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Michael Kruse / 18 March 2019

Last Updated on 28 December 2022

How Racings Best Read The Form

This week we chat to Dan O’Sullivan from BetSmart Racing to give you some insights on how racings best read the form.

  • How much time per week do you spend analysing from guides? 

Approximately 20 hours per week specifically looking at the form guide for upcoming meetings.

Approximately 25 hours a week doing other work that is related to producing the best possible information in my form guide. Performance ratings, time and sectional analysis, comments, track pattern analysis etc.

  • What is the most important factor you look out for when analysing a race?

The talent (current and potential) of a horse, expressed through their performance ratings

  • Do you have a staking strategy? If so, what is it? 

Yes. Proportional betting, which means I bet to collect the same amount on each bet, according to the price I think the horse should be.

  • What are the tools / information services do you use to get the best intel? 
  • What’s your one piece of advice for novice punters? 

Bet small until you prove to yourself that you can consistently manage the process of betting – that is, doing form, making decisions, getting bets on and then dealing with the winning and losing runs along the way, all while maintaining a level head and showing that you can survive losing runs and profit over a decent sample of bets (at least 500).

The inability to consistently manage the process of betting, both technical and psychological aspects is the #1 thing that prevents punters reaching their goals.  Many punters focus on constantly trying to find a better selection strategy when the barrier to their success is about poor self-management, decision making etc.

If you can’t consistently manage the process of betting well when the stakes are small, then you’ll never be able to do it betting larger amounts.  You will simply end up losing more money in less time.

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