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Ben H 24 November 2022 Last Updated: 1 July 2023

It’s the showdown of the century – Ladbrokes vs Sportsbet! Who will emerge victorious? Read this article to find out which betting site is better!

To help you choose between the Sportsbet vs Ladbrokes battle, Australia’s two biggest sports betting websites, we compare them across 15 different areas.


Sports Odds99
Sports Markets109
Same Game Multis109
Racing Odds99
Racing Markets109
Same Race Multis109
Live Streaming89
Live Betting89
Extra Features1010
Payment Options87
Cash Out78
Customer Support106

So, we recommend Ladbrokes overall; since the addition of live streaming, they have turned the tables and are now the best betting site in Australia.




Aussies love betting, and Ladbrokes and Sportsbet are two of the most popular sites. They’re often pitted against each other as the best options – but which one comes out on top?

This is what we believe:

Ladbrokes is one of the oldest and most well-known bookies in the world. They offer a vast range of racing markets and sports betting. Ladbrokes has been offering bets since 1886, and their name is synonymous with betting around the globe.

Although Ladbrokes offers more payment options and the same game/race multis than Sportsbet, the latter has a slightly higher number of cash-out options.

Both betting sites are equal for apps, racing markets, and live streaming services.

While Ladbrokes is one of our favourite betting sites, it also beats Sportsbet in several categories, like sports markets, payment options, and trust.

Sportsbet, an Australian betting company Flutter Entertainment launched in 1993, has had a 50% monopoly of the sports and racing betting markets. With over 1.25 million players, it is clear that Sportsbet is still ruling the industry today.

Sportsbet offers comparable odds but falls short in several other categories.

Ladbrokes triumphs over Sportsbet in various categories, granting them the top spot.



Keep reading to see how they performed in each category.

In-Depth Analysis 

If you are searching for an all-rounder betting site with all the bonuses and functions, then Ladbrokes is the site to go for; on the other hand, if you are looking for a betting site that “all your friends told you to get”, then Sportsbet is the one for you.

It is worth noting that even though we have graded both websites professionally over a long duration, odds, promotions, and features can change over time.

These betting sites are constantly updated with the latest and greatest features, so we’ll keep this article current.

Mobile App

Ladbrokes and Sportsbet both have betting apps that can be downloaded from the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).

Though both companies have put a lot of time and money into making their apps excellent, Ladbrokes’s app is slightly better than Sportsbet’s. It’s a bit faster and has all the same features as the Ladbrokes website.

Ladbrokes Mobile App

Ladbrokes Australia App

Sportsbet Mobile App

Sportsbet Australia App




Sport Odds

In other words, both Sportsbet and Ladbrokes have competitive odds. Sometimes you’ll get a better price on Sportsbet for a particular bet, and another day it might be Ladbrokes with the best price.

Overall, we have found that Ladbrokes take the cake for better odds.

Best Sport Odds



Sport Markets

In terms of betting variety, Ladbrokes and Sportsbet offer markets for 30+ sports leagues, including novelty bets for elections, television shows, etc.

We found that Ladbrokes faired higher than Sportsbet with the number of sports to place a wager on.


  1. LADBROKES 10/10 
  2. SPORTSBET 9/10 

Same Game Multis

Out of Sportsbet and Ladbrokes, the latter offers more Same Game Multi options for a greater diversity of sports.


  1. LADBROKES 10/10 – Available for AFL, Cricket, NBA, NFL, NRL, Soccer, Tennis
  2. SPORTSBET 9/10 – Available for AFL, NBA, NFL, NRL, Soccer

Racing Odds

Again for Racing odds, they were both incredibly comparable, with odds at both betting agencies fluctuating between which one was better. However, overall, Ladbrokes once again came out slightly higher.




Racing Markets

Ladbrokes and Sportsbet have an incredible amount of horse racing markets available, with national and international horse racing featured loud and proud on their front pages.

Both featured an excellent range of horse racing markets, so this was a tough one.




Same Race Multi

Recently in Australia, multis (Multiple single racing bets can be combined into one larger bet for a higher payout.) of the same race have become increasingly popular.

Ladbrokes and Sportsbet are popular websites among Australians who love to gamble on races. With Ladbrokes, you can make same-race multis bets days before the jump, and its unique blended multi options give you more customization than any other website.

Sportsbet only offers same-race multi-options the day before or just before a race, and they don’t have a ‘blended’ multi-feature.


  1. LADBROKES 10/10 – The Same Race Multi option is available several days in advance and has Blended options.
  2. SPORTSBET 9/10 – You can only use this the day before or of an eligible race.

Live Streaming

Previously Sportsbet was the winner for Live Streaming, but Ladbrokes has stepped up in this category; unfortunately, with both having live streaming, we have to call this in favour of Sportsbet as they do have a few sports live streaming.


  1. SPORTSBET 9/10 – For New Zealand, Australia, some United Kingdom races, and select NBA and tennis games.
  2. LADBROKES 8/10 – Racing live streaming

Live Betting

If you want to bet live, Sportsbet is the better option.

