Corey Harawira-Naera Discharged from the Hospital

Ben H / 29 May 2023

Last Updated on 29 May 2023

Corey Harawira-Naera has been released from hospital after the on-field seizure he suffered in the game against the Rabbitohs. The NRL star left Westmead Hospital at 3:30 on Sunday morning.

In a video the Raiders shared, the forward thanked the Raiders and Rabbitohs’ medical staff, as well as the club, his teammates, and the Rabbitohs players. The New Zealand international was also grateful for all the messages that came from “footy fans, family, friends,” saying he was doing much better. Harawira-Naera expected to “get some more scans” to figure things out and understand why the seizure happened.

Players from Both Teams Created a Shield around Harawire-Naera

The Raiders edged the Rabbitohs and won the game 33-26. However, after the 66th minute, which is when Harawira-Naera took the hit, the winner of the match became more or less irrelevant.

Soon after the challenge, Harawira-Naera hit the ground and started convulsing for no apparent reason. Players from both teams quickly gathered around him so that people didn’t see what the player was going through.

The game was stopped for a long time because of the incident, but by the time the player was stretchered off, he was conscious and feeling better and could see the crowd and players applauding him.

The Raiders provided an instant update on the player’s condition by saying that he was improving and they were hoping he would soon be discharged from the hospital, which he was.

Doctors Don’t Know Why Harawira-Naera Had the Seizure

After the game, Canberra Raiders coach Ricky Stuart said the scenes were “awful.” He added that he talked to the doctor who informed him Harawira-Naera had a seizure, but the medical staff didn’t know why. The doctor dismissed a contact to the head as the reason, so they were all “at a bit of a loss” as to why it happened.

The coach comforted Corey’s family by telling them he was “in the best care” and that the medical staff did “a wonderful job.” Stuart hoped that knowing Harawira-Naera was “in good hands” shone some light for the family.

The Raiders coach had something to say about the “comraderie and spirit” among his squad and praised his players for shielding Harawire-Naera, a “form of protection in its own.” He said that he was proud they won, but was much happier that Corey was better.

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