An Accidental Drunken Wager Resulted in over $600,000

Michael Kruse 9 October 2020Last Updated: 30 March 2022

One Lucky Aussie Punter

An Aussie punter made a drunken mistake and added an extra zero to his stake and then went on to win over $600,000 as a result.

The man enjoyed an afternoon out with his mates and downed his fair share of pints before deciding to try out his luck and place $600 on a long-shot five-horse quinella.

Wagered $6,000 instead of $600

The punter decided to predict the first and second place finishers at Newcastle on Saturday. He planned to stake $60 on the five-horse box quinella. That meant that he had to stake $600 in total on the wager as it has ten possible winning combinations.

However, instead of wagering $600 on the quinella, the betting enthusiast added an extra zero by mistake and ended up with a $6,000 wager that he placed at Sportsbet.

Unlikely to Win from the Start

The Aussie punter must have been kicking himself for the mistake he made, as his wager was a long-shot right from the start.

Predicting the first and second place finishers is always a difficult thing to do, and most of the time punters back this wager with smaller stakes.

Even when bettors include more horses and box the bet, the chances of winning a wager of this type are quite slim.

In other words, placing a $600 stake on such a long-shot bet was something that only a drunk man would do. However, placing a $6,000 wager is too much even for the most inebriated of punters.

The bettor’s five picks from Saturday’s race included: Dodecanese at $6.50, Keiai Tsubaki at $19, Amorita at $35, Mosht Up at $41, and Opinions at $151.

The favourite in the race was Commanding Missile at $2.20, but the punter decided to leave out the front-runner and go with less likely winners.

Winning over $600K

Against all odds, the man’s boxed quinella turned out to be a winning one. Amorita and Mosht Up ended first and second in the race, and that meant that the drunken punter had won exactly $621,840.

To make matters more interesting, the favourite, Commanding Missile, was very close to finishing second but missed out by less than half a length.

If that had happened, the punter’s wager would have been a losing one. Fortunately for the bettor, though, things turned out just as he would have wanted.

Sportsbet heard about the drunken mistake themselves and shared the story on their Twitter account saying: ‘One punter chucked an extra zero on his bet slip by accident, makes him over 600k!

The man hasn’t said what he was going to do with his winnings next, but we can only imagine that a fun afternoon or night out with his mates will be on the cards once again.

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