Making informed bets is easy with Sportsbet, which offers detailed stats and live racing betting for specific meets. In addition, their ‘Quick Code’ lets you bet quickly and easily on live events.

While Ladbrokes offers fewer live betting options than Sportsbet, they have a few unique features you may not find on Sportsbet.

While Ladbrokes’ live betting options are more limited than Sportsbet’s, they have a range of features not available to Sportsbet; you can still call 1800 523 276 to bet.

Sportsbet enables customers to bet live on racing or sports by telephone with their ‘Quick Code’. To bet live on racing, call 1800 132 387; for betting live on sports, dial 1800 138 238.


  1. SPORTSBET 9/10 
  2. LADBROKES 8/10 

Extra Features

Both Ladbrokes and Sportsbet offer more features than the average bookmaker.

Sportsbet’s extra features include the following:

  • Best Bet tips for racing,
  • Blackbook for racing,
  • Stats and previews for bigger racing markets, and
  • Bet with Mates‘.

Ladbrokes extra features include:

  • ‘Mates Mode’,
  • previews,
  • stats, predictions, and
  • Easy Form selector.

To sum up, both websites have different features that make betting more enjoyable. Therefore, neither website can be considered better than the other.


SPORTSBET 10/10 – Best Bet tips, Bet With Mates, Blackbook, Previews, Stats

LADBROKES 10/10 – Mates Mode, Stats, Previews, Tips & Easy Form selector

Payment Options

Depositing and withdrawing money from your betting account should be easy and painless. Fortunately, Ladbrokes and Sportsbet offer a range of popular payment methods to make things easier for Australian punters.

Ladbrokes offers more deposit options than Sportsbet, including Flexepin, Pay ID, and Cash. Conversely, Sportsbet only has one withdrawal method unavailable to Ladbrokes users – Credit Card.

Meanwhile, Apple Pay is the sole deposit option exclusive to Sportsbet.

Ladbrokes has been working hard, and we are proud to give them this category.

Ladbrokes Deposit Methods

  • Bank Transfer (1 – 3 business days)
  • BPAY (1 – 2 business days)
  • Cash In (Instant)
  • Flexepin (Instant)
  • Ladbrokes Card (Instant)
  • MasterCard (Instant)
  • Pay ID (Instant)
  • PayPal (Instant)
  • POLi (Instant)
  • Visa (Instant)

Ladbrokes Withdrawal Methods

  • Bank Transfer (1 – 3 days)
  • Ladbrokes Card (Instant)
  • PayPal (1 – 3 days)

Sportsbet Deposit Methods

  • Apple Pay (Instant)
  • Bank Transfer (1 – 2 business days)
  • BPAY (24 – 48 hours)
  • Master Card (Instant)
  • PayPal (Instant)
  • POLi (Instant)
  • Sportsbet Cash Card (Instant)
  • Visa Card (Instant)

Sportsbet Withdrawal Methods

  • Bank Transfer (1 – 2 business days)
  • Credit Card (1 – 2 business days)
  • PayPal (1 – 2 business days)
  • Sportsbet Cash Card (Instant)


  1. LADBROKES 8/10 
  2. SPORTSBET 7/10 

Cash Out Feature

Ladbrokes and Sportsbet offer similar cash-out options for large-scale leagues and events. This includes NBA, NFL, AFL, NRL, and Soccer games, as well as select tennis matches and golf tours.


  1. SPORTSBET 9/10 – markets where cash out is available, are displayed when accessible.
  2. LADBROKES 8/10 – Popular markets are available for cash out, not shown when available.

Customer Support

Customer support is available 24/7 for Ladbrokes and Sportsbet customers through live chat, email, phone, and even post.

Of the two sportsbooks, we enjoyed our time with Ladbrokes more because they were friendlier than Sportsbet.


  1. LADBROKES 10/10 – 24/7 support is available through live chat, email, phone, and mailing address.
  2. SPORTSBET 6/10 – 24/7 support available through live chat, email, phone, and mailing address.


Both Ladbrokes and Sportsbet have great functionality and are easy to use. Their sites and apps load quickly, are easy to navigate and have a menu and search options that make finding your bets easy.

Both apps are comparatively almost identical; at the end of the day, Ladbrokes is faster, so they rank higher in our books.


  1. LADBROKES 9/10 
  2. SPORTSBET 7/10


Ladbrokes has been present in Australia since 2013, though the company was established in 1886. On the other hand, Sportsbet began running its Australian branch in 1993.

With 2048-bit encryption technology for payments and account information, these two bookies are Australia’s most significant, fully licensed, and regulated.

While both Ladbrokes and Sportsbet are trustworthy, we recommend Ladbrokes because Sportsbet have been known to block customers who win frequently.


  1. LADBROKES 10/10 
  2. SPORTSBET 7/10

Who Should I Sign Up With?

Let’s be honest; we do this for a living, as a job.

Our experts think that Ladbrokes is better than Sportsbet.

While Sportsbet does have a few perks that Ladbrokes is missing, the same can be said for Ladbrokes.

For the average punter, we recommend looking at Ladbrokes as it is a little less confusing, and you can find your way around the site more easily.

Ladbrokes Betting App
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