Horse Trainer Banned for “Dacking” Integrity Official

Ben H / 7 March 2024

Last Updated on 7 March 2024

Have you ever wondered what the fine might be for pulling down the pants of an integrity official? Well, now you know. A former horse trainer has been given a massive five-year ban for doing exactly that while performing a test on an integrity officer.

Todd Balfour, a licenced track rider and a stable employee, was conducting a breathalyser test on a compliance officer at a remote race meeting at Kangaroo Island last month when he decided to do the unthinkable.

Pleaded Guilty to the Charge for a Reduced Penalty

A Racing South Australia inquiry found that the former horse trainer pulled down the pants of the official without his consent, something which is also known as “dacking.” In doing so, he fully exposed the official from the waist down to several people.

According to testimonies from people who decided not to speak publicly, the former trainer told the inquiry that he drank alcohol at the meeting and couldn’t remember doing what he was charged for.

Balfour accepted what he had done was “reprehensible and extremely inappropriate” and pleaded guilty to the charge. The admission of guilt helped reduce the trainer’s suspension from ten to five years. Nevertheless, the ban still is one of the longest in Australian racing history, and Balfour will likely appeal the five-year penalty.

The report stated that stewards appreciated Balfour’s “forthrightness at the inquiry” and also took into account “his longstanding involvement in the industry.” The fact he showed remorse and issued an apology to the compliance officer was also taken into consideration and helped reduce the ban. Balfour’s ban will be over on February 28 2029.

During his career, Balfour worked with 697 horses and trained 57 winners. He was active in the period from 2010 to 2017. Since he had a track rider licence, he also rode several winners as a jumps jockey.

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