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 Who are Bbet?

Bbet is the wagering arm of The Behrmann Group Pty Ltd, an entity operated by experienced Sydney based bookmaker Luke Behrmann.

A regular in the betting ring at all Australian Turf Club meetings, Behrmann decided last year that it was time to join the rest of the industry throng and head into the crowded territory that is the Australian online betting space.

So Bbet is a newish operation in 2020, but the overall feel of their online presence is relative old school, which suggests there is a bit more work to be done to bring it up to speed.

It’s been noted elsewhere that the look and feel is very similar to another online entity called TopBetta, which has since been acquired by the PlayUp Group. However, it must be pointed out though that there is no direct association between Bbet and TopBetta. It’s just cosmetics in terms of the visual appearance.

About Bbet is an Australian owned and operated online sportsbook and have been licensed as a bookmaker in Australia for over 19 years.

The Bbet operation still physically operates on course as a Betting Ring bookie at Randwick and Rosehill racecourses as part of the Australian Turf Club in the metro area.

Bbet are licensed by Racing NSW and the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing.

They hold the required guarantee to operate through the NSW Bookmakers Cooperative as a licensed bookmaking company in NSW and are a member of the NSW Bookmakers Co-Op.


Bbet are currently not involved in any notable sponsorship activity.


Bbet are part of the Behrmann Group, but are still a relatively new business finding their feet in the online betting industry, and have yet to branch out into other branded activities as yet.

Company Website/App Overview

Sign Up Process

Getting underway with Bbet is a straight forward exercise. If creating a new account click the orange button ‘Get Started’ from the main page.

Follow the prompts to enter your account and profile details. All standard stuff. Once done, you are prompted to load up some funds. You can either do this straight away, or defer till later.

Do have a good look around the Bbet eco-system, and get familiar with it before you really start using it in the days and weeks ahead.


  • Sign up was a breeze, perhaps one of the easiest I’ve encountered.
  • The layout though old fashioned in some regards, is a familiar one of white, blue and orange. Some other betting agencies also use this swatch, so there is familiarity.
  • Not difficult to navigate around.
  • Everything you would expect to see on an Australian online betting site is there, apart from some noted differences referred to below.


As mentioned above, the Bbet website has a similar look and feel to the old TopBetta site, but that’s where the similarity ends.

Getting around the website was very straight forward, as it should be if you are a seasoned online punter. You’ll find no hidden surprises anywhere.

Admittedly, it does have the feel of a spartan layout at present, but I suspect with time and resources thrown at it in future, the Bbet eco-system will sprout like a well tended garden.

Mobile App

Hey, finally we have an online agency that clearly shows its download links for the Android and iPhone apps on the main page! Excellent.

Just a note. If you are using a VPN on a mobile phone, switch it off as you may not get a clear shot at downloading the APK file. If it doesn’t work on clicking it, hold down a long press on the download button, and ensure the APK file can be accessed to save it to your phone.

Once downloaded, install the APK manually in the usual way.

OK, back to the mobile app. I’m only testing the Android version, as that is the phone I have.

The layout is reasonable without setting the world on fire. But the thing which was most noticeable was the initial slow loading, which was perhaps 1 or 2 seconds off. You see the icon ticking away waiting to load.

Now this metric is hard to validate because there are so many links in the chain from app to end user, but it was something that stood out as a first encounter. Your mileage may vary.

The responsive HTML works great between switched portrait and landscape modes. This is not always the case with some betting apps, so kudos to Bbet for that one.

The visual similarity between the website and mobile is virtually the same, so there should be no familiarity issues between the two.

Supposedly, the major difference between using a website/browser and a mobile app is the speed and draw on mobile phone resources; especially your battery life and bandwidth usage. Bear this mind when using the app.

Funding Types/Deposit Methods

Funds are required to be deposited to a BBet account before a bet can be placed. There are several methods of payment:

Credit Card: To pay by credit card, click the ‘Deposit’ button on the menu bar and then click ‘Credit Card Deposit’. Once you have done this, there is no need to re-enter your details for future deposits, unless your card expires. If you use more than one card to deposit, all cards will appear in a drop-down menu on the same page and you simply need to choose which card you wish to use and enter the security CCV number. BBet does not charge any credit card fees.

