World Cup Betting Tip

FIFA World Cup Betting Tips 2026

Welcome to our betting tips page for the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

This page will be updated with more information and bets when the date nears closer and lead up games have been decided.


Where Is the 2026 FIFA world cup?

In 2026, the tournament will embark on its 23rd edition, with the football world’s eyes turning to North America.

This groundbreaking event marks the first time the World Cup will be co-hosted by three countries: the United States, Canada, and Mexico, showcasing the sport’s unifying spirit across a continent renowned for its diverse cultures and passion for football.

The last FIFA World Cup in 2022 was won by Argentina, who defeated France 4–2 in penalty shootouts.


Who will win the Soccer World Cup in 2026?

  • FRANCE – $6 

France remains a top pick. Known for their sharp tactics and rich talent, they’ve always bounced back from tough times, showing real grit on the world stage. Their knack for pulling through tough spots makes them a solid bet, with the odds in their favour to snag the cup.

  • Brazil – $6.50 

Brazil are brimming with skill, they have a history of bouncing back strong. The odds suggest they’re in a prime spot to add another trophy to their collection.


Best Betting Sites the Cup

Look for betting sites that are easy to use and offer great odds on the World Cup? Neds and Bet365 are pretty solid choices. They’ve got great promotions and some of the best odds around.

Finding the Best Odds?

Keep your eyes peeled across a few sites. Odds can vary, so it’s worth shopping around. Oddschecker is a handy tool that compares odds from various bookies, saving you the legwork.

Top Teams to Bet On?

Brazil and France are looking like the teams to watch. But don’t count out the underdogs; teams like Belgium and Portugal can surprise us.

Top Betting Tips?

We will update our top tips here closer to the date. But a great tip is to not put all your eggs in one basket. Spread your bets to manage risk better. Keep an eye on team news and performances leading up to the tournament; injuries and form can change the game.

Australia’s World Cup Qualifiers?

The Subway Socceroos are giving it a fair crack. Second round Qualifying matches are coming up with the Lebanon world cup. Check the fixtures here to find upcoming matches.

Predictions and Analyses?

It’s a bit early for crystal ball gazing, but we will update once the date gets closer. In the meantime, tracking pre-tournament friendlies and qualifiers will give you a good sense of who’s hot and who’s not.