Ladbrokes Card: Everything You Need to Know

Ben H / 1 July 2023

Last Updated on 1 July 2023

The Ladbrokes Card is a convenient and innovative way for Ladbrokes customers to access their winnings instantly.

This prepaid Mastercard allows users to make contactless payments, shop online, and withdraw cash from ATMs in Australia and internationally.

In addition, the card serves as a powerful tool for managing your gambling funds, allowing you to spend your winnings on a wide range of purchases and services wherever Mastercard is accepted.

Unlike traditional credit or debit cards, the Ladbrokes Card is directly linked to your Ladbrokes account, giving you control over your funds without being tied to a bank account.

With instant loading of winnings and spending limited to the amount transferred to the card, the Ladbrokes Card provides users a secure and efficient way to manage their gambling funds.

Requesting Your Ladbrokes Card 

Login and Card Request Process 

Getting started with the Ladbrokes Card is simple. First, log in to your account, head to the My Account section, and click the Ladbrokes Card option.

Once your account is verified, you can request your card from this page.

Account Verification 

You must have a verified wagering account to be eligible for a Ladbrokes Card. Check the Verification Centre in your My Account section to confirm your verification status.

Activating Your Ladbrokes Card 

Card Arrival Time 

After applying, your Ladbrokes Card will arrive via post within 7-10 business days.

Online Activation Process 

Activate your new card online in the My Account section. Follow the steps provided, including entering the 9-digit activation code that came with your card.

Bet and Withdraw with Ladbrokes Card 

Contactless Payments 

Enjoy instant access to your winnings and easily make contactless payments using your Ladbrokes Card.

EFTPOS and ATM Withdrawals 

Use your card for EFTPOS transactions and withdraw cash at ATMs, selecting the Credit option and entering your 4-digit PIN.

Shopping Online with Ladbrokes Card 

Shop online at millions of retailers and use your winnings to make purchases in seconds.

Using Your Card Internationally 

Travel confidently, knowing you can use your Ladbrokes Card anywhere Mastercard is accepted, including booking accommodations and tours.

Ladbrokes Card Features and Functionality 

Card Qualification Criteria: 

To qualify for a Ladbrokes Card, you must have a valid account, verified ID, Australian resident, and up-to-date address details.

Ladbrokes Card Delivery Time 

Expect your card to arrive within three weeks of application.

Card Activation Steps

To activate your card, log in to your account, navigate to the Ladbrokes Card section, and enter the 9-digit activation code provided with your card.

How the Ladbrokes Card Works 

After activating your card, load winnings from your Ladbrokes account and use the card to withdraw cash from ATMs, shop online, or make in-store purchases wherever Mastercard is accepted.

Transferring Winnings to Your Card 

To transfer winnings to your card, go to My Account, select Withdraw, then choose the Ladbrokes Card option and follow the instructions.

ATM Cash Withdrawals 

Withdraw cash at ATMs by selecting the Credit option and entering your 4-digit PIN. Keep in mind that regular ATM fees apply.

Using Your Card Like a Mastercard Debit Card 

Use your card like any other Mastercard debit card for online, phone, in-store purchases, and PayPass transactions.

Ladbrokes Card Fees and Charges 

For detailed information on fees and charges, refer to the Ladbrokes Card Fees and Charges document and the PDS available on the Ladbrokes website.

Making Purchases with Your Card 

When making a purchase, select the Credit button and enter your 4-digit PIN. PayPass is also available where applicable.

Managing Your Ladbrokes Card 

Lost or Stolen Card Process 

If your card is lost or stolen, immediately call the Ladbrokes Customer Service team on +61 8 6193 7297 to suspend your card.

Transfer any remaining funds back to your Ladbrokes account, and the Customer Service team will cancel your card and send a replacement.

Making Online Purchases 

You can use your Ladbrokes Card for online purchases wherever Mastercard is accepted.

Card Limitations and Restrictions

To learn about card limits, refer to the Ladbrokes Card Transaction Limits document and the PDS available on the Ladbrokes website.

Adding Money to Your Card 

You can only add winnings from your account to your card.

Differences from Credit or Debit Cards 

The Ladbrokes Card differs from credit or debit cards as it has no associated bank account, allows instant loading of winnings, and lets you spend only the amount transferred to the card.

Card Usage Restrictions 

The Ladbrokes Card cannot be used for illegal transactions, some merchants may not accept Mastercard Prepaid Cards, and there are limits on cash transfers.

Each Ladbrokes account can have only one card available exclusively to Australian residents. The card uses Australian currency and can be used in Australia and overseas.

ATM Troubleshooting 

If an ATM takes your Ladbrokes Card, contact the associated company to determine if it can be retrieved.

If not, notify Ladbrokes Customer Service at +61 8 6193 7297 to cancel your card and request a replacement.

Card Refunds 

The funds can be added to your card if you’re entitled to a refund according to a merchant’s policy.

However, refunds won’t be accessible if your card is expired or revoked.

Card Expiry and Replacement 

Your card’s expiry date is displayed on the front and is valid for three years from the order date.

Ladbrokes will send a replacement card when your current one expires.

If you haven’t received your new card within three weeks, contact the Ladbrokes Customer Service team at +61 8 6193 7297.

Ladbrokes Card Summary

In conclusion, the Ladbrokes Card offers unparalleled convenience and ease of use for customers.

Its numerous features and compatibility with a wide range of merchants make it an excellent choice for those looking to access their winnings quickly and securely.

In addition, the card’s instant loading of winnings, ATM withdrawal capabilities, and acceptance at millions of retailers make it a valuable asset for any Ladbrokes customer.

So don’t miss the opportunity to take full advantage of this fantastic financial tool.

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