Sportsbet Teams Up with Scottie Pippen in New Ad

Ben H / 19 October 2023

Last Updated on 19 October 2023

Scottie Pippen has won his fair share of NBA Championship rings, but he has never filled in for a local Australian basketball team on a Thursday night. Sportsbet’s latest campaign has changed that, as Pippen has been given the chance to replace a Green Ticks regular and play alongside Adam, a total dribbler, in Sportsbet’s new ad, which asks the question if Scottie Pippen still has it.

Pippen Loved the Idea

Sportsbet executive creative director, Rambo Goraya, said that the Australian bookmaker made the right move to hire the services of the former NBA star and Michael Jordan’s right-hand man. Goraya described Pippen as “an absolute superstar” on the court and in front of the camera.

Sportsbet’s creative director praised Pippen for showing off his skills but also said that he really “lent in with all the players on the court.” Goraya added that the six-time NBA Championship winner “had a great laugh” at Sportsbet’s idea and loved playing with the lads.

Pippen Has Attended Several Major Sports Events in Australia

Pippen may have been selected seven times for the NBA All-Star game and may have been voted as one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History. However, in Sportsbet’s ad, he was no match for Green Ticks’ ‘key player’ Adam. This excessively communicative dribbler thinks that Pippen should immediately pass the ball to him whenever he gets it and set him up for an alley-oop despite his glaringly obvious height issue.

Pippen has made several appearances at Australian sports events recently. The former Chicago Bulls star was there to watch the start of the NBL season and was in attendance at the AFL and NRL Grand Finals. He even managed to find the time to walk down memory lane with former teammate and Bulls champion Luc Longley ahead of the AFL Grand Final.

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