Mark Howell Appointed New Tabcorp Chief Financial Officer

Ben H 12 December 2023Last Updated: 12 December 2023

Mark Howell has been appointed as Tabcorp’s new Chief Financial Officer and will start working in his new role by June next year. Howell currently works for Coles Liquor where he is the General Manager – Liquor Finance and Network Optimisation.

He began working at Coles Liquor shortly before the company demerged from Wesfarmers Limited in 2017. Since joining Coles Liquor, Howell has held various posts and has been in charge of business development, finance, investor relations, and strategy.

The Perfect Fit for Tabcorp

Howell has extensive experience in the banking and finance sector in both the US and Australia. He started his career at Ernst & Young and held senior roles at Rothschild and Goldman Sachs before joining Coles.

That retail experience will come in handy at Tabcorp, where Howell will work in a slightly new environment. However, Tabcorp CEO Adam Rytenskild is confident the investment banker will be a huge asset for the betting company.

Rytenskild described Howell as the “perfect fit for Tabcorp,” especially now when the wagering company was in the process of transforming its business. The Tabcorp CEO said Howell knew about the company’s growth story, and he was passionate about it and was also “dynamic in his thinking.”

Rytenskild added that wagering was among “the most competitive industries in Australia” and the new CFO would be a big asset, as he was also coming from a competitive industry and one that was focusing on customers too.  He commended Howell for his leadership skills, saying his experience of working with investors would be very beneficial for Tabcorp moving forward.

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