Cheques: Bbet accepts personal, company and bank cheques, money orders or overseas drafts (In Australian Dollars) subject to normal clearance requirements.

BPAY: Facilities are available for BPAY transactions. BBet’s Biller Code is 189498. You can find your BPAY reference number when you click the ‘Deposit Button’ and select the BPAY Tab. As seen above, customers are required to notify Bbet of this payment.

Funds Transfers: Customers can pay by EFT (Electronic funds transfer). First, use your banks website to make a payment to Bbet. After completing this process, return to the Bbet website, click the ‘Deposit’ button on the menu bar and under the ‘EFT Notification’ Tab, advise us of your deposit. Please include your UserID number as a reference on any bank transfer.

POLI: Customers can make deposits via Poli. To access this select the ‘Deposit Button’ and activate the POLI Tab.

Cash: This may be deposited to the BBet Bank Account at any Westpac branch. You will need to include the BBet Bank Account Number on the deposit slip (the account number is available when you click the ‘Deposit Button’ and select the EFT notification Tab, so make a note of it. Note, this detail is only available once you have logged into your BBet Account).

Include your UserID number details on the deposit slip when making your cash deposit.

Withdrawal Options

If using a Credit card, customers are to return the equal amount of their credit card deposits back to the same credit card. If there are surplus winnings, any excess can instead go to another account.

VISA/Mastercard Option

Bbet does not offer this feature.


I was unable to see this feature in play, as at the time of writing there were no promotions up for grabs, considering all the sporting market inactivity going on around the world thanks to COVID-19.

Check out the Bbet promo code here.

Betting Types/Features/Odds

On the horse racing side of things, there are the standard betting types including win (fixed, top price), place (fixed, mid-price) and top fluc, while grouped under the Exotics box include: quinella, exacta, trifecta, first four and quaddie.

I didn’t see any ability to create multi-bets. Perhaps that’s something that is earmarked for the future?

In the sports events betting markets, there wasn’t a lot on offer with the sports that were available. Money line, points spread and odds/evens were the only markets I saw. Maybe this area is a victim of the Corona-Virus situation too?

Other Betting Features

We make a list of all the features we see across most/all online betting agency platforms, and check to see if the particular agency being reviewed has them.

Live Racing
Bbet does indeed have live racing on its own channel called Bbet TV. After signing up, I was able to click on the icon in the top left corner called ‘Vision’, and watch some racing from the USA. I’m not sure what the extent of their coverage is for Australian racing (if any), that is something to follow up on, or whether other sports are part of the package too. But considering many other betting sites don’t have this feature, this is a bit of a Coup for Bbet.

Featured Bets
Not available.

Top fluc available on all races. Option appears on any race card.

Bet Tracker
Not available.

Speed Map
Not available.

Form Guide
Yes, this is available, though not 100% of the time. On the race card, look for the link called ‘Form’, or click on any horse in the race card to display it’s form. The detail is comprehensive though by all means not as exhaustive as other betting sites. Enough to go on at least.

Not available.

Responsible Gambling

Bbet includes an extensive overview of its responsible gambling charter, which can be viewed at: Responsible Gambling.

Customer and Online Help

Bbet staff are located at Canterbury Park Racecourse in Sydney, NSW.

Canterbury Park Racecourse
King Street, Canterbury, NSW 2193, Australia

Office Hours:
9am – 5pm AEST, Monday – Saturday

Customer Service Phone 0498 001 550

Customer Service Email:

In Summary

For a new operation, you get the impression that Bbet wanted to get its foot in the door of online betting pretty quickly, and this is its first iteration at doing so.

One can also expect that their product will take full form once it’s got an idea of the landscape ahead, the competition it is facing and adapting to the changing world of the sports betting industry, in light of all the global issues facing every major sport during this time of the Corona-Virus upheaval.

At first glance, the Bbet eco-system strikes you more as a budget variety betting platform, but with room to improve. It is definitely one to keep an eye on.

However, if you’re into extensive markets, ability to multi-bet, and prefer the customary bells and whistles that savvy punters are used to elsewhere, then Bbet might not be for you just yet, in which case you may want to come back at a later stage to see how they are developing.

To the Bbet team, welcome to the world of online betting!

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