Betfair Early Betting Rebate

Michael Kruse / May 13, 2021


Is this a treat for Betfair bettors or what?

Betfair is offering their customers an Early Betting Rebate for the month of May 2021.

The offer is available on all gallops, harness and greyhounds markets within Australia and New Zealand.

The Betfair Exchange is unique in that it provides a platform for people to be regular everyday on-tote or fixed odds punters, lay bet punters or even as your very own bookie.

Betfair acknowledges that customers are not all the same and that some want to place bets on markets earlier than usual. Betfair sees this as an opportunity to cater for them. Also, this builds a greater pool of money into early markets which is beneficial to all.

Rebates are paid on commissions, up to 80%, for winning bets placed earlier and further out from the scheduled start time.

For instance, if your bet is placed 3 hours or more before the race start time, the rebate is 80%.

Within 2-3 hours it is 70%.
Within 1-2 hours it is 60%
Within 15min-1 hour it is 50%
Within 0-15 mins it is 0%

Betfair aims to credit rebates by approximately 10 pm each night.

Join Betfair today.

For more on Early Betting Rebates, read the Terms and Conditions here.

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