place?


We are discussing something other than the stables or the actual track or where some trials may occur.


I’m talking about the big building…


You know, the one with the grandstand.


Horse Racing Co-Working space


It feels like a win-win.


Tracks can make more money by selling space when a meeting is not on; they might even make more when one is on!


Locals get a new hub to call home for their day-to-day.


And hey,


They might even turn into NEW racing fans!


Is it a possibility? I don’t know.


One can only dream!


What do you think of this idea? Would you consider working in a co-working space at your local track? Share your thoughts below on Twitter 👇


Michael Kruse
Michael loves all things all horse racing and has been in the game for quite some time. His knowledge in the betting space is second... [Read full bio]

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