The Bachelor Winner May Have Been Leaked – TAB Odds Suggest a Mole Has Shared Winner Info

Michael Kruse / 29 July 2021

Last Updated on 29 July 2021

The Bachelor Australia winner may have been leaked even before the first episode of the new show aired.  Betting odds at Sportsbet and TAB indicate that people with insider knowledge have probably shared who the contestant that wins Jimmy Nicholson’s heart will be.

There is even speculation that the show’s producers have been made aware of the leak and have launched an internal hunt for a mole as soon as news of the leak broke.

Clear Favourite at Sportsbet

The Bachelor is in its ninth season and premiered last week on Channel 10. The winner of the show is not announced until the season finale, and the show is always one of the favourite non-sports betting events for Aussie betting enthusiasts.

However, this year, Aussie bettors will not have as much fun wagering on the popular TV show as they did in the past. The odds for Holly Kingston, a posh marketing manager, to win the show are so low, that even hardened punters will likely look away and search for a more profitable non-sports event.

Holly Kingston, 27, is a strong favourite with both Sportsbet and TAB. On Wednesday morning, 12 hours before the first episode of the season was aired, Holly Kingston was the odds-on favourite with Sportsbet and had odds of 1.95.

Brooke Cleal was her closest contender at Sportsbet but had much higher odds of 5.00. Chanel Tang followed, priced at 7.00, while Tahnee Leeson and Hannah Norman had odds of 10.00 and 11.00 respectively.

Kingston’s TAB Odds are Suspiciously Low

And while those odds of 1.95 are much lower than what other contestants got even before an episode was aired, which is strange enough, they aren’t as suspicious-looking as Kingston’s TAB odds.

TAB priced Holly Kingston at minuscule odds of 1.15. A huge chasm followed, and then her closest competitor came with odds of 8.00.

Odds of 1.15 could have been expected after all episodes have been aired and after Holly Kingston impressed in the show. However, before even an episode of the show has been broadcast, those odds are indicative of a mole and an internal leak.

The Dangers of Pre-Filmed Shows

This is not the first time that Australian shows have had to deal with allegations of internal leaks and betting scandals. Something similar recently happened in MasterChef Australia where the eventual winner of the show, became an odds-on favourite before the final episode was aired.

The winner of the show, Justin Narayan, was the second favourite to win with bookies during the entire thirteenth season. However, he suddenly turned into a front runner with all Australian bookmakers after only one ending of the show was shot, once again indicating foul play.

Both The Bachelor and MasterChef are filmed in advance, and both are prominently featured in all Australian sportsbooks. That means that there is always the danger of a mole looking to capitalize on his/her insider’s knowledge.

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