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Ben H 17 June 2022Last Updated: 2 May 2023
Would you bet more on horse racing or sports?

All betting agencies offer both, but some are better than others.

Would you be likely to bet live “in play”?

This is when you place a bet on a game or race that has already started. This requires you to usually make a telephone call and can not be made online.

Do you bet more often on your mobile or on your desktop/laptop?

Some betting agencies have really good and easy-to-use desktop layouts and some have really good mobile apps.

Would you bet more often on early fixed odd markets or closer to the start of play (less than 10 minutes)

Some bookmakers have better early odds than others.

Is streaming of live sport important to you?

Betting agencies have different live streaming for sports, especially for overseas games

Is streaming of horse races important to you?

Betting agencies offer different live streaming of Australian and international horse racing.

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